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Helping you enjoy the ultimate in family fun with zero worries is our specialty. Industrious Family Films tells good stories that are always entertaining and never preachy - reclaiming the art of filmmaking one wholesome movie at a time.

Family Fun Movies

Meet Mary Bowen, our director and Faustina Bowen, our 1st assistant director and script writer. This sister team is the creative talent behind our two feature length films: Outlaws of Ravenhurst and Grisly Grisell.

These young ladies are dedicated to bringing you quality entertainment without any questionable material. Just good, clean family fun.

Telling Good Stories Is What We Do!

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Outlaws of Ravenhurst movie poster

Many moms and dads would define family fun as the opportunity to pop some popcorn, gather in the living room, and turn on positive entertainment that is engaging and contains nothing objectionable.

Our DVD copies are perfect for these fun movie nights where you can sit back, relax and enjoy morally good entertainment.

Physical copies of Industrious Family Films movies are available for purchase in our Catholic Movie Store.

Outlaws of Ravenhurst is based on the beloved novel by Sr. M. Imelda Wallace. Grisly Grisell is inspired by A Tale of The Wars of The Roses by Charlotte Yonge, one of our favorite authors of books for tween girls

Reminding Us Of Our Past And Encouraging Us To Hope In The Future, Come What May, Outlaws Of Ravenhurst Is The Full Length Movie That Shows The Courage Of A 10 Year Old Boy During The Bloody Protestant Revolt In Scotland.

Teaching Us That Beauty Indeed Is More Than Skin Deep, Grisly Grisell Is A Full Length Tale Highlighting That Nothing Is More Attractive Than A Virtuous Soul

History Double Feature Pelayo & Max and Carlota

Other films produced by the team include the 20 minute short Max & Carlota which tells the story of the tragic end of Maximillian von Hapsburg and the 2nd Mexican Empire, and Pelayo an 8 minute short about the valiant battle fought between the Moors and Visigoths when Pelagius of Asturias defended Christendom against great odds.

Experience the tragedy of the second Mexican empire through the short film Max and Carlota

Pelayo is a short film on the hero of the Asturias Mountains, of Spain and of all Christendom

We also have soundtracks and singles for saleEnd credits and closing songs have long been popular with audiences and we are excited to be able to provide our movie music!

What Families Like Yours Are Saying Today About Our Wholesome Movies And The Family Fun Being Had On Movie Night

"I was SO VERY impressed with your latest production: Pelayo.

I have been watching your progress and am quite stunned with the astounding improvement covered in each area--screenplay, story line, acting, audio etc...Keep up the amazing work!"

-Elizabeth V., Missouri

My grandchildren were riveted watching Outlaws Of Ravenhurst...I think what appeals to them is the holy themes and knowing that real children were acting. They could appreciate the filmmaking and really entered into the movie. I haven't seen them do this with flashy, modern movies.

-Stacy P., Arizona

My young family and myself all very much enjoyed Grisly Grisell.

The plot themes of steadfast love, true beauty of the heart, and the motivations of sinister characters brought out a deep inquisitiveness in my children. So pleased to enjoy a wholesome story!

-Kathleen M., Idaho

The best part for me as a dad is the message and in particular how hard my son was hit by the importance, the greatness of the Eucharist, and how precious is the Blood of the King of Kings. He was very impressed by the scene where It spilled, and watched literally wide-eyed and open mouthed as the kids discussed how to save It without touching It. He kept talking about this scene from Outlaws of Ravenhurst for two days!

-Diego, Mexico

Very good job with casting, costumes, and sets. Fabulous job scripting Grisly Grisell...The language is surprisingly mature and thought provoking. Very good sense for editing...the movie flows very well.

-Michael, Idaho

We watched Max & Carlota yesterday and we were really impressed by the quality of what you achieved! The clothes, the props - Wow!

We are for sure your newest fans! 

-Diego, Mexico

The Outlaws of Ravenhurst story is quite thrilling. did an excellent job of setting the scene, introducing the characters, telling the story, and building the excitement.

-Mary F., Kansas

Fabiola Is A Timely Tale Of The Church Of The Catacombs That We Are Oh So Eager To Film

Fabiola Mini-series

Our next project is the mini-series Fabiola based on the novel by Patrick Cardinal Wiseman-who says it best, "may the Church, in her days of peace and of victories, never forget what she owes to the age of her martyrs...we are indebted to it."

We will not forget and will do our part to bring this touching story to life in this 7 part mini-series.

Join The Adventure Of This Timely Tale Of The Catacombs As It Comes To Life On Screen

Why Making Good Films And Telling Enduring Stories Is An Important Element Of Reclaiming Christian Art

Not long ago, Archbishop Viganó called on Catholics to reclaim and rebuild Christian art, something that has been mostly stolen and destroyed. 

The “New Evangelization” is nothing new but actually Catholic Action. Popes all throughout the ages have called on Catholics to practice Catholic Action. We are fulfilling that call by making wholesome entertainment in the moviemaking industry. It's the same effort, we're just using new means.

Good stories allow you to enjoy true family fun while eliminating all the fuss that comes with sanitizing Hollywood productions by watching our always captivating, never preachy movies. The inspiration for these films springs from our deeply rooted Catholic values and beliefs.

Good stories from history come alive in our movies. Children love learning from these heroes of our past.

Why we are breathing life into good stories so that our children gain confidence by relating to the past.

We're not the only ones creating positive entertainment.

We love movies and want to let you know what other movies we recommend watching. Our family movie guide provides reviews for dozens of good movies for movie night. We also have scoured the internet to bring you independent films produced by other Christian movie makers.

How You Can Make A Movie That's Appeasing Not Only To The Eye But Also The Soul

Family FunThe Bowen children all participate in movie making.

Of course many young people in our audience want to make movies of their own. Our movie production guide teaches you how to make a movie.

This guide takes you step by step through pre-production, production and post production so you and your children can start your own movie project taking family fun to the next level.

Learn how to write a setting that works, how to lift content from books legally, create a project budget, tackle stage fright, and even how to apply a natural makeup look for stage and screen. Once post-production is complete, celebrate your project by throwing an Old-Hollywood-inspired premiere party!

Keep in mind that your first movies do not need to be full length with all the exciting costumes and sets. Start small.

Our first few films were all short films. In addition to our kids' historical shorts, you can watch our shorts about the life of a saint for inspiration on the how simple your first films can be. We are currently expanding a section on comedy where you can view our comedy shorts as well as learn a little grammar.

Our Film Festivals will provide an opportunity for you to submit your films, get a constructive critique on your films, and attend filmmaking workshops! 

Attend the first annual Industrious Family Film Festival this May!

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