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Good Movies From The 90s: 9 Older Titles That Will Spark Your Imagination

Looking for some good movies from the 90s for an upcoming movie night with your friends? We get it, sometimes you don't need the new and flashy modern films, you're happy to watch the older ones with solid and interesting storylines.

Here are 9 titles that are some of our favorite movies made in the 90s. Read all of their reviews below or click on the one you are interested in to jump to its review! Enjoy one of these good movies from the 90s on your next movie night. 

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Our films are all based on our favorite stories and are not preachy or immoral, just pure entertainment!

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Good Movies From The 90s #1: The Mummy, A Real Thriller

“This creature is the bringer of death. It will never eat, it will never sleep, and it will never stop.”

One thing you just don't do in ancient Egypt is mess with the Pharaoh's wife. Imhotep learns this the hard way and is cursed not only in this life, but in the next.

He is given the worst punishment inflicted by the Egyptians, mummification while alive and a curse to bring hell on earth if ever reawakened.

Fast forward 3000 years: while serving for the French Foreign Legion, Colonel Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) is left in Hamunaptra, the Egyptian city that is said to be cursed by the ancient Egyptians, "City of the Dead". Evelyn Carnahan, as a librarian, has an intense love of history, especially Egyptian history. Her dream is to find the golden book of Ahkmenrah, which she believes to be in Hamunaptra.

Through her brother, Johnathan, she finds a clue to the lost city and determines to set out to find it. When her employer, Dr. Terrace Bey (Erick Avari), refuses to help her, she decides to find the man that her brother "borrowed" the key from.

This leads to O'Connell, who is on the point of being hanged. Evelyn bargains for his life with the warden, offering him 25% of the findings at Hamunaptra. After they set out, they find that there is also a group of Americans looking to lay their hands on the rumored treasures of the lost city. It becomes a race to win the bet with the Americans on who can arrive at the ancient city first. 

But the city is also guarded by the descendants of the Pharoah's bodyguard and they are not about to leave the city in the hands of those who may wake the mummy. They do all in their power to scare the treasure hunters away, but it only strengthen their resolve to find that the treasure is so well guarded.

Very quickly, however, the quest goes from a treasure hunt to a life on-the-run. The mummy is awakened and adamant about killing the finders to regenerate his own body and awake the Pharaoh's wife to pick up where he left off. Evelyn, Rick, and Johnathan are the last three survivors and it's up to them to find the golden book and return the mummy to his grave. This one isn't just on this list of good movies from the 90s because of when it was made. It is an action and adventure that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Points To Consider: I have never seen the opening scene because Anck Su Namun, the Pharoah's wife, is not completely dressed. We just skip to the next frame in scene selections.

The warden does imply a desire to have a woman in his life in a weird way. The girl responds in a very appropriate way. The Americans do use coarse language as well. There are also some passionate kisses sprinkled throughout the film.

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Good Movies From The 90s #2: Jane Eyre Asks Whether To Choose Love Of Self Or Love Of God's Laws To Live Life To Its Fullest

“To be jealous, I suppose one must know what it is to feel loved.” 

Young Jane Eyre is an orphan, a burden to her aunt. Living in a Puritan family who feels like she is not of the elect, Jane has a very hard time finding love and joy in her life. No one values the little orphan.

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As she grows older, Jane gets used to feeling undervalued and unwanted. When a position as governess opens in Mr. Rochester’s house, Jane accepts, content to get away from her aunt and make her own living. She finds the Rochester mansion a mysterious place that awakens her active imagination…There are sounds and havoc wrought in the night by a mysterious somebody.

After a few months of being governess to the young French girl living at the mansion, Jane meets the repulsive master. Mr. Rochester is a man used to being obeyed and is a little taken aback by Jane’s quick and brutally true responses to his prying questions.

After a short time, he finds himself in great danger of falling in love with the young governess. Jane, too, finds herself caring greatly for her master. How can she do otherwise when this is the first time anyone has taken notice of her as being anything but another pair of working hands and otherwise a burden?

But Mr. Rochester has a secret impediment. Jane must choose whether to follow her human instincts and marry Mr. Rochester or follow her moral code and forever separate from him. Which will she choose?

Points to Consider: There are some adult themes in this movie as well as a few passionate kisses. It may be hard for children to understand and it is a bit scary since Jane has such an active imagination.

