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Fun Family Party Themes 

Parties. Who doesn't like parties? Some of my most memorable fun family party themes are Christmas parties, premieres, birthday parties, that one graduation party that my aunt threw was pretty memorable too. Parties are wonderful opportunities to connect with people, and sometimes you don't eve need an occasion to have a party! Garden party picnics and sport parties don't need to wait for birthday to come around.

And of course, the Church gives us many reasons to celebrate all year long. Epiphany parties, St. Joseph parties, St. John's Day parties are only a few of the wonderful events that give us a reason to invite friends over for an enjoyable evening.

Here are a few of the best party themes out there to get your creative juices flowing! Cohesiveness will take these fun family party themes to the next level. When it comes to parties, a little planning goes a long way. This list of fun family party themes is broken up into four categories: birthday parties, holiday and feast days, parties that focus on crafts, and finally parties that focus on food. Happy planning!

Themes For Kids Of All Ages -  Birthday Parties And More

Every girl loves a tea party! What makes a tea party one step better? Throw a Jane Austen tea party! Get dressed up as well known characters from the novel's and have fun with these ideas for food, activities and decorating. Remember, the ballroom dancing is not as fun without the boys.

Or...jump aboard a pirate ship and head for treasure and the Seven Seas! Maybe you should toss the bi-corn in exchange for a cowboy hat? Or wade through the jungle? What ever the theme, you can learn more about all the fun family party themes by further reading into the guides below.

  • Peter Rabbit Party - Around our house, Peter Rabbit and the first years of life just go together. That's why a Peter Rabbit Party made it to our site. Celebrate not only with decorations, but also find appropriate food and fun for this party theme.
  • VeggieTale Party - A Veggietale birthday party can be much more memorable than any other birthday party. Follow this complete guide as it covers food, decorating, and activity ideas.
tea party
Pirate Birthday Party
Peter Rabbit Party

Party Themes For Grownups

  • Beer Theme Party - Throw a beer theme party! Finally a unique party just for you and your adult friends, enjoying something everyone likes: beer! 
  • Coffee - Celebrate with a another beloved drink: coffee! With these recipes and decorating ideas, you are sure to create the perfect coffee party.

Parties For Large Groups

The more the merrier! Have a guest list that is about 20 - 50 members? 

  • Highland Games - This is a fun and action packed event! Incorporate some athletic competitions, an exhibition of the performing arts, and a Celtic inspired dinner and you have a party your guests will ask you to turn into an annual event!
  • Pool Party - Another fun birthday party idea is a pool party! This party is fun especially for families and when inviting groups with children of multiple ages. 
  • Scottish Dinner Party - Host an Americanized version of a Burns night with these family Scottish party ideas for the menu as well as Scottish dinner party entertainment, a unique idea for an adult birthday party.
  • Luau Party - Want to throw a luau birthday party, but don't know exactly how to go about it? Read this page to find out what sort of foods to serve, decorations to use, and fun to have!
  • Burns Supper-Celebrate the Bard of Scotland with Celtic poems, songs and dances. Plus, enjoy "neeps and 'taties" and other Scottish fare at your Burns Supper.
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party Theme - "We're all mad here"...a Mad Hatters tea party theme will get all your guests to join in the fun of being mad. With costumes, a themed tea, and royal croquet court, enjoy a "very merry birthday to you!"
  • Online Party - Host an online party with ease and confidence with these games and tips on how to keep your party moving and fun.
Coffee Theme Party
Pool Party
a mad hatters tea party theme blog image

Teenage Party Themes - Do you want a great party for your event but aren't sure what to choose out of all the teenage party themes? Look no further. Here is a page that will present you with many party themes to make it easy for you to find the perfect party theme.

Outdoor Party Themes - For summer occasions, outdoor party themes are in order. Here is a collection of party themes that are great for the outdoors!

Luau Birthday Party
Garden Theme Party
Horseback Riding Party

Fun Family Party Themes Throughout The Year

As Catholics, there is a reason to celebrate every month!

A Word On Prepping For Your Fun Family Party

The first step of planning a party is choosing the right type of fun family party you want for the occasion. After you've chosen the best party type, write down the things you want to do at the party. You can tweak this agenda later.

Finally, your party needs to have a loose or tight timeline depending on the amount of items in your agenda. Sketch out a timeline that will serve as your guide.

Parties are always more fun when the hosts are organized.

Remember to write down the things you want to get accomplished and write a timeline that you will follow during your party. 

We hope you enjoyed this fun family party themes list. Now get a party on the calendar today! There are so many fun family party themes!

teenage party themes blog image
Outdoor Party Themes
Arabian Party Theme

Girl Parties

princess tea party blog image
Jane Austen Birthday

Boy Parties

hunting party theme blog image
Jungle Theme Party
Western Theme Backyard Party
Circus Theme Party
Host an Online Party
Beer Theme Party
all hallows eve party
Little Flower Birthday

Kid's Parties

Peter Rabbit Party
Veggietale birthday party theme blog image


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