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Jun 14, 2024

Collaborator Spotlight - Introducing Our Friend And Art Designer: Ronald From Saints Alive Art Studio

Hi, it's Mary. This week we are spotlighting our friend, Ron from Saints Alive Art Studio. Ron first reached out to us many years ago when he asked permission to digitally remaster a picture of me dressed up as St. Mary Magdeline for All Saint's Day. Ron has over 1000 images of saints and Catholic heroes. Once purchased you can use the picture for any purpose. We feature many pieces of his work on our article and on merch! You can check out his online Etsy store here.

Jun 13, 2024

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Jun 13, 2024

Get The Inside Scoop On All The Happenings At The Studio By Signing Up For Our Weekly Newsletter

Right now our team is working on filming the FABIOLA Pilot. Soon, we will be releasing updates and behind the scenes photos. Sign up for the newsletter to get a special view of this content straight to your inbox!

The issues of the Journal also include release announcements, new articles, and new products in our shop.

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Jun 13, 2024

Learning To Ask For Contributions Other Than Money Hit A Win This Week!

I just recently read that even with a million dollar budget, we still need to ask for donations of time and things we need to secure. Kathleen here again today and I wanted to let you know that we are doing our best to use money wisely and as the days have gotten closer to the filming week funds are getting tighter and tighter.

It's not easy to ask for things for free or for discounts, but we entered the rental place determined to rent tables and chairs for under $50. We told the lady at the front desk that we were moviemakers and that we needed to rent some tables and chairs for the actor's lounge but that all that was left in the budget was $50. We ran the calculator many times and decided all we could afford was 7 chairs. Then looked at her and sighed.

She went to the back to talk to her manager. She explained that we were filming a scene for a movie and that we were out of funds. He came out and said to take two tables that belong to him out of the back of his pickup and that he was a member of the Eagles and he'd donate the chairs.

We were so happy. We ended up with two nice tables and 15 chairs for a token donation of $20 to the Eagles. We don't usually support the Eagles but in this case it is a business transaction. As time goes on, we'll continue to foster these relationships with our small town so they too can feel like they are part of making a movie. Win-win!

Jun 12, 2024

Recording And Editing Local Plays As A Film Company Has Helped Us Boost Our Business

Hello, Faustina Bowen here today.

Over the past few years we've offered a recording service to a local Catholic school for their plays. Just this last year, we were also asked by our local homeschool group to also record their play.

This is a great way for us to make a little extra money to keep our business running smoothly and it helps the schools to get the video edited and safe on a DVD (because that's something we're good at!)

It seems as though parents often record the play, but it really takes away from the experience of watching a kid perform and then the video file is just saved on a phone and nothing really ever comes of it.

When we record plays, we charge for the recording, editing and distributing - the whole shebang. Sometimes our clients want DVDs, sometimes we upload a file onto YouTube for the parents to have. Hiring us makes it so that they can be confident that the video will not only be recorded, but also delivered in some form that is easy to access and watch.

Renting out our talents is something that I would say is definitely working, and it is very lucrative because all that we are charging for is our time and talent with very little supply costs.

Plus, it's great advertising to have the people in the community seeing us and asking about what we do!

Jun 11, 2024

While Lighting We Discovered A Small Issue With Running Two Cameras While Filming In A Tight Space

Hello! It's Mary again. Recently we purchased two cameras so that we can capture two people acting with each other. We were really excited to use this in the FABIOLA Pilot.

After we set up the lights which are on Faustina in the above picture, we set up the other character's lighting, the one on me. Of course, something we did not foresee, the second set of lights threw off the color on the first actor.

We realized that we were going to have to film each person one at a time like we have in our past productions. It is good that we set up lights before filming and realized this! We are going to have the other camera running anyway so that the people in the actors' lounge can enjoy both character's acting.

Another thing that we learned in this process is that the monitor that we picked up at the dumpsters was there for a reason. Its screen is extremely dark so we cannot see the real colors that the camera is picking up. We will use the better monitor to show what the main camera is recording and the other monitor will show what the secondary "for fun" camera is recording.

