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Hello and welcome to San Genesio Entertainment! What are we all about? San Genesio Entertainment wants to populate the film making industry with wholesome, godly, Catholic movies. It all began with the firm belief that all art should give glory to God. Why movies? Movies are powerful because most of the senses are involved. They have a profound effect on us, be it for good or bad. Because of this effect all our productions stress virtue and demonstrate holiness. 

St. Genesius, our patron, was an actor in early Rome. He performed plays for Diocletion. One day he presented the true religion in a play performed for the emperor and was martyred for the Faith. Following the footsteps of our patron, we will present the Faith in movies to a post Christian society.

One more neat thing? This movie studio is directed, produced, casted and performed by Catholic homeschoolers!

Budgets For Catholic Movies - Can You Help?

Most major motion pictures have multi million dollar budgets. As we wrote our first proposal we realized how quickly a budget can get into the thousands of dollars. Costumes, props, and distributing- not to mention feeding and housing a cast, all cost money. In the industry, an ultra low budget film is any film under $300,000. All this said, we need a little help. You can help by donating. Click here to learn how to donate online...

"Direct O Lord we ask thee all our actions by Thy holy inspiration and carry them on by Thy assistance that every prayer, every work may begin always from Thee and through Thee be brought to completion through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen."

Current Project: Outlaws Of Ravenhurst

George Abell is happily living a farmer boy life in colonial America. What came next he could never have imagined. When his foreign uncle claims him and takes him to Scotland to be the Earl of Ravenhurst--the mush longed for Protestant Earl of Ravenhurst. Matters get desperate when Sir Roger and his sly comrade, Godfrey, cannot bend the new Gordon's will.

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We need you! Not only to help us finance our films but also for input, tips and encouragement as we produce our Catholic movies. This is a very exciting time for us all and we are eager to chat with you. We want to talk about:

  • What we are up to
  • What our dreams are
  • How we plan on executing our goals

You name it, we want to tell you what we are all about. So drop us a line by using our contact us page today!

Keep In Touch

We will be blogging our journey here on We feel this is a team effort. We need your prayers and your support. To keep you in the loop we promise to keep you up to date as we work on our films. Read our San Genesio blog to hear about our current movie project.

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