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Max & Carlota

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    Maximilian (Michael Bowen) von Hapsburg's idealistic world sees its dawn when he is asked by France to establish a monarchy in Mexico. His wife, Carlota (Faustina Bowen) encourages him to take the throne and free Mexico from both debt and tyranny. After support from France is withdrawn and the president is on the rise, Max and Carlota must fight separate battles to save their adopted country. After pouring out the last of their strengths, the forgotten hero and heroine fall to their complete destruction only to be brought back to life by Anne Carroll and San Genesio Entertainment.

    Ambition did not bring me here. I came with the best of intentions for my future country.


    Max & Carlota 

    Copies of Max & Carlota are 12.95 + 2.80 for shipping, and are available now!

    This short film is written, directed and performed by Catholic children for Catholic children and those who are children at heart. Introducing Michael Bowen as Emperor Maximilian, Faustina Bowen as Empress Carlota and supported by a cast of young actors, this movie is full of battle, bravery and sacrifice.

    Max & Carlota is based on the true story about the establishment of the Second Mexican Empire in 1864, it is a tale torn between loyalty and betrayal, brotherly love and hate, Catholic monarchy and Liberal democracy.

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