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Pelayo Catholic Gifts Collection

Pelayo is more than just a short film. It's more than just a story. It is a celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary's tender and solicitous care for her children.

1. Pelayo Picture Book

Pelayo Catholic Gifts

A picture book is the perfect Pelayo Catholic gifts brought to you by Industrious Family.

Faustina Bowen has retold the story of Pelayo in this beautiful picture book. Children and adults will love the heroic tale of danger, sacrifice, battle and how Our Lady saves the day in this timely yarn!

Enjoy over 12 images adapted from the film in a new light as you flip through the pages. 

In the year 722 A.D. Spain suffered a Muslim conquest. These Moors came from Africa to set up a paradise on earth and the favorable climate of Spain was where they chose to build it. But Pelayo and his small band of 300 men did everything possible to win an impossible victory to save their Christian culture.

  • Author: Faustina Bowen
  • Paperback
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • 28 pages

Share the story of King Pelayo and the miraculous victory at Covadonga with this picture book. Featuring over a dozen full pages of colored images! 

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Pelayo Picture book

Pelayo Book Review

"First of all, the Pelayo book is quite impressive! The artwork is very impressive, too. I know how much work it takes to do artwork for a book and typeset it, so I am truly impressed!"

-Jim from Kansas

2. #CatholicHero Pelayo 15oz Mug

Coffee Mug

Inspiring today’s Catholic hero with gifts from the short film Pelayo. Enjoy this 15 oz #CatholicHero Pelayo mug!

Remember the day that Our Lady saved Spain with a fearless leader and only 300 men against thousands of Moors.

Mug features Pelayo from our own short film and a quote lifted from Fr. Edward Garesché, “You have within you the stuff of heroes.”

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If you follow any of the links on this page, you will be directed to our Industrious Family Film's Merch Peter's Square store. Although you will leave our site, the Pelayo merch is all designed by us and we are the ones making the sale and fulfilling the orders. Happy shopping!

3. #CatholicHero Pelayo T-Shirt

Pelagius of Asturias

Show your Catholic pride with this #CatholicHero Pelayo Tee!

Commemorate our heritage and honor the heroes that have come before us. 

Shirts come in many sizes from small to XL. Available in white or tan. Back features a quote lifted from Fr. Edward Garesché, “You have within you the stuff of heroes.”

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4. HISTORY Double Feature

History Double Feature

In the year 722 A.D. Spain is suffering a Muslim conquest. These Moors come from Africa to set up a paradise on earth and the favorable climate of Spain is where they choose to build it.

But Pelayo and his small band of 300 men will do everything possible to win an impossible victory and save their Christian culture.

The film Max & Carlota is sold as a dual pack with the short film Pelayo. Enjoy these two historical shorts on one DVD with many bonus features. Total run time is approximately 110 minutes.

Included are several speech tracks and music from the movies.

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5. Signed Pelayo Movie Poster

Pelayo movie poster

The Pelayo Catholic gifts collection would not be complete without this fan favorite. You will love this large signed Pelayo movie poster!

This 21 x 28 in Pelayo movie poster is hand signed by film actor Patrick Bowen and director Mary Bowen.

  • 21 x 28 inches
  • Gloss finish
  • Hand signed

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6. #CatholicHero Pelayo Playing Cards

Pelayo Playing Cards

Play your favorite card games with your favorite Catholic heroes! These #CatholicHero Pelayo cards are easy to shuffle and made out of smooth card stock.

  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5"; poker size playing cards.
  • 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers per deck.

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7. Pelayo Soundtrack

Battle music

The Pelayo soundtrack is unique from the other two soundtracks by Music Forge because of its powerfully impactful feel of rising tension beautifully portrayed through strings and battle bugles.

Get the Pelayo soundtrack as a digitally downloaded file from Apple Music.

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8. Santa Maria Keychain

Catholic Keychain

Take Our Lady with you on this Santa Maria keychain! 

  • Dimensions: 2″ diameter
  • Made of ultra-durable acrylic
  • UV resistant and waterproof
  • Designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

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9. Donate

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Donate to Catholic movies by supporting Industrious Family Films.

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Pelayo Merch Now Available! Remember The Great Christian Victory With These Gifts

Pelayo Picture Book

Spain has always been well-known for its deep devotion to Our Lady. It was there that the first Marian apparition took place during Mary's own lifetime. 

Pelayo is a short film that celebrates Mary's tender and solicitous care for her children by telling the true story of the king of Asturias and his stand against the Muslim invasion.

When his motherland was handed over to the enemy, he and 300 men stood up and defeated them with the help of God. This is a timely story that needs to be remembered. Does the fight we face today seem too great to win? 

Pelayo T-Shirt

Tell that to Pelayo.

Let these Pelayo Catholic gifts be small reminders of this battle so that you will never forget that God and Our Lady always help those who call upon them!


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