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Fabiola Funding Goal

Raised: $10,360

$2,640 Remaining

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Fabiola : Bringing The Timely
Tale Of The Catacombs To Life

Fabiola Funding Goal

Raised: $10,360

$2,640 Remaining Goal

Pay 100 Fabiola black on E1E1E1
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Fabiola : Bringing The Timely Tale Of The Catacombs To Life

Currently in pre-production is our 5th film, FABIOLA. This is a story especially timely now as we are surrounded by corruption in our world similar to what the characters in this story faced in pagan Rome.

At the present time, we are living in a post-Christian society and we are seeing striking similarities to the pre-Christian society as found in FABIOLA.

Like the Christian characters in this film, we are called to be a light in a darkened world and bring the flame of truth to those who have wandered so far from it that they don't even know what it is. 

A hunger is all about us for the truth. Many have tried what the world has to offer and have found emptiness. They feel the absence of God and indulge their other senses to dull the pain.

We have the cure for society's illness and it is through the examples of the martyrs that we can provide it. This is comprised of patient example, firmness in our Faith, and willingness to sacrifice to preserve it. 

The characters found in FABIOLA pave the way and lead exemplary lives with a will to convert the strongest opposition to Christianity, the pagan Roman Empire.

Currently, we are raising funds to submit a pilot to Angel Studios to hopefully be selected for full funding. This pilot is 80% funded thanks to many generous contributors!

With this option, we would budget for the production and could ask for up to $5 million for the entire production! The investors purchase shares of the project and in post-production get a certain percentage of the film's profits.

We have scripted both the full film and the pilot and are itching to get the production rolling!

Remember, we are completely crowdfunded. We will never go to corrupt Hollywood producers for funding our films.

In the event that we do not get accepted by Angel Studios, we will produce the epic film independently so in one way or another we will get the story of FABIOLA in front of audiences.

We Are Back At Working On The FABIOLA Pilot Set

Set building 13
Set Building 17
Set Building 14
Set Building 16

We are still chipping away at the Fabiola Pilot set! Things are coming along nicely as we have textured about half the walls and have begun the painting process.

Although the set expenses are covered, we still need help funding other aspects of production. So please consider helping us by sharing the FABIOLA Pilot project or by contributing.

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Fabiola Movie Poster Main

$10,360 Raised

of $13,000 Pilot Goal


LIVE Contributions

4/15/24 Someone from ID contributed $110!

4/10/24 Someone from ID contributed $50!

4/3/24 Someone from AZ contributed $100!

3/28/24 Someone from WA contributed $250!

3/28/24 Someone from ID contributed $110!

3/27/24 Someone from CA contributed $35!

3/25/24 Someone from ID contributed $20!

3/25/24 Someone from IL contributed $15!

3/24/24 Someone from CO contributed $150!

3/21/24 Someone from WA contributed $10!

3/18/24 Someone from ID contributed $40!

3/16/24 Someone from ID contributed $10!

3/15/24 Someone from ID contributed $37!

3/15/24 Someone from IN contributed $100!

3/15/24 - Someone from ID contributed $110!

3/3/24 - Someone contributed $500!

3/1/24 - Someone from ID contributed $75

2/28/24 - Someone from WI contributed $25

2/22/24 Someone from WA contributed $350

2/22/24 Someone from WA contributed $30

2/19/24 Someone from TX contributed $100

2/17/24 Someone from NY contributed $100

2/14/24 Someone from ID contributed $20

2/9/24 Someone from IN contributed $117

2/9/24 Someone from ID contributed $1

2/9/24 - Someone from CA contributed $200

2/8/24 - Someone from WA contributed $25

2/7/24 - Someone from IA contributed $100!

2/6/24 - Someone from WA contributed $10!

FABIOLA Pilot Progress:

  • Round 3 Raised $2,800
  • Costumes for Pilot scene have been purchased.
  • Round 2 Raised $4,815 - 58% of $13,000 funded!
  • Completed script
  • Casting and auditioning - July 24, 2023
  • Received acting applications from people across the country.
  • Round 1 Raised $2,745 - 20% of $13,000 funded!

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Fabiola Pilot Set - 100% Funded!

Set construction has already begun!

Set building 01
Set building 08
Set Building 12

Fabiola Equipment and Costumes - 100% Funded!

Costumes and equipment have been completely funded. The Pilot contains three characters and the cost of the costumes have been covered.

Lovey In Costume
Kate in Costume 01
Aidan Costume Resized

Next To Be Funded: FABIOLA Actor Accommodations

The remaining production funds will go to actor accommodations. This will cover airlines, lodging, food and more for our three talented actors!

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A Little More About The Project

GOAL: Our main objective with the FABIOLA Pilot is to impress our audience with the quality of our line delivery, acting, sets, costumes and cinematography.

We would like to lay the foundation of the storyline to get people to believe in the story in order to fund the entire project. We hope to submit the pilot to Angel Studios for full funding by early fall this year. One way or another this pilot will be used to fully fund the movie FABIOLA.

