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Breathing Life Into Good Stories So That Our Children Gain Confidence By Relating To The Past

Good stories inspire something in people. Stories have the power to make generation after generation of strong nations. Rome didn’t fall until they began to forget where they came from.

Stories connect us to our past and give us hope for the future.

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In the 1959 film Alexander the Great, the great Macedonian warrior asks, “When Achilles got to Troy, he found Hector and killed him. I wonder who my Hector will be?” Although a bit morbid, heroes inspire heroes

Knowing the popular stories connects us to those around us. We refer to secluded places where peace reigns and seems untouched by the troubles of the rest of the world “the Shire”.

When things rhyme and sound rather silly, we call them Suessisms. When we are waiting for things to happen to us sometimes we are told, “If you build it, they will come.” But what would these phrases mean if we didn’t know the stories that they came from? 

In Charlotte’s Web, Fern’s mom comments on how the words in the web is being referred to as a “miracle”. The doctor she is speaking to argues that a spider web in and of itself is a miracle, in response to which Fern’s mother says that she can crochet a doily and no one ever calls it miraculous. The doctor responds this, “But somebody taught you…who taught a spider? A young spider knows how to spin a web without any instructions from anybody.”

Young Adult Time Travel Books

Although it’s not the point of the conversation, I would like to point out that this is a very solid truth: animals act only on instinct. Humans are the only creatures that can teach and pass down skills and stories to their young.

Although an animal can learn things for itself, such as eating certain insects make them sick and things like that, they can’t communicate and teach the animals around themselves what they’ve learned.

This is something that is unique to humans

There are thousands of good stories that influence our thinking. In reverse, bad stories also affect viewers and listeners. That being said, it is important to know what stories are beneficial and what stories are helpful to us.

Learn more about how Industrious Family Films is making an effort to tell good stories here on our about us page.

Please enjoy learning about some of our favorite stories here on this page:

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2. Tell Good Stories By Period With These Inspiring Stories And Ideas

We all get into those sprees. You know what I'm talking about: when you are suddenly obsessed with a period and need to immerse yourself as much as possible. Below are some of our favorite books, stories and even movies about different historical times and figures:

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3. Of Course The Good Stories Told Through The Lives Of The Saints Are Always Worth Telling

4. Telling The Good Stories About Our Heroes Is The Best Thing We Can Do To Uphold Our Culture

Our most favorite stories are those of heroes. As you can see from the list below, we have already made several films from our favorite stories.

View the trailers and sneak peeks of our films here.

If you would like to contribute to our films, we would greatly appreciate your help in telling these good stories!

Of course, you can also follow us on our various social media accounts, too, if you would like to get updates on our current projects. 

Regardless, please enjoy these stories below which are our favorite good stories!


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