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Catholic gifts updated by Kathleen Bowen on February 27, 2020

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    Gift Giving

    Besides buying gifts for recreation, there are many occasions when gifts for the spiritual life are the best choice. Here we break down these gifts by occasion.

    Gifts should always help the recipient fulfill their state in life. When choosing a gift think about whether it will help the person fulfill his duties. Avoid fads which more often than not distract the receiver from their vocation. 

    Recreation is very important and gifts that help a person enjoy time set aside for relaxing are always well received. Gifts that help a person stay active, develop the intellect, and encourage healthy entertainment may not be spiritual in nature but they are wonderful gifts nonetheless.

    Baseball mitts, volleyballs, and lifejackets are examples of gifts that satisfy physical activity gifts. Gifts for the development of the intellect include gifts like puzzles, books, and how-to guides. Boardgames, wholesome movies, and tickets to amusement parks are gifts that encourage wholesome entertainment.

    Catholic Gifts For Weddings

    These Catholic gifts are perfect wedding gifts for a Catholic couple. Personalization is available with the crucifix, Bible, and Kitchen Madonna plaque. Add the couple's names and wedding date to make these Catholic gifts extra special.

    1. Wall Crucifix

    I treasure the crucifix that my godmother gave me as a wedding gift. She had it personalized and even added a claddagh under our names. 

    2. Family Bible

    We received a Bible and it is falling apart. I wish it would have been made with better material. It was a modern translation and that is little disappointing. I would opt for a nice Douay Rheims edition like the one above and have it personalized.

    3. Kitchen Madonna Plaque

    My grandma bought me a kitchen Madonna as a gift for my bridal shower. Sadly, it broke. I'd like to replace it with the one above. I miss having the Madonna in my kitchen to look at as I work on preparing a meal for my family. 

    4. Sacred & Immaculate Heart Image

    Another excellent Catholic gift idea for a newly wed couple is a picture of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. This one is nice because both are pictured together in one image.

    Catholic Gifts For Anniversaries

    Anniversaries are occasions for adding to a couple's collection of statues, pictures, icons and other sacramentals that lend to the atmosphere of a Catholic home. With this in mind consider these Catholic gifts for anniversaries:

    1. Blessed Virgin Garden Statue

    My husband and I purchased this lovely Our Lady of Grace garden statue for our Mary garden as an anniversary gift for each other this year. It is perfect. It was made to order in Italy and is a very good height at 3 feet tall and weight at 35 pounds.

    Here's a funny story: I am forever frugal and I thought I'd get a cheap statue and replace it someday when a nicer one fit in our budget. I bought one from Amazon for $30. It was unattractive and arrived broken. It was made out of such a fragile material that it was practically crumbling like really old plastic. My husband encouraged me to get the one pictured above and I couldn't be happier.

    2. Sick Call Crucifix

    Another year we bought each other a sick call crucifix on eBay. It was so pretty and the instructions were written in French. I wish we would have bought a new one like this Sick Call Set Crucifix however.

    Our antique one is very fragile due to its age, and we move frequently. The one pictured above has personalization available which is really neat, and it has a St. Benedict medal. A triple gift, crucifix, sick call set, and St. Benedict medal! When it comes to Catholic gifts, this one is a win, win, win!

    3. Holy Family Image

    This Holy Family plaque is beautiful. It is a whopping 21 inches in diameter. I just love it. There are others that are less expensive, but if its in your budget definitely get this one. You won't be disappointed.

    4. Holy Water Font

    This is the ideal holy water font. Not only is it Beleek but it has a basin that will not evaporate quickly. It is really spectacular.

    Catholic Gifts For Ordinations

    Portable Altar

    Portable AltarPhoto by

    Tissot Magnificat

    Magnificat by Tissot

    A Spiritual Bouquet

    An Elegant Spiritual Bouquet

    1. Spiritual Bouquet

    If you don't have a large budget for an ordination gift giving a spiritual bouquet is  better than buying a trinket. A few years ago my family collected prayer pledges and presented them in a beautiful display box on the occasion of the installation of a bishop in our diocese. A spiritual bouquet of this kind can be given as a gift to a newly ordained priest as well.

    2. Framed Print Magnificat

    I racked my brain one year trying to think of Catholic gifts to give as an ordination gift as well as a profession of vows gift. My favorite Tissot picture is the Magnificat. Our Lady is filled with prayer. She looks like she is in an ecstacy as she praises God Who chose her, the lowliest of His handmaids.

    I had the image framed at and gave it to both the newly ordained priest and a Benediction sister on the occasion of their ordination and profession. They both seemed to appreciate the art as much as I had hoped. If you buy from, make sure you choose a matte finish glass.

    3. Nativity Set

    If you possess a relic now is a great time to pass it on. A really nice nativity set like this one is something a priest won't likely get multiples of.

