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Now Open Casting Calls For Industrious Family Films!

Are you interested in the open casting calls for the upcoming Industrious Family Films production? We have good news for you! We are currently seeking actors and actresses of all ages from across the United States for the Fabiola movie.

The demographic for women and girls is filled for Fabiola. If you are interested in future roles, please fill out the call and we will put your application in our acting file and reach out when roles become available!

The demographic for children under the age of 12 is filled for Fabiola. If you are interested in future roles, please fill out the call and we will put your application in our acting file and reach out when roles become available!

We are still needing 13+ boy and men roles to be filled. Please submit an application if you are interested in a role in Fabiola and future productions. 

Note: By submitting the form you are not committing to anything just expressing interest.

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FAQ About Acting In Our Films:

When will auditions be held and how? The 1st round of auditions were held on July 24th. The date of the auditions for the full FABIOLA movie is yet to be decided. Fill out the form to be sent more details on when the next round opens.

Where will you be filming? Although filming usually takes place at our studio, the shoot locations are not limited to this location. Budget willing, airlines and lodging will be covered for the actor only.

When would I be needed? If you are casted for the FABIOLA movie, you will need to be available for 4 months in 2025 though you will only need to be on set for a few days at a time.

How long would I be needed for? This, of course depends on the role. Although movies take almost a year to make, only the crew needs to be there every single day. That being said, let's say that you get a small role with the character only appearing 3 times in the mini-series. You will only need to be on set for a few shoot days though the time between is rather spaced. With a larger role, you will be needed very frequently over a few months.

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Industrious Family Films is very laid back with filming and does not expect perfection out of anyone. That being said, if you are feeling timid about submitting an acting application, we would like to very strongly encourage you to give it a try anyway! 

Although we are doing our best to make high quality productions, we are friendly and rarely bite. Budget willing, we will be covering airlines and will pay actors hourly. 

On this page is also provided a short description of the cast members as well as past cast experiences. 

For the mini-series, we are going to need quite a bit more actors and actresses. Please check out the female cast page and the masculine character page to read about these roles.

Learn more about the FABIOLA story on our Fabiola page. This is a story we are very passionate about and can't wait to portray in film. We absolutely can't wait to meet all the characters from this film through our cast members!

1. Still On The Fence? Learn A Little About The Characters In This Project To Help You Make Up Your Mind.

If you are wondering what sort of characters will appear in the projects, you're in luck! Descriptions of all the characters are available. The characters from the pilot are also in the miniseries. Descriptions of these characters are below.

The Characters In The Pilot

Fabiola Painting

Fabiola - A pagan woman who is starting to see that Christianity truly makes one a better person. Upon hearing that her cousin has been arrested, she rushes to see if it is true and talk to Agnes. 

Fabiola has gone on a long journey from despising and holding the Christians in contempt to where she is now, wondering if Christianity is truly the right path to life.

To her, Fulvius is a representation of paganism while Agnes is a representation of Christianity, and now she must choose which she will be.

At the beginning of the story, Fabiola is "Proud, haughty, imperious, and irritable, she ruled like an empress all that surrounded her and exacted humble homage from all that approached her...She had never known what it was to deny herself a desire."

She has learned to curb these tendencies even though they are still strong within her. She is now attempting to live a meek life, even coming to Agnes, who is much younger than she, for advice. 

St Agnes

Agnes - Fabiola's cousin whose example Fabiola values. A Christian since birth, Agnes has used her very short life to cultivate every virtue.

She is now in prison for confessing to be a Christian after being turned in by Fulvius. She calmly and joyfully awaits her death, but is happy to get one more conversation in with Fabiola, urging her to embrace Christianity.

Agnes is described in this scene as, "Dressed in pure and spotless white, without a single ornament about her person. In her countenance might be seen united the simplicity of childhood with the intelligence of a maturer age...She wore a white and spotless bridal robe. She looked radiant and almost dazzling."

Fulvius, Agnes, and Fabiola

Fulvius - The new star of pagan Roman society. From Syria, this young man has come to Rome for the express purpose of hunting the Christians down and turning them in for the raw joy of gold in his pockets.

He is described as, "Young, almost effeminate in look, dressed with most elaborate elegance, with brilliant rings on every finger, and jewels in his dress, affected in his speech, which had a slightly foreign accent, overstrained in his courtesy of manners, but apparently good-natured and obliging."

At this point of the story, Fulvius has repeatedly proposed to Lady Agnes and she has firmly refused him in honor of her vow of virginity. He has returned one last time to try his luck and skill at convincing her to go with him in secret before her execution. 

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2. Hear What Past Members Of The Cast Have To Say About Working On The Industrious Family Films Set!

In our past films, we have been very fortunate to work with many talented young people. Here's a few of the things they have to say about their experience of working with us in our films. 

Grisly Grisell

"Acting in Grisly Grisell was a great experience. I really enjoyed every shoot day. Mary and Faustina were organized and made being on set very entertaining."

-actress Abbey Erskine, Grisell from Grisly Grisell


'I had a lot of fun acting as Pelayo...I liked acting with Faustina and Michael. Faustina always knows her lines and gets the shoot over really fast. Michael is fun to act with and we sometimes get sidetracked and have really goofy, interesting conversations. This, of course makes the shoot take longer but we have a lot of fun."

-actor Patrick Bowen, Pelayo from Pelayo.

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