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Pinterest has become one of our main inspirations for sets and costumes. (We were happy to hear the art director for The Chosen say the same thing!)

All of our movie titles have their own board where you can see where some of the art department gathered creativity. But we don't only have movie related boards! We have saved pins too that cover all the things that we are interested in. You can find movie themed party ideas, craft projects, hair styles and dos, Catholic coloring pages, yurt living and lifestyle.

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Plus, we started our own filmmaking group where you can join us and tell us all about your own projects!

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Zazzle is currently our online store where we promote #RebuildChristianArt products. Check out our store and follow us on Zazzle so you can be notified when new products are added. In our collection of products we have hoodies, playing cards, tote bags and more!

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Gab Pro offers a product store and a parallel video platform to YouTube which we may move over to down the road.

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Our instagram account features poise, glamour, and fashion in the Christian movie maker’s world.

We strive to bring class and modesty to the big screen through our costumes, premieres, festivals and even shoot days! Perfect for the modest fashion enthusiast!

See posts on:

  • Movie Fashion
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  • And So Much More!

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