Jun 10, 2024

It's Finally Here! The FABIOLA Pilot Filming Week Is About To Begin!

Hello! Well we've made it to the big week: Filming week. Kathleen here to tell you about all the work we've been doing on set in preparation for filming.

We have story boarded and acted out the scene making sure the camera angles are perfect all in an effort to make sure we get the very best shots and are able to tell the story that needs to be told.

My goal is to make sure you can see the hopeful anticipation of St. Agnes as she eagerly awaits her martyrdom, the anguish of Fabiola as she realized that Agnes' fate is sealed, and the anger in Fulvius when he is forced to accept that he will never see a penny of either wealthy heiress' fortune.

Soon you will be able to let me know how we did!

Jun 07, 2024

Pack Your Love For The Sacred Heart Of Jesus On The Go With This Sacred Heart Keychain!

NEW ITEM! This Sacred Heart keychain is the perfect way to display your love of the Sacred Heart everywhere you go! Front features the Vendee badge with the words "Behold This Heart Which Has So Loved Men".

See more photos and purchase here!

Jun 07, 2024

Sam Nicholes & Mrs. Laura Ruth Compose The Behind The Scene's Team!

Kathleen here to tell you it's finally Friday. This Friday I'd like to introduce you to Sam Nicholes.

Sam Nicholes is a young Catholic movie maker, and he's going to join us on set to help make behind-the-scene's content along with our PR lady Laura Ruth.

Sam participated in Industrious Family's Film Festival this year giving us the opportunity to enjoy his short comedy, Pop Goes the Toaster.

Having Sam and Laura join us on set is going to help bring amazing content to you! Content that we'd otherwise be too busy to capture. You can look forward to behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, interviews and more from this behind-the-scene's team.

Jun 06, 2024

Drink In The Vendee Spirit With This "Resist Until It Hurts" Mug

Recently, Fr. Mawdsley encouraged the faithful to “Resist until it hurts”. Taking a Vendean spirit with this phrase, we’ve put this it on this mug alongside a painting of a Vendean peasant as he rests on the roadside.

Plain and simple, this man wears his Sacre Coeur badge and eats a simple meal. We can learn a great deal from the Vendeans that we do not need to be the most intelligent nor the most wealthy in order for our resistance against an ungodly order to make a difference.

So contemplate this lesson while sipping your morning coffee out of our “Resist until it hurts” coffee mug.

Jun 06, 2024

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Jun 06, 2024

Final Finishing Touches Continue To Be Added To The Set: Blocking Windows So That We Have Better Control Over The Lights

Hello, everyone! Faustina here.

As Mary mentioned yesterday, we’ve been going over to the FABIOLA Pilot set every day and really been focusing our efforts on getting our lighting ready for all the different shots we plan on taking on the film days (which are going to be here before we know it!)

In the picture above, Adelaide, Agatha and René are helping me get a backdrop set up in the window of the cell to give the effect that Ancient Rome can be seen through the prison bars.

Something that we are going to need to work on is blocking out the natural light that is coming in through the windows. I think we are already doing a pretty good job of this since last time we were there I left the set and thought, “Wow, the sun’s still out!” I had grown so accustomed to the prison lighting, I hadn’t realized that the sun hadn’t actually set yet.

The reason we want to get that light completely blocked out however is rather simple: We want to have complete control over the lighting even as the shoot day progresses with the sun changing positions throughout. The scene takes place in the early morning and so, counter intuitively, we are blocking out the real light and lighting the scenes with stage lights to make it look like natural light.

So far we’ve only lit what will be our wide shot, but I’m pretty happy with how it‘s looking! I think the lighting is very convincing that there is an early morning sun streaming through the windows behind Agnes.

I would also like to add that it is very good that we are getting all this ironed out before we are on set to film as we discovered that we actually needed to purchase a few more small lights for our sconces! I’m sure we would have worked something out, but I am also very relieved that we are discovering all this now instead of on the film days!

Jun 05, 2024

NEW! Sacred Heart T-Shirt For Your Little One!

Another new item in the Sacred Heart collection. Today we have this little Vendee badge baby t-shirt. Back reads "Future Warrior of Christ's Army". This is a perfect item for your little one to show pride in his Catholic heritage especially during June, the Month of the Sacred Heart.