APPEAL: FABIOLA is set apart from other films like it because it tells the story through characters as in depth as those conceived by Austen and Dickens but with as much excitement as seen in modern drama films. It's a study of human nature as well as a history of early Church martyrs and we have put much work into researching the FABIOLA characters.

PREVIOUS WORK: FABIOLA comes from the creators of Outlaws of Ravenhurst and three other films, most recently Pelayo. With this being our 5th project, we really feel like it is time to step it up a notch and pursue full funding. Having a full budget will be a new and exciting adventure for Industrious Family Films!

TALENT: FABIOLA's crew has created several film projects and the cast will be returning talent from past films with the addition of a few new comers. Several of these new-comers have graced the screen in productions from other studios including Versa L'Alto Productions and Stampede Cinema. The whole pilot cast will be comprised of young adults whom we are personally coaching to bring you the best acting possible.

CROWDFUNDING: All of our past films have been dependent on our audience's support. For this pilot, we see some funds coming from our audience but mostly from large donors.

Fabiola Quote

Let's Get The Fabiola Pilot Produced Soon And Sent Off To Angel Studios To Get Funding For The Whole Project

Fabiola Pilot Budget

The movie pilot can be as short as 8 minutes or as long as half an hour. We have prepared a script for a scene and are ready to pour all we have into it.

Sets, costumes, high-quality acting - everything we can do to make it as cinematic as possible has been planned out.

We came up with a budget for this 1 scene that costs as much as the whole Grisly Grisell production!

This kind of budget will give us the room to pull off the quality that we want to demand in the final project.

We Raised $2,745 In Round 1 : January - July 2023
We Raised $4,815 In Round 2 : October - November 2023
We Raised $2,800 In Round 3: February 

$10,360 Total Raised

Funds To Date Have Been Used For The Following: 

  • Purchasing and Shipping Project Proposals To Potential Donors
  • Subscription To A Video Calling Service For Auditions And Practices
  • Purchasing Equipment Needed For The Pilot
  • Purchasing Costumes For The Pilot Scene
  • Building the prison set
  • Purchasing airline tickets for actors to get to set

All The Great Things You're Going To Love Seeing In The Film Fabiola

Fabiola is a mixture of a many beloved films. It is overall heavily influenced by the timeless 1950's film, Ben-Hur.

The drama from PureFlix's Samson
The influence of Paul, Apostle of Christ 
The camaraderie of the Lord of the Rings
The politics of The Fall of the Roman Empire
The sentiment of Gladiator

Fabiola Movie

In this story, martyrs shed their blood for the prosperity of the Church and for the conversion of sinners. Their examples are outstanding and though they do not know it, the conversion of the proud Fabiola will someday be the fruit of their sacrifice.

How Christianity Emerged From The Ashes Of The Fall Of The Roman Empire

St. Agnes plays a very important role in the film. She is Fabiola's cousin and leads her to the Faith gently through her constant example of womanly virtue. She brings Fabiola closer and closer until Fabiola is startled to receive news of her arrest on the charge of Christianity.

She goes to visit Agnes in her cell and it is there that Agnes openly speaks to her for the first time about her Faith. Their conversation closes when Agnes presses Fabiola to continue to study and accept the truths of Christianity. It's the moment Fabiola has been led up to her entire life and it's a perfect way to give a teaser of the film as our Pilot. 

Also in this scene, the audience will see Fulvius, the antagonist who betrayed Agnes when she refused to marry him. Although he harbors no love in his heart for her, Fulvius needs her inheritance to continue to pursue his evil path. But his hopes are dashed when not even imprisonment and the threat of death are enough to shake Agnes' refusal to break her vow of virginity. 

Pay 100 Fabiola black on E1E1E1
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A Little About The Author,
Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Wiseman

Cardinal Wiseman was born in Spain in 1802 to Irish emigrants. After his ordination to the priesthood, he would become the president of the English College in Rome. Cardinal Wiseman also became the first Archbishop of Westminster after the Protestant Revolt.

In 1835, he went to England to deliver a course of lectures in London on the teachings of the Catholic Church. His lectures were attended by Protestants and Catholics alike. Dr. Wiseman made such a deep impression on his non-Catholic hearers that a number of well educated persons whose social position was high were converted to the Faith.

In 1853, Wiseman began to write his most popular book, the historical drama, Fabiola, The Church of the Catacombs. The book was published the following year and its success was immediate and phenomenal. Wiseman wrote Fabiola in part as an answer to the vigorously anti-Catholic book which praised the early pagan era. Fabiola was also intended as a historical and religious aid to Catholics in England.

We feel like the world needs this story for all these reasons still today and that is why we cannot wait to bring this story to life through the modern storytelling medium of film! And with your help, we know we can.

Cardinal Wiseman's  biography taken from The Story Of The Church.

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