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Industrious Family Films About: Discover Our Mission And Meet The People Behind The Camera

Industrious Family Films was started in 2017 by a sixteen-year-old girl with a vision of populating the moviemaking industry with good, Catholic movies. She understood the need to reclaim the art of moviemaking, and she grabbed the bull by the horns and started Industrious Family Films. Meet Mary Bowen and her devoted assistants: her family.

Mary Bio 2023

Mary Bowen

Director Mary Bowen has been making movies since 2015, premiering her first full length film, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, in 2018. Inspired by Navis Picture's The War of the Vandee, Mary Bowen knew that one day she would be a film-maker. In the wake of Outlaws of Ravenhurst, she was proud to premiere Max & Carlota in 2020 and Grisly Grisell in 2022. Released in 2023, a short film called Pelayo tells the story of the Asturian king and the defense of his homeland against Muslim invasion in 722. At the present, Mary looks forward to creating her first full budget film, Fabiola.

Faustina Bio 2023

Faustina Bowen

Faustina Bowen has been working on scripts for over 5 years, but her greatest passion for moviemaking springs from her love of acting. She starred as Mammy Able in Outlaws of Ravenhurst, Carlota in Max & Carlota, and Lady Whitburn in Grisly Grisell. Her last role was Our Lady of Covadogna in Pelayo. She rehearses lines and works on their delivery with the actors, leads the dry runs before shooting, keeps track of the scripts, and knows the script by heart which makes her a major asset during editing as well. She is currently kept busy storyboarding and writing the scripts for Fabiola

Young Adult Time Travel Books
Mom and Dad Bio 2023

Matt and Kathleen Bowen

Matt and Kathleen Bowen are the chief financial advisors and producers at Industrious Family Films. Both oversee the casting, as well as give consulting on the production budget. Matt and Kathleen have also both acted in two full length films: Outlaws of Ravenhurst and Grisly Grisell. Kathleen is the chief website director and also serves as a content writer. Matt is in charge of set construction and is also the head technician on set.

Michael Bio 2023

Michael Bowen

Michael's roles have brought him from Scotland to Mexico as he starred as Sir James in Outlaws of Ravenhurst and Maximilian von Hapsburg in Max & Carlota. In 2022, he tried his hand at a knight in shining armor as Sir Leonard in Grisly Grisell. Most recently, he played the villainous Bishop Oppose in Pelayo. He eagerly joined the team as the Equipment Manager. Michael is the director of his own films which often include martyr stories and country music videos. 

Becket Bio 2023

Becket Bowen

Becket had his great acting debut in 2017 as the main character, the Gordon, in Outlaws of Ravenhurst. He starred as Miguel Lopez in Max & Carlota and latest played Samuel in Grisly Grisell. He continues to love acting and does a great job with any role he is given. As a lover of literature, Becket is always on the lookout for moviemaking material. He has dreams of being the Cid in El Cid if ever a chance presents itself. Highly entertaining, he is always there to share a laugh and keep it going on as long as possible. 

Patrick Bio 2023

Patrick Bowen

Although he has performed in many small roles over the years, Patrick had his big debut in 2023 as King Pelagius in Industrious Family's Pelayo. He eagerly learns everything he can on the technical side and has even run a LIVE-Streamed Premiere almost single handedly. While he enjoys acting, he prefers to fill small roles and help largely with the technical side of production.

Industrious Family Film's Objectives

We see ourselves and our company producing films with Golden Era Hollywood quality while presenting Christian moral standards. We see ourselves becoming a household name in traditional and conservative Catholic circles.

We would like to take our company in a major step toward this goal by pursuing funding through Angel Studios, a film company that encourages small companies like ours to take part in telling stories that matter. After receiving this funding, we conceive that we would outgrow pressing DVDs in the living room and develop a relationship with a large company that would press and release our movies.

We would like to imitate The Chosen’s example of allowing our audience to watch our movies on an app which is independent of YouTube.

We see ourselves achieving professional quality with upgraded professional equipment while hiring professional actors.

We are motivated, dedicated and committed to producing films almost back-to-back and have set a rhythm of making a movie almost every other year. This would be conveniently mastered when we fund and construct our Industrious Family Films Studio where we can create and save sets, store costumes and props, perhaps house actors during the filming season, host premieres in the private theater and so much more.

Our Major Acheivments And Milestones

Of our many goals, we have some with which we can boast achievement. Our website has undergone a major revamp and is now very focused on pre-selling our films and maximizing exposure. Since 2018, we have been able to release a film every other year. We did set up a temporary studio in which we were able to experience the convenience of being able to leave sets and return to them the next day. We now have plans for a larger studio in which we would customize all the features that we wish that we would have had with the first studio.

  • 2014 - Website started
  • 2015 - First music video published
  • 2017 - Began first full length movie
  • 2018 - Premiered Outlaws of Ravenhurst
  • 2020 - Premiered Max & Carlota
  • 2022 - Premiered Grisly Grisell
  • 2022 - Focus and Reconstruct Website
  • 2023 - Premiered The Martyrdoms of Sts. Cyprian and Justina and Pelayo
  • 2022 - 2027 Multi-million dollar film About: The Website That Predates The Movie Business

Before Industrious Family was a film company, it was a Catholic family fun website.

In the beginning, moviemaking was a topic we discussed, but as time went on and movies became the primary focus, the other topics formed the #RebuildChristianArt Blog. This blog serves as an aid for families and supports the reconstruction of the social fabric by sparking interest in Christian art and culture.

Suggestions for wonderful novels, fantastic films, lovely music, parties to host and Catholic customs that once were the focus of now fill the blog with a plethora of fun ideas for Christian families.  

These pages are continually being added to as we love sharing the stories of Catholic heroes, encouraging homeschool families, and discussing traditional foods that nourish both body and soul.

You can read all about how SBI! taught us not only how to build a website but also how to run an online business here.


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Free features include: articles from the #ReclaimChristianArt Blog, notifications and updates as well as a chat room where you can connect with Catholic moviemakers.

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#RebuildChristianArt Blog

An aid for families encouraging the reconstruction of the social fabric by sparking interest in Christian art and culture. Find beautiful novels, films, music, food and customs. 


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