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Shop Catholic T Shirts To Find Your Next Favorite Wear!

Find the right Catholic t shirts for you with this array of shirts. With our #CatholicHero line, shirts that celebrate Industrious Family Films' movies, and Catholic saint shirts, this lineup will surely answer your needs.

1. "We Are Youth" Catholic T Shirt Remembers The Forgotten Martyrs Of The Vendeé

Sacred Heart T-Shirt

This "We Are Youth" t-shirt features the Sacred Heart badge worn by the valiant Vendeé soldiers during the counter-revolution in France after the outbreak of the French Revolution.

On the back is written the entire rallying speech of General François Charette.

Being army green, this Catholic t shirt is the perfect way to display your Catholic pride during the month of the Sacred Heart in June and all around the year!

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2. Sport This Industrious Family Films T-Shirt To Show Your Support For Quality Wholesome Entertainment

Industrious Ladies tee

Show yourself a true Industrious Family Films fan with this logo t-shirt. 

Back reads:
Outlaws of Ravenhurst – 2018
Max & Carlota – 2020
Grisly Grisell – 2022
Pelayo – 2023

Finishing off with “#RebuildChristianArt” in white print.

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3. Give True Honor To The Polish Warriors Of Vienna With This "Polish Joke"

Polish Joke T-Shirt

Have you ever heard that the Poles are stupid?

This shirt proves that a myth by remembering the amazing victory won by the Poles in the battle of Vienna with their winged Hussars. 

Front pictures one of the Hussars with the words "I've heard my last Polish joke." Back remembers the quote from Father Garesché's, "You have within you the stuff of heroes."

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If you follow any of the links on this page, you will be directed to the Industrious Family Film's Peter's Square store. Although you will leave our site, the gifts at our store are all designed by us and we are the ones making the sale and fulfilling the orders. Happy shopping!

4. Remember An Important Spanish Hero With The Pelayo #CatholicHero T-Shirt

Pelayo T-Shirt

The Pelayo #CatholicHero t-shirt is a perfect was to show your love for the short film on King Pelagius. 

Featuring a drawing of Pelayo on the front and remembering Fr. Edward Garesché's words, "You have within you the stuff of heroes" on the back, this Catholic t shirt is sure to be a conversation starter.

Get ready to share a favorite story with the Pelayo tee.

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5. "I Came. I Saw. God Conquered." Remember This Humble Words Of Victory From The Polish General With This Catholic T Shirt

God Conquered T-Shirt

The legendary words of Julius Caesar were paraphrased by the Polish general Sobieski after the victory at Vienna becoming, "I came. I saw. God conquered."

Remember this great victory September 11th, 1683 with this #CatholicHero t-shirt!

Available in multiple colors.

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6. Marie Antoinette Never Said Anything About Cake. Remind Everyone Around With This Catholic T Shirt

Antoinette Tee

Marie Antoinette is often disparaged as having said, "Let them eat cake" when addressed about the starving situation of her people.

This statement is simply a historic inaccuracy. Remind everyone around you with this #CatholicHero t-shirt.

Featuring the Fr. Edward Garesché's quote, "You have within you the stuff of heroes" across the back.

Also available in other colors.

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7. Show Your Pride In Supporting Wholesome Entertainment With This Industrious Family Films T-Shirt

Industrious Family Films Long Sleeve

Show your support for Catholic entertainment with this Industrious Family Films shirt.

This Catholic t shirt front displays the logo and back has a list of Industrious Family Films movies along with their release dates: 

Outlaws of Ravenhurst – 2018
Max & Carlota – 2020
Grisly Grisell – 2022
Pelayo – 2023

Finishing off with “#RebuildChristianArt” in white print.

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8. Display Your Faith In The Great Archangel With This St. Michael's Catholic T Shirt

St. Michael Prayer Shirt

Believe in real heroes with this St. Michael t-shirt. Front features a picture of St. Michael conquering the devil.

On the back is written the St. Michael prayer:

"St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and the snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen."

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9. Give Honor To The Great Spanish Queen With This Queen Isabella Of Spain T-Shirt

Isabella Tee Girls

Girls will love this soft pink shirt featuring a true Catholic hero, Queen Isabella of Spain.

Although often torn down for the Inquisition, Queen Isabella of Spain was the only crown-head of Europe who would listen to Columbus' wild dreams and fund his expedition.

She's the reason we have an America!

Short sleeved and comes in youth sizes. Back is blank.

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