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You Can Pull Off These Glamorous Hollywood Looks Today With Modest Fashion Clothes For Women

Everyone loves the timeless looks of period movies from Hollywood. Here are some fashion clothes for women and accessories that will help you get the look with a modern twist--a modern yet modest twist.

Although Not Big Screen Inspired The Romanov Princesses Have An Innocence That Is Wholesome And Beautiful To Imitate With These Fashion Clothes For Women

Romanovs in White and Blue Dresses

1. 1920s Choker Necklace, this is a beautiful pearl choker with a fun Boho look. 2. Satin Sash Belt, this blue sash can change the look of any dress and is a nice touch for the reception of any sacrament where Our Lady can be honored by wearing blue. 3. Vintage Locket, a locket with Old World style. 4. Sweet Clementine Dress, one of Dainty Jewells lovely white dresses. 5. No Nonsense Opaque Tights, the black leggings or tights give this look a definite Romanov feel. 6. London Fog Ankle Boot, modern shoes with an Old World style. 7. Lace Turtleneck Fake Collar, get the lace look with this beautiful collar.

Young Adult Time Travel Books
Romanov children in white dresses

A group of young ladies in these White Dresses from Dainty Jewells would look lovely on Easter, as junior bridesmaid or for a May Crowning. 

1. Petals and Pleats Dress is absolutely lovely and perfect for any occasion. Faustina owns this dress and wears it with blazers to add a pop of color. 2. Single Pearl Strand Necklace, feminine, delicate and dainty. 3. Cottage Brunch Dress, unique dress with with embroidered cutouts. 4. White Women's Pumps, low chunky heel keeps this looking like a young lady's shoe. 5. Special Occasions Pink Sash, add a sash to any dress to give a personalized look. 6. Wind in the Willows Dress is as dreamy as the children's novel. With an embroidered fabric and scalloped hem the details on this dress draws many compliments. 7. White Semi Opaque Tights tie the whole look together. 8. Blossoms of Windsor Dress, this dress has a crossover in the front making it flattering and fun. 

Short Video Attempting To Answer The Century Old Question: How Did Rasputin Die?

Kings Speech Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother

THE KING’S SPEECH: starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter. Here’s the true hero of this story…behind every great man there's a great woman. 

1. Coffee in Central Park Blazer and Skirt, Dainty Jewells has the classiest clothing in complete conformity with Christian standards of modesty. 2: A cute brown cloche hat will be warm and go wonderfully with many outfits. 3: Winter warm gloves in khaki are perfect for Queen Elizabeth's look in this movie. 4: Pearl Drop Earrings, stylish and affordable pearls. 5: Siteseeing in Seattle Coat is the crowning piece to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's look.

The King's Speech Tells The True Story Of King George VI And His Struggle To Overcome His Speech Impediment

Fraulein Maria Green Dress

THE SOUND OF MUSIC starring Julie Andrews. What are your favorite things? 

Mine are modest dresses that need no fixing...this green Summer Daze Dress is perfect to get Fraulein Maria's look in this scene. 

The Sound of Music Recounts The True Love Story Between Captain Von Trapp And His Young Governess, Fräulein Maria

Jane Eyre Dainty Jewells

JANE EYRE: How do you describe this color, grey or purple?

Get the look with Dainty Jewell's Lovely Lace And Chiffon Dress. No accessaries can be recommended since Jane is "poor, obscure, plain and little."

This Dainty Jewells classic comes in 8 colors.

Jane Eyre Asks Whether To Choose Love Of Self Or Love Of God's Laws To Live Life To Its Fullest

Little Women Jo Dainty Jewells

LITTLE WOMEN: Here comes Jo March, running to turn down a proposal. Dainty Jewell's Wind in the Willows Dress paired with a sage ribbon will give you this carefree look.

What is Little Women about? In Jo's case, it's about learning to control your emotions.

Jo is the tom boy of the family, never thinking of what is considered proper but always doing whatever is comfortable for her. Although a bit wild and endowed with a hot temper, Jo has been given a childhood of virtue.

The Four Sisters Highlighted In The Story Learn Everlasting Lessons Of Self-Worth, Self-Discipline, Self-Sacrificing And Barricading Against Vanity

My Fair Lady Audrey Hepburn Gets Her Fair Share Of The Attention On This Fashion Clothes For Women Adventure

My Fair Lady Kentucky Derby Look

MY FAIR LADY starring Audrey Hepburn. The significance of this scene is the fact that your speech is almost as important as your dress when it comes to proving that you are a true lady.

Get the look with Dainty Jewell's Rose Riviera Dress. Add a black and white Kentucky Derby Hat and you're in business.

My Fair Lady Dainty Jewells

Miss Doolittle's dignified demeanor and poise in the second half of the film make it seem like she is paying two completely different roles.