See more photos and purchase here!

Jun 05, 2024

Production Goal Met!!!

The last donation we needed for our production goal came in yesterday. With this contribution, we have now reached our RED ALERT goal!

Thank you so much to everyone who aided us in reaching this goal. Thanks to you amazing people we were able to surpass our goal of $1080. In just 18 days, you contributed $1,100! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

With just 6 days until we film, we are very relieved to have already raised our production funds. And a special message to our contributors: You are the reason that we are able to make authentically Catholic films. We are rebuilding Christian art together!

Jun 05, 2024

Enjoying The Flexibility Of Our New Light System

Hello! It's Mary. I can't believe that it is only 6 days until we film the FABIOLA Pilot. I have been preparing for it for so long, I hardly know what I am going to do with myself when we are done filming it.

We have been running over to the set in the evenings to get the lights all set up. We just threw away our first set of lights that we purchased. These had been with us since Max & Carlota. They were cheap things and had taken a few falls. But the most inconvenient part about them was that their color was only controlled by switching out the bulbs.

We just upgraded our light system and the FABIOLA Pilot is one of the first projects that we get to use them in. And I really like them!

They each have two dials on the back which control the temperature and the color of the light. There are also countless modes or settings that they can do like police sirens, campfire flicker and so on. The best part is that you can control the lights with the turn of a dial and not fill your set space with sheets and hangers to dim the lights.

Jun 04, 2024

Keep The Sacred Heart Of Jesus In Mind During The Month Of June Especially With This 15 oz Mug!

Today’s highlighted item from our Sacred Heart collection, the Sacred Heart mug. This 15 oz. mug features a digital painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front with the words, “Behold this heart which has so loved men” written across the back.

The month of June is Traditionally the month of the Sacred Heart and now is a great time to get these mugs to remind yourself of the abiding love of Our Lord for humanity and to honor Our Lord during His month.

Purchase your Sacred Heart mug here!

Jun 04, 2024

Learn How To Master The Ropes Of Filmmaking With Our Movie Production Guide

We've been making movies for over 6 years and have now put our years of working the ropes into a guide so that everyone else who is setting out on their filmmaking careers can learn from our mistakes and experience. In addition, we are always updating the lessons to bring you the latest tips and techniques we've learned as we go along.

For sale now at $160, our 16 lesson e-course covers all aspects of filmmaking from story formation through premiering and pressing the film! Plus, we have a form for questions at the end of each lesson so that you can send your questions and get a quick answer from us personally.

This course is perfect for homeschoolers as it adheres to Traditional Catholic values and often references family friendly and faith-based films in the lessons.

Start your filmmaking career now!

Jun 04, 2024

Ensuring A Pleasant Experience For Our Cast And Crew

Hello, I'm Kathleen and the mother and producer at Industrious Family. I recently realized that having security in place during events and shoot days is a very important role that we've overlooked.

In the past, it was second nature for me to fulfill this role but moving forward we'll have someone on the team act as security and be available to help anyone with any sort of problem.

This person will keep his eye out for safety issues, odd behavior, and be prepared to help with first aid and direct people to seek medical attention if necessary.

All these considerations will ensure a low stress experience for the cast and crew.

I don't expect any problems but this is Idaho and I'm proud to say, "We're all armed and dangerous so have a blessed day."

Jun 03, 2024

NEW! Celebrate The Month Of June With This Sacre Coeur Badge

We are adding to our Sacred Heart products, so stay tuned for more Sacred Heart items coming soon! Today we have our new Sacre Coeur badge featuring the Vendee badge over the title, "Proud Soldier in Christ's Army". Comes with a clip to make it easy to add onto any outfit!

The Sacre Coeur was the symbol worn by the Catholic Vendeans in France. The words under the Sacred Heart are translated, “God, the King”.

See more photos and purchase this Sacre Coeur badge here!

Jun 03, 2024

Lights, Camera Angles And Ready For Our Filming Next Week!

