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Mary Bowen

Mary Bio 2023

Mary Beth Bowen is a movie director and entrepreneur.

Since 2018, she has distributed four movies through her online platform at Industrious Family Films where she also contributes to the #ReclaimChristianArtBlog. Her 5th film is currently in pre-production.

Some of her passions include history, classical literature, and modest fashion: topics she usually writes about to share her great love for these things.

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Did Shakespeare Underestimate The Repercussions Of His Play Richard III? A Defense Of The Last Plantagenet King

Was Richard III, who took the crown of England in 1483, a usurper and a tyrant who murdered his nephews, or a true and just king innocent of that crime? With all respect to the Bard of Avon, historian Dr. Warren Carroll relates that what we know of Richard is in line with a play that was made to celebrate the downfall of the Catholic Plantagenets to please the current ruling Protestant monarch of England - Elizabeth Tudor. Perhaps Shakespeare underestimated the power of storytelling through the stage and of course the play could go no other way, but we are left with an unclear idea of the real Richard III because of it.

Mary Bowen May 1st, 2024

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An Introduction To Scriptwriting For Those Destined To Increase The Availability Of Beautiful Catholic Movies

There is no small satisfaction in using one’s God given creative talents and applying them to something big. I have found this satisfaction in storytelling though film and I’m sure there are many people out there who have never considered this to be a wholesome Catholic career. Take the first steps in your movie making journey with this introduction to scriptwriting crash course complete with with examples from our own projects.

Mary Bowen April 17, 2024

Western Look For Ladies

Is The Pervading Cowgirl Culture The Same As A More Authentic Western Look For Ladies?

Wear your favorite style without risking looking provocative when you implement a western look for ladies with practical modest flair. Almost forgotten are the graceful styles of the second generation of pioneer women who braved the trials of life in order to help pave a new frontier. These women were hard workers, make-doers and would have cared less if their make up was not perfect for the rodeo.

Mary Bowen April 16, 2024

Introducing Tolkien Fans to the Western Canon

Introducing Tolkien Fans to the Western Canon

Has the steady incline in popularity of the film adaptations of the stories written by J. R. R. Tolkien caused a divide between the stories consumed by the youth and those read by an older generation? Unfortunately, much of what Tolkien was inspired by is lost to my generation and there exists a divide between what previous generations read and discussed and what we are currently enamored by.

Mary Bowen February 9, 2024

A Young Director Shares How She Embraces Femininity

A Young Director Shares How She Embraces Femininity

Thanks to Anthony Esolen, Jennifer Scott and Colleen Harmon, I share how to reclaim our feminine role and touch on a society which is lacking it. Whether you are a homemaker or a film director, find your true style and wear it. Embrace your femininity. Dress like a woman, talk like a woman, act like a woman, walk like a woman.

Mary Bowen Jan 26, 2024

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