Our Mission:
Encourage And Support Strong Families

Our mission at IndustriousFamily.com is to encourage and support strong, Christ-centered families.

We want to share our love of God and promote spiritually healthy families where members help one another get to heaven by knowing, loving, and serving God. Families need to pray, do penance, and convert. It is also important to balance this out with wholesome family fun and recreation.

We hope to encourage Catholic and non-Catholic families alike as they go about educating their children and discovering the arts while seeking wholesome family fun. 

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Reclaiming A Love For The Arts Within Families

Let's reclaim our culture and create strong families by developing a love and appreciation for the arts.

Beautiful expressions in the area of the arts include the

  • Visual arts such as fine arts, decorative arts and architecture
  • Performing arts such as music, drama and dance
  • Language arts including literature and poetry

Great advances in these areas are seen in Catholic cultures of the past. That beauty must be renewed during our times.

Developing the talents that God gave you and introducing these arts to your children will lead to a more fulfilling life and will help aid in a cultural renewal.

We also feel that agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry should be a part of family life. Plus these are really fun things to practice.

Through our mission and your own family mission we can help spread true peace throughout the whole world one family at a time.


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