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Nov 14, 2022

Good Movies From The 2000s

Want to find some good movies from the 2000s for your adult friends or a group of teenagers to watch? Here’s 11 titles you are sure to enjoy with mature audiences!

Continue reading "Good Movies From The 2000s"

Nov 02, 2022

Good Stories To Tell: The Max & Carlota Premiere

Watch the Max & Carlota premiere to hear from the creators and our speakers with great speeches on good stories to tell and the importance of seeking good entertainment for your family.

Continue reading "Good Stories To Tell: The Max & Carlota Premiere"

Oct 27, 2022

Pelayo The Movie

Experience the role Spain played in saving the West from the Muslim conquest with this timely short film, Pelayo. Complete with battles and the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Continue reading "Pelayo The Movie"

Oct 16, 2022

The Life Of A Saint Short Films

Please enjoy these shorts with your family and watch some Catholic children cinema focused on the life of a saint.

Continue reading "The Life Of A Saint Short Films"

Oct 15, 2022

Saint Catherine Laboure Short Movie

You may have already seen our Saint Catherine Laboure short, but we fleshed out an entire page on her life and the Miraculous. You can read about her and rewatch our short here on this page.

Continue reading "Saint Catherine Laboure Short Movie"

Oct 13, 2022

St. Teresa of Avila Movie

You may have already seen our St. Teresa of Avila short, but, with this saint's feast day coming up on the 15th, we fleshed out an entire page on her life and virtues. You can read about her and rewatch our short here on this page.

Continue reading "St. Teresa of Avila Movie"

Oct 07, 2022

Editing Pelayo Makes A Wrap And The Project Will Soon Be Sent To Music Forge

This weekend, we are sending Pelayo off to Music Forge. I must confess, this was one of the hardest videos to edit. On top of learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, it was a challenge getting the battle scenes to roll smoothly. I despaired at first that it would not come together well, but now I am truly satisfied and actually impressed with how it turned out. Can't wait to share it with all our fans soon!

Oct 02, 2022

Grisly Grisell Is Now Free To Watch On The Site

As promised for this month, Grisly Grisell is now free to watch on our website. Watch Now!

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