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Outdoor Party Themes: Great Ways To Celebrate The Summer Months!

Outdoor party themes are one of the best kinds of parties. Throwing a party out of doors allows for loud fun as well as fresh air. Some of these parties can revolve around the pool or be more focused on games that are only possible in the great outdoors.

Summer birthdays are, of course, perfect occasions for celebrating with outdoor party themes. Below are some of our favorite outdoor party themes.

There are even some parties that can be thrown just for fun or to celebrate the summer holidays!

Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme 

"We're all mad here"...a Mad Hatters tea party theme will get all your guests to join in the fun of being mad. With costumes, a themed tea, and royal croquet court, enjoy a "very merry birthday to you!"

Luau Birthday Party

Celebrate with a tropical Hawaiian feel through a luau birthday party! This is a great party to host around the pool.

Get out your leis and get ready to try your hand at hula dancing! Discover the best foods to serve, decorations to use, and games to play.

Western Theme Backyard Party

Saddle up and head to the West for a western theme backyard party! From a BB gun range to a cactus toss, at this party you can try some western games and serve up cowboy chow and dessert! Here is a guid complete with an itinerary, food, feeling, and fun!

Highland Games Party

Take your celebration to the Highlands of Scotland and celebrate with a highland games party! Include the Scottish games of the caber toss, the hammer throw, the weight toss and more.

This party includes authentic Scottish food as well as Braveheart face painting! Ideas for throwing a highland games party event with a sample invitation, itinerary, food suggestions, decorating tips plus a list of competitions for your backyard highland games.

Garden Theme Party

A garden theme party is a great way to celebrate the end of the summer. At this party, you and your friends can share the talents of your summer projects with a pie and bouquet contest!

Play some old fashioned games including a sack race and a three-legged race. With an itinerary, menu, shopping list, as well as the food, feeling and fun for your party, here is your guide for throwing a great garden theme party!

Outdoor party themes are a really great way to celebrate all of your summer occasions. Sometimes it can be very hard to decide on a theme. Hopefully, these pages will help you to decide just what feel your party will take on.

Faustina Bowen is a founding member of She is the second of ten children. This homeschool graduate likes writing scripts for movies, helping mothers with their babies and learning new instruments. She contributes to society at large by making wholesome movies and writing amazing articles and entertainment reviews.


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