Create Family Fun! Invest In Time Spent With Your Children

Aren't the fondest memories of your childhood family fun memories? Just think of Christmas. Do you remember every toy you ever received or do you remember the joy and excitement of waking up to presents under the tree?

The traditions observed and the fun created by our parents is what we remember most of our childhoods. 

Create these memories for your own children. If you make family time a prioritiy you and your children will reap huge rewards. We are here to serve as your go-to family fun guide:

Explore family fun ideas and activities throughout the year in these areas:

  • Fun family party themes - Plan the perfect party. Fun family party themes take parties to the next level by integrating a unified tone.
  • Living the GAPS lifestyle in a large family - Get going and keep going with these words of encouragement and GAPS tips. We are in it for the long haul and want to help your family too.
  • Books for the whole family - This list of books for the whole family is comprised of over 20 books you'll love. They'll make you laugh and cry. They'll inspire you. And you'll simply have to read them aloud!
  • Celebrating with the Church calendar - Seasons and holidays are part and parcel to family life. Don't miss an opportunity to celebrate throughout the Church year deepening family bonds and handing down traditions with this year round guide.
  • Fiber Arts - Learning fiber art handicrafts is a skill the entire family can enjoy and take pride in. Caring for wool producing animals, spinning wool, and crocheting are all part of this hobby.

Hi. Welcome to our website. My daughters and I started this family fun website because we wanted to share with others the things we enjoy. We are a large traditional Catholic homeschool family. We love celebrating feast days, birthdays and holidays.

Besides building this site, we spend our time homeschooling

Right now we are focused on:

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The Daffodil: Industry's Flower

"Scarcely has the winter’s snow disappeared from the sunny fields at the approach of spring when a charming gold-colored flower makes its appearance...the daffodil.

I have chosen it from among its brethren and sisters, the fair children of spring, and I have called it industry’s flower because it hastens to blossom as soon as possible."

-Fr. Lasance The Catholic Girl's Guide

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