With just eight more days until we film the pilot, we have been working on solidifying our lighting and camera angles. Most of the days last week, we headed over to the set in the afternoons to adjust our lights and work on logistics for where we want to shoot from as well as have stand-in actors so that we can look at our different angles.

The reason we are doing this now instead of on the actual film days is to save time for ourselves and our actors. With getting everything set up now, we are making it so that most of our filming decisions are already made. Our lights are set up, our angles are decided on and our entire scene is completely planned out.

So far, we have a good idea of what our lighting for the wide will be like. Now it's time to move in for close shots and get our lighting under control for these clips as well.

We are only $34 away from meeting our production goal. Be part of rebuilding Christian art through film! God reward your generosity!

Contribute $100 To The FABIOLA Pilot Today Or Give A Customized Contribution

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May 31, 2024

Bright, New And Shiny Poster In The Makes For FABIOLA! Another Great Project Collaboration

This week’s collaborator spotlight is a friend of ours who is currently helping us with designing our FABIOLA Pilot cover. We recently had a meeting with him going over a few ideas and we are excited to see how it turns out!

We also went over a few of the possible poses for the actors which we will be capturing during our film days with the help of another one of our potential actors. We went over an overall look and are confident that our friend will do a great job of representing the Pilot through the cover that he will be designing. He will be providing this design with many variations so that we can use it in different places like our social media accounts, webpages and video updates!

May 31, 2024

Be Well On Your Way To Showing Pride In The Sacred Heart With Our Movie Night Basket

Well tomorrow is the first day of June. Fortunately we live where “Pride Month” is the biggest non-event ever. Fourth of July is what our town is excited and proud to celebrate. But if you are currently being surrounded by emblems and phrases celebrating “Pride Month” remember that we also have a reason to have pride in this month.

Traditionally this is the Month of the Sacred Heart.

Now is the perfect time to get out your Sacred Heart flag out and fly it high. Wear your shirts featuring the Sacred Heart and get out anything else that will remind you that this is His month.

Although more geared toward Valentine’s Day, our romantic movie night basket is a perfect starter kit for displaying your Sacred Heart pride.

Included in this handmade basket is a set of his and hers Sacred Heart t-shirts and coffee mugs. Along with a few candies are a few of our favorite films showcasing three Catholic stories Grisly Grisell, Max & Carlota, and Ivanhoe. These three films follow touching romantic stories without any content that would offend the Sacred Heart.

Purchase your Sacred Heart basket now!

May 30, 2024

Realize Your Moviemaking Dreams With The Movie Production Guide!

I know that there are a handful of young people who want to make movies just like us. We would love to get you started and help you along as you go! Our new Movie Production Guide E-Course is a 16 lesson course which covers story concept to premieres and distribution. Plus! Ask questions and get detailed one on one answers which also help us add to the e-course. What are you waiting for? Let's populate the industry with good, wholesome entertainment!

May 30, 2024

Blood-Sucking Vampire or National Hero? A Defense of Vlad “Dracula” The Impaler

“How did a national hero ever become branded one of the greatest monsters in human history, not to mention adhesive immorality as a blood-sucking undead creature of the night?” Irish author Bram Stoker has invented one of the greatest yarns of horror while incorporating love and adventure in his captivating novel, Dracula.

The most frightening aspect of the novel is the fact that Bram Stoker has done a very dangerous thing in “undeading” a real person from Romanian history. It brings forth the question: Is this Vampire Dracula the same as the Catholic Fear of Infidels? It would hardly cross someone’s mind to consider that Dracula might actually be a Catholic hero. This is indebted to the fact that was is most widely read is widely believed even if it is maybe a slanderous fiction.

Continue Reading "Blood-Sucking Vampire or National Hero? A Defense of Vlad “Dracula” The Impaler"...

May 30, 2024

Thank You For Responding To Our Red Alert

Asking you all for support and announcing a Red Alert has worked as we zero in on our production goal for the FABIOLA pilot.

With $235 left, we need:

1 person to contribute $235
2 people to contribute $117.50
5 people to contribute $47
10 people to contribute $23.50

Contribute Here!

