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Find The Christmas Movies You're Looking For With These Lists Divided By Type

Encouraging a more Christ focused Advent and Christmas season, these lists of Christmas movies prove to be supportive of that goal and guaranteed not to be just another distraction.

Everyone likes movies and they are especially fun this time of year when the weather is chilly and darkness comes early. Picking the right movie...ah, therein lies the challenge. Each of the reviews on these lists will tell you whether or not the movies are Christ centered, and even tell you if you should to avoid them and why.

Plus, these lists are arranged with different types of Christmas movies, so that you can easily find the genre you are looking for without having to scroll through a ton of reviews.

We are seasonally adding to our lists so be sure to check back each year. Subscribe to our newsletter to get an insider peek at this year's titles right in your inbox.

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1. Best Family Christmas Movies Include Classics, Modern And Expected Titles

best family Christmas movies

These are our favorite movies to watch as a family. Musicals, classics, and even some you wouldn't think to find fill this list. 

I was surprised this last Christmas time to hear that several people hadn't seen what I consider a Christmas classic: It's A Wonderful Life.

If you are one of these people, be sure to visit this list to find out what other great Christmas movies you might be missing. 

Read the list of best family Christmas movies here...

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2. Get The Best Titles For Children With Our List Of Animated Christmas Movies

animated Christmas movies

In the age of loud cartoons that are over-stimulating and often obnoxious, it is good to look back a little in time and find animated gems. In this list of animated Christmas movies, you will find a treasure trove of Christ-centered Christmas cartoons. 

Old and new, these titles are sure to capture the imagination and hearts of young (and older too) viewers. 

Find the best animated Christmas titles here...

3. Romantic Christmas Movies Will Get You In The Mood For Another Cozy Christmas!

romantic Christmas movies

Warm feelings are inseparable with Christmastime. So...why not watch a few romances this season? Here you will find our favorite Christmas romances, and they are all completely family friendly! These aren't just "chick flicks" either. Some of these titles are favorites even among the men.

Read all of our romantic Christmas movie reviews here...

4. Get A Good Laugh In By Choosing The Right Funny Christmas Movies That You Are Sure To Love

funny Christmas movies

Unfortunately, it feels like this genre has a way of leaning too heavily on vulgarity and crude jokes to make them funny. But there are a few good funny Christmas movies. 

On this list you will find honest reviews of all the funny Christmas movies we've seen. That's right: the ones we love and the ones we wouldn't recommend to anyone. 

Read the funny Christmas movie reviews here...

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