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Feel Like You Would Die Without Romances? Here Are Our Top 13 Good Romantic Movies That You Need To Add To Your Collection!

Don't you just love a good romance? However, good romantic movies can be very hard to find. You want to watch good movies, not a movie just slapped together with a cheap story line and a few good smooches...or worse.

This list is compiled of really good romances. All the movies listed here are based on Christian standards of purity as well as their story-telling edge.

Or maybe you are trying to get in the mood for St. Valentine's Day! If so, we also have ideas for St. Valentine Day crafts if you want a little more!

Whatever the reason for your interest, please enjoy this list of our favorite good romantic movies.

They take place in all eras in history and each has something for all to enjoy (if you like good romantic movies, that is)!

1. Our Highlight For Good Romantic Movies: Ivanhoe (1982) Tells A Tale Of Chivalry And Knightly Honor As Well As The Interesting History Of The Normans And Saxons

"Gentle Maiden, if I were born to your race, I would keep you and treasure you for the rest of my life. One life. That's all that God will give us. We are not destined to share it. I will never forget you, Rebecca."

Here is the tale of a young Saxon knight, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, who is disinherited for joining the Norman King Richard the Lion Heart in fighting the crusade in the Holy Land.

Young Adult Time Travel Books

On his return to merry ol' England, Ivanhoe seeks to find his love, the Lady Rowena, his father's ward. Trouble is, his father has other intentions for Lady Rowena and his son's marriage to her is the last thing in his plans.

Good 80s movies to watch

Although he still holds affection and intends to marry Rowena, Ivanhoe finds that he can't help but harbor a love for the Jewess, Rebecca, whom he meets shortly after his return.

As a Christian knight, Ivanhoe is separated forever from Rebecca, the Jewess. He owes her his life, but can only return the favor. Their love is not destined to blossom.

This version of Ivanhoe is very well put together. We like Anthony Andrews from his performance as Sir Percy in the 1982 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel. He did a great job as the hero in both these movies.

We really like old movies (like the 50's through the 90's), so we really enjoyed seeing all of the actors we were familiar with. James Mason, Sam Neill, Ronald Pickup, and John Rhys-Davies all star in this film.

A DVD copy of this film is included in the Industrious Family Films romantic movie night basket!

The story line of this movie follows the book very closely, which is always a plus when you like literature as well as good romantic movies! We read this classic in high school. Read the Ivanhoe book review here.

Costumes were great. Sets were awesome, and the acting couldn't have been better! This movie just had to be in our good romantic movies list.

One thing that was a little distracting was that it is a TV movie, so there are some awkward cuts for commercial breaks. That takes the viewer out of the narrative a little bit.

Points to Consider: There are some adult themes in this movie, but there are not any explicit scenes. I would rate it parental guidance. 

As a part of the story, one of the men does approach a woman and ask her to be his mistress, and she gives him a very heroic "death first" response.

As I already mentioned, there aren't any scenes that are assaulting to the senses just maybe something that you will need to discuss with the kids. Or just don't mention it: it might go right over their heads.

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2. Industrious Family Films Own Good Romantic Movies: Grisly Grisell  Teaches That Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Good Romantic movies

"I cannot live without you. Let me strive throughout my life to merit a little better all you have done and suffered for one so unworthy."

When Grisell (Abbey Erskine) was very young, Leonard (Michael Bowen) thought that he could scare her out of following him around by lighting a barrel of gun powder near her face.

Instead of merely scaring Grisell, he ends up scarring her. She must bear the ugly burn all the rest of her life. 

Grisell is moved from place to place as no one seems to want her.

She learns that she must teach those around her to love her for her virtue, especially since they tend to despise her for her mar. 

Grisell is able to prove her loveliness to few around her, but will she ultimately win Sir Leonard.

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3. Good Romantic Movies: Aladdin With Will Smith Puts A Great New Polish On The Old Story

Good Disney Movies To Watch

"Well--there's this--handmaid, who I would love to travel the world with. If she'll have me."

This 2019 rendition is true to the 1994 version, but better.

Aladdin is the story about a street thief who aspires to impress the princess after a chance meeting with her when she disguises to escape the palace.

When Aladdin finds a magic lamp with a comical Genie (Will Smith), he discovers that he can wish himself into a position worthy of Princess Jasmine.

The twist is, romance not only finds Aladdin and Jasmine, it also touches the lives of the Genie and Jasmine's handmaid.