    4. Portable Mass Kit

    Usually a priest's parents will buy him a chalice, and giving vestments can be tricky. If you'd like to purchase a set of vestments, you probably should consult with him first.

    A portable Mass kit would make a good gift. The one above is for the Tridentine Mass.

    Catholic Gifts For Priests

    Spiritual Bouquet

    Simple Spiritual Bouquet

    Home Brew

    Home Brew

    Homemade Food

    Homemade artisan breadPhoto by Pixabay

    Cash Gift

    Money CakePhoto by goartser

    1. Spiritual Bouquet

    The same goes for Christmas and anniversary or birthdays as does for ordinations--opt for a spiritual bouquet over a trinket.

    2. Homemade Food

    Some other great gift ideas for priests would be something he can eat or drink. If you home brew beer, a six pack of your home brew would be well received. Homemade bread, jams, or home canned soup is another nice gift. Priests often get a lot of sweets at Christmastime so keep that in mind and steer clear from a plate of cookies. 

    3. Money In A Card

    When in doubt...give your priest cash!

    Confirmation: Catholic Gifts For Boys

    St. Andrew's Missal

    WWI Rosary

    St. Michael Statue

    Field Manual

    1. Daily Missal

    A traditional daily missal is a good Confirmation gift for boys (and girls). This St. Andrew Daily Missal is highly recommended because of its beautiful narrative of each feast day as well as spiritual and doctrinal notes.

    2. WWI Rosary

    This World War I replica Rosary is really cool and boys will love it! These durable rosaries are made with pull chain. They do not tangle and can be carried in the pocket. It is a replica of the government service combat rosaries issued to soldiers. They have a five star rating and cost $29.99 with free shipping from Amazon. Did I mention they are made in California? You can't go wrong with this unique Rosary!

    3. Bronze Statue

    Another gift a young man will appreciate is this bronze statue of St. Michael. There are also statues of St. Gabriel and St. Raphael available in this set. A statue of his Confirmation saint is another good choice.

    4. Church Militant Field Manual

    A final gift idea is Fr. Heilman's Church Militant Field Manual which uses a military style approach to Catholic Action that young men will enjoy. Lighthearted and to the point, this book will help the new soldier of Jesus Christ develop his spiritual life with special ops, and search and rescue missions that will encourage Catholic Action in a new generation.

    Confirmation: Catholic Gifts For Girls

    1. Chapel Veil

    Confirmation is a perfect time for a girl to receive a full size chapel veil. This Mantilla is sure to make her feel like a young lady.

    2. Ghirelli Rosary

    A high quality rosary with genuine Swarovski beads like the one above is a special confirmation gift. This rosary is an Our Lady of Fatima rosary made by a very reputable company. Ghirelli rosaries are sturdy and are made with a high level of craftsmanship.

    This particular rosary is feminine and unique with an image of the Angel of Peace giving Holy Communion to the children of Fatima and the Immaculate Heart on the center piece. The crucifix is lovely with flowers covering the wood of the cross. This is the perfect confirmation rosary for a young lady! It is even accented with Swarovski beads. If you know Swarovski you know how they sparkle.

    3. Pilgrim Virgin Statue

    Every Catholic home should desire to have a replica of the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima Statue. Set a young girl off right with this statue or get her one of her confirmation saint. The Catholic Company has a variety of quality statues from which to choose.

    4. Catholic Girl's Guide

    My daughters received The Catholic Girl's Guide by Fr. Lasance as a confirmation gift from the lady who helped me prepare them for the sacrament. Fr. Lasance prayer books are always good.

    This one has an original copyright of 1906 and the lessons are as applicable today as they were to young ladies then. My daughters cherish this prayer book and it has been a constant companion to and from Mass up through their late teens. It has given them much food for thought on the virtues and on choosing one's state in life. I highly recommend it to all young ladies.

    Catholic Gifts For Graduations

    1. Two-Tone Crucifix

    A nice crucifix to be worn as a necklace is a great graduation gift. This two-tone gold crucifix is 14 karat white gold and yellow gold and has a nice polished finish. It's a nice size and makes a lovely heirloom quality gift. Keep in mind that it does not come with a chain.

    2. My Imitation of Christ

    My Imitation of Christ is a simple but powerful way of getting a busy student or someone just setting out on their own to do a little spiritual reading. Countless saints from Therese of Liseux to Ignatius of Loyola have kept this book on their nightstands, used it to direct their minds during adoration, and carried it in their pockets as a soldier carries his weapon into battle.

    3. Catechism of the Council of Trent

    A good catechism is a must for every Catholic during this time of confusion. There are none better than the Catechism of the Council of Trent. It was written with the purpose of clearly and calmly explaining the Faith in the face of Protestant objections. In order to keep the faith and save our souls, it is imperative that all Catholics know the Faith and are able to defend it. Start here.

