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Feb 02, 2023

Spring Short Is Getting Started!

Getting ready to get with the actors and rehearse our Spring short today!

Jan 26, 2023

Actor Interview: An INSIDER PEEK View of "The Martyrdoms of Saints Cyprian And Justina."

See what the actors had to say about their experiences acting in the short film "The Martyrdoms of Saints Cyprian And Justina".

Jan 22, 2023

Saint Agnes

St Agnes

Learn more about the role that Saint Agnes plays in the conversion of Fabiola. Get an insider look at the costume inspiration and more here.

Continue reading "Saint Agnes"

Jan 20, 2023

St. Sebastian

Saint Sebastian

Appreciate and understand the true character of the double martyred St. Sebastian as a patriot as well as the patron of athletes. Complete with inspiration from several sources.

Continue reading "St. Sebastian"

Jan 19, 2023

The Journal Went Out Today! View Our Catholic Moviemakers' Newsletter Here...

We just sent out our moviemakers' newsletter. View it here and subscribe to get more Industrious Family Films News.

Continue reading "The Journal Went Out Today! View Our Catholic Moviemakers' Newsletter Here..."

Jan 17, 2023

A Quick Update On Our Quarterly Productions

Quick update: We are all done filming our winter short, The Martyrdom of Sts. Justina And Cyprian, and are getting it edited! Now we are working on the preproduction for our spring short.

Jan 17, 2023

Ready To Celebrate With A Burns Supper?

Getting ready to host a Burn's Supper? Whether you are ready for an all-out event or just a quiet celebration at home, our guide has you covered.

You can watch our Scottish film here.

If you are ready to make a haggis yourself, Shepherd Song Farm has many of the organ meats needed, liver, tongue, heart and suet. Cooking it in a casserole dish works fine. Recipe on the site!

If you would rather just heat up a can of haggis, it is available here. Highly recommended for a good haggis taste! This is an affiliate link and I will gain a small commission if you buy.

Happy celebrating!

Continue reading "Ready To Celebrate With A Burns Supper?"

Jan 15, 2023

Today Is St. Paul The First Hermit's Feast Day! Fabiola Connection

Today is the feast of Saint Paul the first hermit. This saint was the first person to retire from the world and spend his life in fasting and penance. He is an important saint for our upcoming full length film, Fabiola, because one of the characters is saved by the desert monk, converts and spends his life as a hermit like St. Paul.

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