Dainty Jewells sells this beautiful dress in 7 colors. Get the Evenings at Annesdale Dress in blush, pink, or mauve and you'll look just as sunny as Audrey Hepburn in this scene of My Fair Lady.

Miss Potter Millie Warne

MISS POTTER: here is another cute film with supporting actress Emily Watson playing the role of the Warne brothers' sister, Millie. 

Get the look with Dainty Jewell's Stroll in Times Square blazer and skirt paired with one of their blouses.

Miss Potter Tells The Story Of The Beloved Children Author And Her Love Story

Molokai Princess Liliuokalani

MOLOKAI: THE STORY OF FATHER DAMIEN - One has to admire this Hawaiian princess who visits the leper colony and sings “Until We Meet Again”. 

Empress Carlota Hapsburg of Mexico Fashion

MAX & CARLOTA: Faustina Bowen performs the role of Empress Carlota Hapsburg of Mexico. A used wedding dress made up this royal regalia.

Buy Max & Carlota/Pelayo Double Feature, two of Industrious Family Film's original shorts here...

Can We Use Risqué And Modest Fashion Clothes In The Same Breath? Well When It Comes To Miss Dolly Levi Perhaps 

Hello Dolly Bridal Gown

HELLO DOLLY! starring Barbra Streisand. Inspired by her wedding attire. If you want this look for your wedding gown check out Dainty Jewell's Modest Bridal Dresses.

Hello Dolly Parade Dress

We may not all be born with Miss Dolly's hair, but her class can certainly be adopted!

"I was definitely enamored with this outfit so it was my obvious Easter dress choice. I bought a hat from and an ostrich feather boa from I knew I would feel goofy with the turkey feathers so I opted for an ostrich feather boa which suited me much better." Kathleen Bowen, producer.

You can get the look with Dainty Jewell's Stained Glass Serenade, a Kentucky Derby Hat and a Grey Feather Boa.

Grace Kelly Casual Look

Get the Grace Kelly look. 1. Knotted Headband in cream with pearls 2. & 4. Hamptons Dinner & Dress Night in Paris, check Dainty Jewells Clearance with a Cause selection to see if these dresses are available in your size. 3. LC Lauren Conrad Filigree Disc Drop Earrings from Kohls are the perfect Grace Kelly earring. The backs of these are even pretty. 5. Classic Lace Gloves, you need to see the details on these adorable pink driving gloves. 6. Journee Collection Saar Women's High Heels, these low heel pumps would be perfect in beige.

The Queen's Fashion Clothes For Women Is Spot On With Sophisticated Elegance Stealing The Show

The Queen wearing morning dress

THE QUEEN with Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth. Another beautiful way to wear black and pearls! This Evening by Candlelight Dress by Dainty Jewell's would work great for the black and pearls look.

Movie The Queen in Purple

Actress, Helen Mirren pulls off Queen Elizabeth perfectly.

Get the look with one of Dainty Jewell's violet dresses. Add pumps, a brooch, pearls, and an elegant fashion watch and you're golden.

Covering The Tragic Story Of Princess Diana’s Death And The Royal Family’s Struggle To Cope In The Queen.

Empress Zita Elegance

Servant of God, Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary was one of the longest lived widows. Little know that she sent Maria von Trapp a condolence letter after the death of the captain as recounted in The Story of the Trapp Family Singers By Maria Augusta Trapp. Can easily be recognized for her Gibson Roll hair style. 

Pearls and thrift stores are the best places to search for this look. Zita is a great saint for older girls to get a chance to dress in fashion clothes for women on All Saints' Day.

Halloween For Kids Is Wholesome With These Fun All Hallows Eve Party Ideas

Fashion Clothes For Women Inspired By The Regency Era Gets Stunning Results With Modern Updates

Emma In Red Overcoat

EMMA : She’s one of the most charming regency ladies in film. And you can imitate her look with a slouchy beret, dangly pearl earrings, and Once Upon A Vintage Dream Dress in scarlet.

Emma Wearing Calico

A fine collection of beautiful brown dresses. Add some wine color pearls and you are good to go.

Emma in Berry Colored Dress

“Which two letters best describe perfection?” M and A = EMMA. You can't go wrong with one of Dainty Jewell's mauve dresses to get this adorable Emma look. Pair with wine colored pearls and a sun hat and you are instantly transported into the regency era with a modern twist. 

Emma Demonstrates The Need To Stay Out Of Other People's Affairs

The Lumber Barron Grieving

THE LUMBER BARON: She rocked the black. When watching this movie I noticed that actress...wore a different and lovely black dress all throughout the movie. As a movie maker, this impressed me as an excellent and well thought out wardrobe choice for this gorgeous mourning widow.

The most important element of this look for me are the dangling earrings. Pair with any little black dress from Dainty Jewells to complete the look. Trust me these dresses aren't that "little". You'll be okay. They've literally got you covered.


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