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A wonderful and exciting twist on the old tale, Aladdin will delight viewers who have loved the story from the old movie as well as those who are hearing the story for the first time! Read the complete Aladdin movie review...

4. Good Romantic Movies: Disney's Tangled Tells The Timeless Rapunzel Story With A New Spin On The Fairytale

Good Kid Movies To Watch

"Rapunzel, you were my new dream."

Tangled is such a sweet romantic movie! 

This movie follows the well-known fairytale about Rapunzel, the girl locked in the tower with the long golden hair. This version, however, presents a new hero from the classic fairytale.

Here Prince Charming is a vain thief who would like nothing better than be "tanned, rested and alone, surrounded by enormous piles of money". he thinks.

But his entire world changes when he meets the naive and secluded Rapunzel. Read the complete Tangled Movie Review on the Good Disney Movies to Watch page...

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5. Good Romantic Movies: Emma Demonstrates The Need To Stay Out Of Other People's Affairs

Emma Movie Review

“If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more.”

Emma Woodhouse has never left Highbury due to her father’s over anxious spirit, but she does not let that limit her world.

As one of the most affluent of the small town, she rules her own life and tries to improve the lives of those around her, especially their romantic lives. Emma lives to find perfect matches and delights in the “success” that she meets.

When she tries her “gift” on two people she hardly knows, Emma wonders whether it really is a gift or not.

Regardless, she continues on with her fun, growing more and more entangled with confusion as she goes. As for herself, a wealthy spinster is not too foreboding for her to dread.

Mr. Knightly lives very near to Emma and, being sixteen years older than she, looks upon her as his younger sister who he must rescue from trouble whenever possible. He does not approve of Emma’s matchmaking efforts and is determined to put an end to them, for her sake as well as everyone else’s.

What Emma does not realize, however, is how much harm her meddling is causing not only those around her, but herself as well. After renouncing her matchmaking days, Emma finds her own match: a man who will keep her out of mischief. 

Points to Consider: As with all Jane Austen stories, the characters are Anglican in this movie. Emma is actively trying to find a match for the clergyman in this movie.

Just take the time to explain to children that the Anglicans do not believe in clerical celibacy the same way that Catholics do.

Other than that, this is really a very good movie. There aren't very many passionate kisses and no low cut blouses. The romances are clean and do not make the audience uncomfortable at all.

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6. Good Romantic Movies #6: Miss Potter Tells The Story Of The Beloved Children Author And Her Love Story

Good Love Story Movies

"Miss Potter, I know you have decided not to marry and, on my life, I thought that I would not marry, but something has happened to me that has made me change my mind. Please, let me go on, for if I do not say what I have to say now I fear I never will."

Miss Potter follows the author of the Peter Rabbit stories through her struggle to get her stories published, which lands her in an innocent romance with the publisher.

Although she may have relinquished any idea of being married, Beatrix is in for a surprise when she finds herself falling quickly in love with Mr. Warn, the newest member of the firm whose older brothers are just now giving him a chance.

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Men and women alike will enjoy this movie for their familiarity with the dear Beatrix Potter's stories. Read the full Miss Potter review here...

7. Good Romantic Movies: Ella Enchanted With Anne Hathaway Tells An Exciting Spin On The Cinderella Story While Teaching To Always Stick To What You Know Is Right

Good Movies From The 2000s

"Ella, what is inside of you is much stronger than any spell."

Ella (Anne Hathaway) was given a special gift when she was born by her fairy godmother: the gift of complete obedience. Ella finds that this is much more often a curse than a gift. She resolves to find her fairy godmother and ask her to take her gift back.

Along her way,  Ella meets Prince Char and Slannen, the elf. Slannen wants to be a lawyer, despite the law that elves can only hold offices of entertainment: juggling, singing and dancing. Ella is determined to treat Prince Char with the distain she thinks he deserves for caring so little about what is happening to the people of his kingdom.

stream Grisly Grisell

Ella does not only have troubles of her own, but finds that the entire kingdom is in danger of being overrun by Prince Char's wicked uncle and regent, Edgar (Cary Elwes). 

Despite her determination to dislike Char, Ella finds that she can't help but like him. He begins to like her as well regardless of her strange obedience to even the strangest commands.

