What Is Heroism? James Fitzhenry Answers This Question Perfectly Well In His New Book Pelayo King of Asturias

What is heroism

In the book, Pelayo King of Asturias, author James Fitzhenry proves marvelously well that Pelayo's story is the answer to anyone who asks, "What is heroism?"

His story is not the story of one man in one time period, but the story of Spain and of all Catholic people throughout all ages.

This book, published in 2023 by Catholic Vitality Publications shows that there’s no such thing as the “wrong person in the wrong time”.

You are always right where God wants you when He wants you there. Heroes are not people of the past, they are ever present, whether they are recognized in their own time or a future time.

This historic biography takes place in the Asturias Mountains in the year 722. The book opens telling of how Spain fell from a stable government to the chaos that enabled the Muslim invasion, including the banishment of Pelayo to his homeland where he hides out in preparation for the Muslim take over. 

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Who Was Pelagius Of Asturias? A Catholic And A Gothic Warrior With The Blood Of Kings

Pelayo The Movie

The story focuses on Pelayo and his struggles to hold his homeland against the Muslim aggressors.

Although his king is betrayed and the Moors are able to seemingly take Spain completely over, Pelayo never gives up hope of freeing his homeland’s soul from Islam.

His stand marks the beginning of the 800 year Reconquista of the most Catholic nation in Europe.

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What Were The Outstanding Characteristics Of A Visigothic Warrior? Author James Fitzhenry Provides The Answer

This account of Pelayo tells of the spirit of the Visigoths embodied in Pelayo. It tells of the Gothic warrior and the spirit of the Asturias. It is notable that the Romans could never fully conquer the inhabitants of this mountain range and it was the last stronghold in Spain against Napoleon’s army years after Pelayo’s stand.

Fitzhenry explains “(Visigothic) warriors were feared and renowned as skillful foemen, accomplishing prodigies of valor…When stating that Pelayo was a Visigoth, then it should be understood that in his veins flowed the blood of his barbarian ancestors, and also that he belonged to a society that honored and respected its warriors. The Visigoths were a clan-based warrior culture in which a young man had an obligation and moral duty to become a warrior, to study warfare and the profession of arms as a vocation. (Page 4)”

Christianity was the binding force that forged Spain into a united nation. This was the history of Pelayo’s race. Needless to say, he was a unique mixture of a strong and warlike man and a deeply religious spirit.

Spain was his land, Catholicism was his religion. When a foreign hand reached to take away both of these realities, Pelayo gave them a smack on the wrist that never has stopped smarting. 

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Pelayo King Of Asturias Shows Readers What A True Catholic Hero Looks Like. An Absolute Must-Read For Those Who Are Wondering "What Is Heroism?"

Pelagius of Asturias

Although this book recounts all of Pelayo’s life, its real focus is the battle of Covadogna, the battle where the entire history of Spain hangs in the balance. Pelayo has retreated to his home in the Asturias Mountains where he awaits the advances of the enemy on his country, his God, and his religion.

Three hundred Christian soldiers face off against thousands of Muslim invaders. The outcome is miraculous with an apparition of Mary encouraging the Visigoth warriors to fight for the truth. 

This book was very well written, easy to follow and life like. It was told in a story format with conversations and situations told in an interesting way that keeps the reader engaged. This is a story worth telling.

Pelayo was holding on to a past that he knew was good and right. He held onto it with tenacious memory, something we as Christians need to do in our world now.

Pelayo fought against a global power that sought to overrun the world. He didn’t give in but kept fighting, showing what is heroism for his own and all future generations. Sound familiar?

A similar fight is now raging in our world today. Let us stand, like King Pelayo did in the eighth century, against the evil that is seizing our world here in the twenty-first century.

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