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Experience The Life Of The Apostle Of Youth By Reading These 3 Essential Reads On The Life Of St John Bosco

"The shepherd boy of Becchi, the acrobat who juggled to win souls for God, the priest and teacher of boys, the builder of schools and churches, the founder of missions, known as Don Bosco, Beloved Apostle of Youth, is now and forever, St John Bosco, Giant of Sanctity."

-Pope Pius XI, Easter Sunday 1934

St John bosco

Blessed with tremendous natural and supernatural gifts, including a wonderful sense of humor, St John Bosco overcame great obstacles to help depraved children find a better life.

Juggler, magician, acrobat, tailer, teacher and writer - John Bosco became all of these in his efforts to bring boys and girls closer to God.

Learn more about this inspiring saint's life by reading the works provided below.

Stories of John bosco

First up on the St John Bosco reading list is Peter Lappin's Stories of Don Bosco. This delightful book is filled with stories selected from the hundreds of anecdotes which fill this remarkable man's life.

These tales trace the life of St John Bosco from his youth to his deathbed and through the events of his life in between. This book brings to life in vivid fashion the development of the flamboyant character and sprit of St John Bosco. 

Second recommend reading for the life of this saint is Vision Book's Saint John Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio. This is a must read for all young, energetic readers. It's also perfect for older, more mellow readers. 

St John Bosco

In Saint John Bosco by Catherine Beebe, John Bosco displays many virtues. He is kind, as a child to his older brother, and as a priest to many homeless boys. John Bosco is also portrayed as being very determined. Whatever he begins, he is sure to finish.

He  trusts in God and Our Lady, too. If ever a hardship comes his way, John Bosco is always ready to turn to God in prayer. 

As a young shepherd boy, he is kind to his older brother, Anthony. Although Anthony is not kind to him,  John Bosco exchanges kind words for the cruel ones he receives.

As a priest, John Bosco is kind to his boys. While he is collecting a group of rough boys, John Bosco is also teaching them through his kind words and good example.

Even as a child and a young acrobat, John Bosco tries to win souls for Christ. All who want to see his tricks have to pray a decade of the rosary with him. In this way, John Bosco brings some souls back to the Church.

As a young founder, John Bosco keeps his boys’ club together. This is not very easy, since some of his boys become discouraged. John Bosco’s strong determination keeps them together. Had not John Bosco been so determined, it is not likely that his work would have been so successful.

Virtues Portrayed By St John Bosco Include Determination, Kindness And A Good Sense Of Humor

In everything that John Bosco does, he trusts in God and His Most Blessed Mother, Mary. When he is having trouble with his schooling expenses, John trusts in God and prays to Him. Soon after, John Bosco is able to buy his supplies with goods from his farm.

When he is a grown man and a priest, John Bosco discovers that he needs a building for his boys’ school. He prays to Mary and encourages his boys to do likewise. Not long after, they find a place that they are able to rent for an entire year at a low price. Through all his troubles, John Bosco trusts in God and Our Lady.

The Forty Dreams Of St John Bosco Serve Not Only As Visionary Works But As Supernatural Events That The Saint Underwent

forty dreams of st John bosco

For 60 years, St John Bosco experienced remarkable vision-like dreams, which were so lively and so vivid that he would often awaken exhausted the next day. And no wonder, for in his dreams he either witnessed his boys in battles againts animals, on strenuous travels or at luxurious banquets.

But these dreams were not only for his benefit as a spiritual father but they carry weight for readers as his visions bring to life the realities of the Catholic Faith in a unique way.

St John Bosco would share his dreams with the boys and priests at the oratory and the retelling of the dreams would often result in boys rectifying bad confessions, recovery of Sanctifying Grace and even holy deaths. There is a dream that speaks to every reader! 

These dreams of St John Bosco were recorded by the priest who listened to his narrations. Readers of all ages will be admonished, entertained and inspired by these Forty Dreams of one of the greatest and most beloved saints of the Church.


Stories Of Don Bosco by Peter Lappin, Salesiana Publishers, 1996

Saint John Bosco by Catherine Beebe, Ignatius Press, 1992

Forty Dreams of Saint John Bosco, compiled and edited by Fr. J. Bacchiarello, S.D.B., TAN Books, 1996


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