Good Movies From The 90s #3: Jumanji, Lots Of Laughs With Robin Williams

"My father couldn't bring me close enough to hug me, let alone cut me up into tiny pieces and hide me throughout the house."

Is it just a board game found deep underground, or is it…more? The answer to this question is discovered by Alan Parish (Robin Williams) and his friend, Sarah, (Bonney Hunt) when they start playing the boardgame as kids. After the first round, they are separated and neither are able or willing to continue playing.

26 years later, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and her little brother Peter find the game board in the house their aunt just bought. When they begin to play, they bring Alan back and then realize that the game must be finished if they want to escape the terrors brought into their world by it. The game brings floods, giant mosquitoes, obnoxious monkeys, a man hunter after Alan, and all kinds of jungle mischief.

They need to finish the game before it destroys them and the world around them. Will it ever be finished, and, if it is, will things ever return to normal? One of those funny and good movies from the 90s that will bring a smile to your face. Robin Williams is hard to beat for funny.

Points to Consider: Frightening for young children.

Good Movies From The 90s #4: See Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle In The Best Film Adaptation Of Jane Austen's Most Beloved Novel Pride and Prejudice

“Thank me only on behalf of yourself. Surely you must know: it was all for you.”

The 1995 BBC version is surely the most beloved film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice! This definitely had to be on our list of good movies from the 90s, although it is actually a full TV mini-series with 6 episodes.

Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) has been hurt by people in his innermost circle. Accordingly, he is skeptical of everyone around him, especially those who have not yet, through a tough trial, won his confidence. Pride is his greatest flaw.

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The Bennet family, although still belonging to the gentility, are one of the least well off in their set. With only five daughters, there is nothing Mrs. Bennet thinks about more than the marriages of all her daughters to the wealthiest men possible. She puts her family through great embarrassments in her eagerness to put her girls forward as good matches to every man who is well off.

Elizabeth Bennett (Jennifer Ehle) has decided and unbending judgements about people. When Mr. Darcy slights her at a ball, she immediately makes up her mind never to forgive him. Further gossip about him completely prejudices her against possibly the wealthiest man in her acquaintance.

He is too proud to admit being wrong, she is too prejudiced to fathom the possibility of his behavior ever being justified. And yet, they are unwillingly and undeniably attracted to each other. Will they be able to get over themselves enough to learn the sweetness of true love? Find out in one of my favorite good movies from the 90s, Pride and Prejudice!

Points to Consider: All the ladies in this film wear low-cut blouses. Some scenes are better than others, but it is sprinkled all throughout the movie.

On another note, the Anglican clergyman is actively seeking a wife. I would suggest just taking the time to explain to your children that Anglicans do not believe in clerical celibacy the same way that Catholics do.

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Good Movies From The 90s #5: Experience Larger Than Life Heroes Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, and John Henry In Tall Tale

“Pecos? You steaming pile of buffalo pucky, you're still ugly.”

When Daniel Hackett’s father is shot down for refusing to give his land over to a greedy land-grabber, Daniel is bitter and resentful of his lot as a farm boy. The deed to the land is given to him to guard and, with the help of Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan, Daniel is able to understand his father’s seemingly foolish attachment to the land and save the family farm.

This is one of those good movies from the 90s that teach the lessons every man should know.

Read the full Tall Tale review here…

Good Movies From The 90s #6: Enjoy The Lessons Learned In Our Favorite Little Women Movie With Susan Sarandon

“I don’t know if I can ever be really good like Marmee. I rather crave violence.”

Meet the March sisters in this adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel, Little Women. Meg remembers a time before the Civil War when they had money and life was good and she longs to return to it.

Jo is rambunctious and only wishes she were born a boy so that she could follow the life that she desires: one of fun, plenty of “larks”, and without the need to entertain her crotchety old Aunt March. Beth is content with her life, living as the household “cricket” and helping all at home run smoothly. Amy is all up-to-date on the latest fashion and tries to apply it as much as her meager means allow.

This is their story: following each little woman as she enters adulthood and learns the real value of life. Through another one of my favorite good movies from the 90s, the girls learn from the good example of their mother that poor men’s wives can be happy and wealth is not nearly as valuable as virtue.

Read the full Little Women movie review here…

Good Movies From The 90s #7: The Terrors Of The Stone Age Return To Life Through An Experiment Gone Wrong In Jurassic Park

“I wanted to give them something that was real. Something that was not an illusion.”