    4. Miraculous Medal

    This Miraculous Medal is sterling silver and a good size. It comes with a chain and is a lower cost gift when compared to the gold crucifix. It is a nice gift for either a young lady or gentleman. I really like how clear the words are imprinted around this medal. That and its size make it a striking miraculous medal.

    First Holy Communion: Catholic Gifts For Boys

    1. The Children's Prayer Book - St. Augustine Academy Press

    This prayer book is a major winner for both boys and girls. We have had several copies over the years. The Latin Mass and prayers are included as well as other prayers and stories plus an examination of conscience and devotions for confession. All perfectly suitable for children ages 7 -12.

    Not only do my children love this book but we are frequently asked about it from members of the congregation at our church. People who sit near us often ask where we got this beautiful prayer book. If you know St. Augustine Academy Press, this shouldn't surprise you. Their books are all exceptionally beautiful being filled with lovely artwork. This book was written in 1911 by Mother Mary Loyola.

    2. Rosary

    A quality rosary is a must. You will never go wrong with Ghirelli Rosaries. This First Communion rosary for boys is a manly reminder of his special day with two angels adoring the Blessed Sacrament as a center piece, black glass beads, and grapes hanging from the wood of the crucifix.

    3. Bible

    This First Communion edition of the Douay Rheims version of the Bible is a lovely commemorative gift. It will be used often as the child continues his Catholic education and during the years leading up to Confirmation. This is a good gift for a little girl as well.

    4. Navy Blue First Communion Tie

    This boys pre-knotted navy blue First Communion tie is a great gift and keepsake for a little boy who is making his First Communion. Blue for Our Lady and featuring chalice emblems, he is sure to feel special on his First Communion Day.

    First Holy Communion: Catholic Gifts For Girls

    1. Blue Chapel Veil

    This veil is perfect for a First Communicant girl. It is blue for Our lady and small and delicate for a little girl. If you have a finicky veil wearer like I've had, First Communion is a perfect occasion to begin the habit of wearing a veil to Mass and this special veil is the one to start with.

    2. Rosary

    I don't recommend going cheap on rosary beads. They really need to be sturdy. After all, they are more than a keepsake and are intended to be used daily. You can't go wrong with the Ghirelli company. I highly recommend them and this First Communion Rosary for a little girl.

    3. Missal

    We've had this Marian Children's Missal for many years. It is about a second grade reading level. It is easy to follow the Mass for a First Communion-age child. One of the best features is the short meditations or stories written for several of the major feasts.

    4. And...A Purse To Hold It All

    A lovely commemorative purse to carry all her devotional Mass items is the perfect gift for a little girl's First Communion. This First Communion purse is very lovely with a drawstring and embroidered with daisies.

    Catholic Gifts For St. Nicholas Day

    1. Straw Sacrifice Manger

    The Giving Manger is really a great set to get you going on the tradition of the Christmas crib. Children offer sacrifices during advent and cushion Baby Jesus' crib as they do so.

    Instead of acts of service as the book recommends, I'd encourage sacrifices. The idea of sacrifices is easier for children to comprehend. I never heard of Our Lady of Fatima asking for acts of service or the Little Flower calling her beads acts of service beads. No matter, the kit is a great idea and can be easily adapted to a more authentically Catholic approach. Simply explain that when we do our duty and serve others, we are making sacrifices and comforting Our Lord and helping souls get to heaven.

    Our Christmas craft page has a craft project that is similar to this kit.

    2. St. Andrew Novena Bracelet

    This St. Andrew Novena Bracelet is a really wonderful gift for the time before Christmas. It will serve as a reminder to pray the Christmas novena starting on St. Andrew's feast day! It contains 15 beads and comes with the prayer card that is to be said 15 times a day from November 30 until Christmas.

    3. St. Nicholas Figure

    Shining Light dolls are cute and affordable. This St. Nicholas figure is perfect for St. Nicholas' Day - throw in a candy cane and you are good to go.

    4. Jesse Tree Kit

    Creating Jesse tree ornaments is a wonderful Advent tradition. With this Jesse Tree Kit, you can conveniently introduce this tradition in your home.

    Read more about the Jesse tree here...

    A Final Note On Gift Giving

    Gifts that help and not distract one from his goal are the types of gifts Catholics give one another. If you are looking for Catholic gifts that will aid in the spiritual life, I hope you found it here! Remember this little jingle when brainstorming gift ideas: "Something they want, something they read, something they wear, something they need." Gifts falling in these categories are always good gifts. 

    All suggestions on this page are my honest opinion. Some items I earn a commission for and others I do not.

    Kathleen Bowen is a founding member of She is a busy homeschooling mother of ten children with seven currently in school. She acts as producer for Industrious Family Films. She is living her dream of off-the-grid yurt living, enjoys gardening, flowers and creating table arrangements.

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