Grisly Grisell

During the War of the Roses, the Red Rose's Copeland family enters a marriage contract between their brash son, Leonard, and the White Rose's Dacre girl, Grisell, beginning a microcosm of the English Civil War.

After a horrific accident in which Grisell is wounded at the hand of Leonard, she is left so disfigured that she is no longer marriageable thereby ending the betrothal. 

Teaching us that beauty indeed is more than skin deep, Grisell's virtues shine through and transform her disfigured countenance which in the end wins the heart of the most unexpected hero who undergoes a transformation of his own.

Grisly Grisell

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This film is written and directed by a young adult sister team who have made three subtly Catholic movies. Mary Bowen and Faustina Bowen are answering the call to tell good stories through film.

Performed by Catholic families for children and those who are children at heart, this film stars Abbey Erskine in her first major role as Grisell Dacre and welcomes back Michael Bowen as Leonard Copeland. They are supported by a cast of young actors and their parents.

This film proudly showcases another awesome score by Music Forge including a surprise "pop" song in the credits.

Filled with chivalrous knights, picture-book castles, and an undercurrent of innocent romance, where of course our "Cinderella" lives happily ever after, Grisly Grisell is a Catholic film the entire family will enjoy and be pleased to add to their good family movies collection.

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