Just to build upon a post that we recently read by Marcellino d'Ambrosio from the team for the upcoming Kolbe movie--a grassroots campaign has worked for us. To date 39 households have contributed $11,276 to the FABIOLA pilot. These people are mostly local business owners, our family and our friends.

Word of mouth buzz has certainly worked for us. The only fees and expenses associated with funding the pilot have come from credit card fees as we use Stripe or PayPal to process debit transactions. We use our other business income to absorb these fees. Many people have contributed with cash or check which avoids all fees.

Sending out snail mail mailers has also been a beneficial tactic for this campaign.

We don't plan on funding the entire project using this method, but it has been very effective in raising funds on this "smaller" scale. When we have something to show--the Pilot, we'll hone in the development of a different approach on how to raise the full production and distribution budget.

In the meantime please check out our online FABIOLA project proposal.

May 29, 2024

Remind The World That June Is Dedicated To The Sacred Heart

June is right around the corner! Although this month has been mostly hi-jacked by “Pride Month” it is truly the month of the Sacred Heart. Remember this and shop our featured products that feature the Sacre Coeur including this t-shirt and a few of our coffee mugs.

The military green of this shirt reminds us and those around us that this is a fight. The Sacred Heart badge is placed on the upper right corner and is surrounded by the French words meaning “God, the King”. This badge was first used by the Vendean soldiers during the War of the Vendee. Learn more about their fight here…

On the back is the speech of Captain Charette, given to the soldiers of the Vendee.

Wear your sacred heart badge t-shirt and wave your Sacred Heart flag to make the month of the June undeniably His month again!

May 29, 2024

Another Fruitful Meeting! This Time We Talked About The Brains Of Our Camera...

We’ve learned something very interesting about our camera settings. We aren’t the most techie people in the world, so we generally try to leave the deep brains of our equipment alone and go with whatever is standard on the devices.

But apparently, camera settings should be changed for every film, and even every location. After a very thorough meeting yesterday with Cristian Zelada, who is generously contributing his expertise and time to help us with this (even inviting a friend of his, Anderson, to the call to help with finding the settings on our Sony camera), I think I can try to explain what we've learned.

Yesterday we mainly talked about three camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Aperture controls how much light is let into the lens through opening and closing. This can be controlled by inner camera settings and is also controlled by the zoom function on the lens.

The shutter speed controls how many frames are shown per second. ISO controls the sensitivity of the lens.

These three things work together to get the best possible picture. Cristian and Anderson helped us locate the settings and walked us through the ones that will be best for our film. As the meeting was over two hours long with many mathematical equations, just suffice it to say that the aperture, shutter speed and ISO should be adjusted in relation to each other to get the right look. We will be setting up monitors, testing out lights and trying out these settings at the set today!

We also had a false alarm thinking that maybe we could shoot the film in log mode which would make our colorist very happy, but unfortunately our camera still does not have the capacity for that.

May 28, 2024

What Is The Next Step To Getting The Pilot Shooting Days Ready? Setting Up Lights

Only 14 days to go! Yesterday we ran a load of lights, monitors and other tech things over to the set. We will be strewing cords all through out the place as we set up lights, cameras and monitors. Getting everything as much set up as possible will make the shooting days go very smoothly. Lighting is something that we struggle with so we are glad that we have given ourselves plenty of time to perfect it and get it right for the FABIOLA Pilot. We will share some pictures of how the lighting turns out. We are getting so excited to start filming!

Contribute $100 To The FABIOLA Pilot Today Or Give A Customized Contribution

#fabiolamovie #catholicmovies #supportcatholicmovies #bookstofilm #fabiola #fundraising #goodstories

May 28, 2024

New Member To The Family Pets! Meet Grizzly On Gofers Get A Grip

Gofers 5-28-24

Today on Gofers Get A Grip Podcast the boys discuss progress on our retaining wall, the nature trail and the Mustang. Poor Paddy got a bee sting on his eye lid while the boys were catching a swarm. Plus! Meet the new dog: Grizzly.

The team is getting ready for the FABIOLA Pilot as the announce that the set is complete and now we are learning how to weather costumes.

Listen To This Week's Podcast

May 24, 2024

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