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A lot of people read a good book and say, "This should be a movie." If you want to share a good read with us that you think we should make into a movie, we are happy to consider it! Share your suggestions below.

If you have watched our movies and ever wondered about how things are done here at the studio, ask us! We love talking about our projects! If there is an article that you would like for us to write, let us know.

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We understand that some people don't like using PayPal. If you are one of those people we offer alternate payment methods which we can help you with. Please contact us below and we will send you our options.

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Want To Act In One Of Our Movies?

As we work on our 5th major project, Fabiola, we will be needing actors. Please contact us if you would be interested. You don't need to commit right away but with you in our contacts we can meet you and keep you posted as we get pre-production underway.

Mary and Faustina at our first Live Premiere

Want to Collaborate?

We love networking with fellow independent Christian film makers! We are currently working on creating a film society and we would enjoy having you in it. If you would like to reach out and share your projects, please contact us!

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Please check out our advertising page then return here and reach out to us. We will then make you a customized media kit and send it to you via email. We look forward to advertising with you! We need you just as much as you need us!

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Welcome! So glad you stopped by! We offer a bulk order discount for bookstores that stock our movies. Please contact us below and we will get more information to you.

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More behind the scenes of Grisly Grisell 
I've had many people from Church ask about the behind-the-scenes of Grisly Grisell and how it worked. Maybe you can write up something getting more in-depth …

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Mary, Faustina and the crew are eager to talk to you all things movie!

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