Ella is forced to do many comical things through her "gift" such as singing and dancing, doing the hokey-pokey, stealing glass slippers, and literally holding her tongue. But there are others who find out about her gift and try to use it for their own evil ends.

Will Ella be able to hold true to herself and overcome her gift on her own, or must she forever be the slave to everyone else's wishes?

A sweet and hilarious story with a "to thine own self be true" moral that will speak to everyone!

Points to Consider: This movie is over all, very good. The romance is clean. There are a few crude jokes sprinkled throughout the film. 

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8. Good Romantic Movies: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice With Collin Firth And Jennifer Ehle Will Be Loved By Everyone Who Likes Good Romantic Movies

Good Movies From The 90s

"I've been a selfish being all my life. As a child I was given good principles but was left to follow them in pride and conceit. Such I might still have been but for you, dearest-loveliest Elizabeth."

Pride and Prejudice is definitely one of my top good romantic movies. I once read this quote on Pinterest:

Every woman wants Mr. Darcy. Most men are wondering who the heck Mr. Darcy is.

This movie will delight all young women, and the men who don't want to be wondering who Mr. Darcy is.

In this film adaptation of Jane Austen's most loved novel, Elizabeth may have vowed that Mr. Darcy is the last man in the world whom she could ever marry, but that doesn't stop him.

He must conquer his pride and she must swallow her prejudice before they can ever be happy together.

A wonderful TV mini series following Jane Austen's timeless classic! Read the full Pride and Prejudice review here...

9. Good Romantic Movies: The Story Of Compassion, Love And Lessons, Little Women Is A Must-Watch

Good Family Christmas Movies

"Jo, such a little name for such a person, will you have me?"

Little Women is the classic tale by Louisa May Alcott that tells the story of the four March sisters and their many hard-learned lessons while they grow into womanhood. 

Meg and Jo can both remember the time when things were better before the war.

Now that events have turned all the girls must learn to do without and yet keep their family home a happy place.

Laurie next door, who has everything he could dream of, can't help but long for the joy next door.

He is determined to become a part of the March family and will stop at nothing until he reaches success. Read the full Little Women movie review here...

10. Good Romantic Movies: The Scarlet Pimpernel Tells The Tale Of Devotion And Selfless Love Of An English Hero

Good 80s Movies

"Ceased? I will love her until the day I die, and that is the tragedy."

France during the French Revolution has found they have a mysterious hero. A group of Englishmen, organized under a mysterious head, risk their lives to save as many aristocrats as possible from the blade of "Madame Guillotine."

These men use many costumes and deviations to conceal their identities but none are so unknown and unsuspected as their leader, who goes by the alter-ego, "The Scarlet Pimpernel".

Marguerite St. Just (Jane Seymore) is a popular actress in Paris. She is won by the high promises of freedom offered by the Revolutionists and truly believes they are working for a better world. She even encourages the attentions of one of the architects of the Revolution, Chauvelin (Ian McKellen). 

After a while, Marguerite begins to see that, instead of making things better, the Revolution has only brought bloodshed and worse misery on her people. 

The Scarlet Pimpernel Book Review

The Scarlet Pimpernel

If you like this movie, you will love the book! Read the review here...

She also finds that she is head over heels in love with the handsome, although quite stupid, fop, Sir Percy Blakeney (Anthony Andrews) "Baronet" (to be pronounced with a British accent).

After a short and sweet courtship, the two are married. Marguerite soon finds that, although he worships her, a marriage cannot be happy without the husband and wife having the same level of intelligence. 

To make matters worse, Sir Percy has discovered that she has betrayed an entire aristocratic family to the guillotine, a crime for which his English sensibilities will never forgive her.

Stream Outlaws of Ravenhurst

Matters escalate when Chauvelin returns, this time asking for her to discover and turn over the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel. In return, he will ensure the safety of her brother, Armand, who has been identified as being in the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Marguerite is suddenly torn between two emotions: love for her brother and loyalty to the romantic hero who has caught the heart of all of Europe. Marguerite chooses her brother. Chauvelin is set on the Scarlet Pimpernel's track, although she herself does not know who he is.

Through another series of events, Marguerite does find out who the Scarlet Pimpernel is, and it's someone she is intimately connected to. She rushes to France to try to warn him before Chauvelin can capture him, but she runs the risk of being too late. 

Will time hold still while Marguerite races to France to save her heart-throb, or will Chauvelin reach him first?

