A Luau Birthday Party Is Perfect For A Summer Birthday Bash

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One great theme for a summer birthday is a luau birthday party! Almost everyone wants to dress in grass skirts, leis and coconut bras at least once!

So read on and find out what kinds of foods to serve, decorations to use, and fun to have at your luau party!

Luau Birthday Party Foods

Traditionally pork is served. The pork is usually kālua, which means "to cook in an underground oven".

Another traditional plate for luau parties is chicken (which is great because chicken is so easy to go out and grab before the party!)

Coconut milk is one more long-established Hawaiian food. This is a beverage which I would put in a pitcher and set a stack of cups next to.

Hawaiian Pizza is a good idea if you don't want to go all out and cook a pig in an underground oven or buy a bunch of coconut milk that you are not sure everyone is going to drink.

Luau Party Feeling

For a luau birthday party what else would the guests wear but grass skirts, tropical shirts, leis, and coconut bras?

You should ask in your invitation for the guests to wear these items. The dress of you and your guests are a big part to the decorations.

Your decorating colors should be greens, pinks, yellows, reds, and oranges, maybe even light purples or light blues.

Leis stringed together and hung as a bunting is a great idea and will add a very Hawaiian feel. You could even try to make your own leis using string and tissue paper!

Set up a cooler filled with leis. Make a sign that says, "Grab a lei!" or "Don't forget your lei!"

You can buy a pack of leis at the Oriental Trading Company. They also sell grass skirts and other decorations for your luau.

Luau Birthday Party Fun

Like all luau parties, yours is not going to be complete without a limbo game. Everyone likes limbo.

Another game to play is a sack race. At a luau party the name is changed to a "Aloha Hop". This makes it fun and Hawaiian!

One more game is pin the coconut to the tree a spin on pin the tail on the donkey. Kids love this game.

The coconut tree adds to your over all decorating theme, too. Find the easiest way of making one using the directions below.

Coconut bowling is another great game for a luau. Use disposable water bottles as the pins and a coconut as the ball and your all set!

A pineapple pinata is a great idea. Use a bamboo-looking stick as your bat and the Hawaiian feel will be established for this game.

Setting Up Pin The Coconut To The Tree

Setting up this game is easy.

Just print out as many coconut pictures as you have guests, cut them out, and put adhesive backs on them.

This way, when your guests try this game all they need to do is peel the paper off and they're ready to go.

Next, print out a coconut tree. Since you want the tree to be pretty big, make about 6 separate pieces and tape them together.

Pin the tree to a board, lean it against something in the area your party.

Thank you so much for reading this luau birthday party page! This would be a great theme for any summer birthday!

What I think makes it so great is that it is not too girly to make boys not want it to be their theme, nor vice versa! I hope you have fun at your luau!

-Teen A

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