Dinosaurs may seem to be a thing of the stone age that lived their time never to return to some people, but John Hammond has found a way to bring them to life and intends to make a theme park where people can view his research and accomplishments, especially his target audience: children.

He just needs to test his theory by running it by a few people from different fields first. He invites a lawyer, two archeologists, a mathematician, and his grandchildren to review his crazy theme park idea.

After the first awe of seeing the live dinosaurs kept behind electric wire, a few problems are quickly sighted by John’s guests. They try to dissuade John from so dangerous an experiment, however controlled the situation might appear to be. John assures them that they can’t be right, as everything is under his complete control: the dinosaurs are all female, all their needs are taken care of, they are fed enough to keep them from being overly eager for an escape.

But when a power outage causes a few of his pets to leave their pens while some of his guests are lost, John isn’t quite so sure about the brilliancy of his Jurassic Park vision. Another question remains: Will he be able to find and save all his guests and staff before they are all eaten by the T-Rexs now in the wild on his island?

One of the boys' favorite good movies from the 90s to watch after the little kids go to bed. This one and The Mummy, of course.

Points to Consider: The main couple in the movie is not married, but obviously living together. There are a few lines about the disgustingness of desiring children, but that is part of the story as the main character is left with the kids and needs to learn to care for and comfort them.

The bad guy is portrayed as being a complete slob. To emphasize how gross this guy is, there is a rather immodest picture of a woman as a screen saver on his computer. In frustration, the Lord’s name is taken in vain once in this movie. There are also other crude things spoken and discussed.

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Good Movies From The 90s #8: A Lesson From Our History, Gettysburg Recalls The Heroes And Heartbreaking Repercussions Of The American Civil War

“Many of our good men will be butchered. And men in tall hats in Washington will thump their chests and say what a brave charge it was. It’s like tomorrow has already happened and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.”

It's 1863, the third year of the war and both armies are now facing each other at the turning point of the war. This movie does a very good job of making the viewer sympathetic to both sides. 

Gettysburg follows the three day battle that took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The film sympathizes with both the Union and Confederacy, showing the feelings of Colonel Chamberlain (Jeff Daniels) and his brother on the side of the Union as well as the desperate plans between General Robert E. Lee (Martin Sheen) and General Longstreet (Tom Berenger) on the side of the Confederacy. It is a movie that very accurately portrays the true conflict of the American Civil War.

A very good portrayal of the tragedy that the Civil War truly was: brother against brother.

Points to Consider: There are parts when d*n is said in moments of anger and frustration. Other than that there is nothing opposed to morality portrayed.

On another note, people do die and dead people are shown in this movie, so if you are not the kind of person who can handle death and sadness, this is not a good movie for you.

Good Movies From The 90s #9: Peter Pan Returns To Neverland To Save His Children In Hook

“You have to crow, have to fly. Have to save Maggie have to save Jack...Hook is back!”

What if Peter Pan grew up and returned to Never Land as an adult? One of our favorite good movies from the 90s, Hook, explores the possibilities! When Peter’s (Robin Williams) kids are kidnapped and mysteriously vanish, Wendy, having returned back to the real world far before Peter and is much older than him, tries to explain who he is. Peter refuses to believe or try to remember. But that just won’t do.

Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) herself comes to find Peter Pan and brings him to Never Land to find and save his children from Captain Hook. The trouble is: Hook has kept himself sharp all these years planning his revenge on Peter Pan, but Peter has entirely forgotten about Never Land and all the skills he once possessed there, especially those of his sword.

To make matters worse, the Lost Boys have a new leader now and are skeptical whether or not the old lawyer man could really be Peter Pan. Tinkerbell arranges everything, even a three day grace period with Captain Hook in which time she hopes to train Peter for the task ahead of him: an all-out battle: Peter Pan and the Lost Boys against Captain Hook and all his pirates.

Peter just needs to find his happy thought in order to fly again, but his life is now so full of worldly worries that he just can’t find a thought happy enough to get his feet off the ground. He needs to remember his past and find his happy thought before three days are up or his kids start liking Captain Hook more than him. But will he be able to surmount these obstacles in so short an amount of time? That is for you to find out!

Another one of those wonderful good movies from the 90s with Robin Williams, this one has to find its way to your movie shelf!

Points to Consider: This movie is a little crude, but nothing too objectionable arises from any immodesty or kissing.


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