Points To Consider: There is a bad scene in this movie that portrays two unmarried people sleeping together. What is worse, it is portrayed as normal, like it's just another way of living. The sinners are never confronted or punished. 

We really enjoy this movie, but we hardly ever watch it because of this scene. It's just so annoying to get to a certain part of the movie you need to skip. Oh yeah, that and too much cleavage.

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11. Good Romantic Movies: Hello Dolly! With Barbara Streisand And Walter Mathau, A Hilarious And Musical Romance

Good Comedy Movies To Watch

"I don't need you to find me a wife. I've already found her and, dammit, Dolly, it's you!"

Hello Dolly! is the musical and funny story following a wealthy and stingy business owner as he learns to love late in life. 

Dolly Levi (Barbara Streisand) is a prosperous widow who makes a living arranging anything from flowers to lives.

She has agreed to find Horace Vanderelder (Walter Matthau), a wealthy business owner in Yonkers, New York, the perfect wife.

She has found the woman, but is having trouble getting him to understand. Dolly is set on making herself the future Mrs. Vandergelder. 

Dolly has also been commissioned to guard Mr. Vandergelder's niece, Irmengarde, from a certain artist he does not approve of. Dolly does take Irmengarde to New York with her, but brings the artist along as well.

Mr. Vendergelder goes to New York to meet the arranged match found by Dolly. His two clerks, left alone for the first time to run his store, decide that they, too, would like a little adventure. 

They close down the store and follow him to New York. There, they find romances of their own when they meet two young hat makers.  Dolly arranges it so that everyone will end up at a certain restaurant at the same time. Once everyone arrives, Dolly herself shows up and shows Horace that truly, only she, is loyal to him.

Throughout the film, Horace is constantly frustrated with Dolly's efforts. It isn't until the end that he realizes how much he truly cares for her and no other woman.

"Just leave everything to me," Dolly always says. This film shows what she is capable of when left to her own devices. Hilarious, musical and exciting, everyone is bound to like Hello Dolly!

12. Good Romantic Movies: The Sound of Music Recounts The True Love Story Between Captain Von Trapp And His Young Governess, Fräulein Maria

Clean Movies

"Do you know the first time I knew I loved you? It was when you sat on that ridiculous pinecone."

The Sound of Music is the true story of Fräulein Maria and her experience as the governess of Captain Von Trapp's seven children.

Maria has always thought that she preferred a cloistered life to life in the world. Her mother superior is doubtful whether this is truly the right life for her.

Maria is therefore sent into the world before she takes her vows and is troubled when she finds herself falling deeply in love with the stern and somewhat daunting Captain Von Trapp.

When Maria opposes the Captain's way of raising the children, she expects him to dislike her. Instead, the opposite happens and he finds himself falling deeply in love with Maria. Is she destined for a life in the convent, or is marriage to the Captain truly what God wants of her?

Enjoy the true story of the Von Trapp family singers in this wonderful portrayal!

13. Enjoy One Of The Most Entertaining Romantic Movies With My Fair Lady, Starring Rex Harrison And Audrey Hepburn

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady is a classic for this list of good romantic movies. Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) is a “gutter snipe” in the early 1900’s who is told by a polished phonetics professor, Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison), that he can teach her how to speak correctly, with an accent elegant enough to convince others that she is, and has always been, of high society.

Professor Higgins despises Eliza as a lowlife. Eliza hates Professor Higgins for his demeaning manner. Eliza is able to impress those about her so that none would guess that she was recently selling flowers on the street corner.

She attracts the attention of young Freddie Eynsford-Hill who falls head over heels in love with her for her beauty as well as her snippy manner.

Eliza soon begins to feel as though, with all the attention and footing her new manners are getting her, she no longer needs the professor’s help. It isn’t until after she leaves that Professor Higgins realizes that he actually was in love with this wild and frank girl. But does she want him back?

This is a humorous and exciting tale about a crude and uncultured woman from the streets who becomes Professor Higgins’ “fair lady”. 

Points To Consider: When Professor Higgins discovers Eliza’s disappearance, he does indulge in a few good, strong, British “Damns”.

Eliza’s father has no shame about living with a woman. He also sells Eliza to Professor Higgins for five pounds because she might be “of some interest to you gentlemen.” The Professor and his friend both consider this an ignorant notion and Eliza’s father is not painted at all in a flattering light. In fact, later he finds that he has to get married because he is “respectable” now. 

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