Arrr, Matey, No Quarter! All Aboard For A Pirate Birthday Party

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Yarr! Throw a pirate birthday party for the pirate fan in yer home. He’ll never forget it!

Bake a pirate ship cake with pretzel sticks as the ship's railing. Provide Goldfish crackers as snacks. Go on a treasure hunt. These ideas and more are explored below...

Shiver Me Timbers! What's On The Menu? - Pirate Party Foods

A pirate ship cake, or a cake decorated as a pirate. Or both is an obvious must.

You could serve any light snacks you wish - only remember you do not need to serve food at every party. To keep it light, provide some golden coin chocolates and mixed nuts.

Other simple snack ideas include:

  • Pretzel sticks "peg legs"
  • Whoppers "cannon balls"
  • Gold fish crackers

If you are serving a meal, a square pizza decorated like a treasure map is a fun way to keep with the theme. Serving a pirate ship made from watermelon complete with paper sails and filled with fruit complements the pizza well.

Children will also enjoy root beer served in bottles. It's not rum, but the glass bottles are festive.

Hoist The Jolly Roger! It's Time To Decorate - Pirate Birthday Party Feel

 Yarr! Sure to please decorations include:

  • Eye patches
  • Pirate hats
  • Jolly Roger flags

Have red, black, and white as your main decorating colors. Purchase some balloons and streamers.

A fishnet spread haphazardly over a table cloth sets the stage for a sea worthy display. Don't forget a treasure chest filled with party favors.

Arrr! Let's Have Some Fun - Pirate Birthday Party Activities

No party is complete without some fun activities. A pinata and a metal detector treasure hunt are fun at pirate birthday parties.


You're going to need a red or black bandanna to use as a blindfold and a "sword" to hit the pinata.

Some methods for yer pinata are:

  • Blindfold the swinger, no spinning. A good idea for ages 3-5
  • Blindfold the swinger, one spin for each year of their lives perfect for a variety of ages.
  • Blindfold the swinger, 3 twists no matter how old. A great idea when children are approximately the same ages.
  • No blind fold, no twists. Someone pulls a rope to make swinging a little more difficult depending on the age or how long you want to drag it out. A good idea for children younger than three.

Once you’ve decided which method you will use you can pick up your "cutlasses" and take a swing.

Treasure Hunt

Another piraty game is a treasure hunt. All you need is:

  • A metal detector,
  • A few coins,
  • A dirt mound, and
  • A few half dollar chocolates, (fun, but optional)

To prepare the treasure hunt follow these 2 easy steps:

  1. Bury the chocolates and coins in the dirt mound (it's a good idea to put the chocolates in zip lock bags)
  2. With your guests, use the metal detector to find the hidden treasure.
Hidden Treasure
Treasure Detecting
Pirate Flags In Plant
Limmey and Crackers

Yo-ho-ho! Thanks for reading this here page on the arrr-some theme of pirates. Blimey! I hope t'is the theme for yer lucky little pirate fan's next birthday.

-Teen A

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