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Good Movies From The 2000s: Titles That You Will Enjoy With Teen And Adult Audiences

Although not all of these movies are limited to a mature audience, most of these good movies from the 2000s will be most enjoyed by a group of adults or teenagers.

For the most part, saving Ice Princess, Ella Enchanted, and Secondhand Lions, these are great movies to watch but either are boring for small children, frightening for small kids, or contain content that will go way over their heads.

Watch some great movies with your friends or find something the teenagers are sure to enjoy with this list of good movies from the 2000s here!

Good Movies From The 2000s #1: The King's Speech Tells The True Story Of King George VI And His Struggle To Overcome His Speech Impediment

I'm expected to--speak for--the country.--But I can't speak.

In the first movie on our good movies from the 2000s list, The King's Speech, Bertie (Collin Firth), as “only his family calls him”, has a stammer. But it’s okay since he’s the younger brother in the royal family and will never be called upon for public life.

His father has given up on him long ago, but his wife, Elizabeth, continues to try to help him find a cure. Her final attempt leads her to Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian speech therapist. 

Good Movies from the 2000s

Bertie is resistant to try another therapist, but goes to please his wife. He is astonished to find that he does improve, even reading clearly when he can’t hear himself.

His father’s death and his brother’s abdication suddenly throws Bertie onto the throne and he is forced into the public life he always dreaded and avoided.

World War II is just breaking out, and Bertie is expected to deliver a speech to his nation, rallying them to defend the world they know and love against the invasion of Hitler.

This is the true story of King George VI and his sudden rising to the throne, how he overcame his fears with the help of a fearless friend, and was still able to give The King’s Speech against all possibilities.

Do you have a WWII enthusiast in your home? Read these reviews to find great World War Two books to read...

Points to Consider: Since Bertie has a hot temper, he can only speak and get what he wants to say out when swearing. That being said, there is quite a bit of F*k words and other strong slang words used in a British way.

Also, although not glorified in any way, there is an unmarried couple portrayed as living together. There aren't any scenes, it is just discussed in disgust by Bertie's father.

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Good Movies From The 2000s #2: Emma, Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Who Isn’t Very Good At Judging Others’ Hearts

best movies of the 2000s

No, I cannot let you go without speaking my mind: Badly done, Emma!

Emma Woodhouse, as one of the most affluent members of her small town, rules her own life and tries to improve the lives of those less fortunate than she, especially their romantic lives.

Emma lives to find perfect matches and delights in the “success” that she meets

When she tries her “gift” on two people she hardly knows, Emma begins to wonder whether it really is a gift or not.

This classic Jane Austen story follows the story of a very meddlesome young woman who learns to mind her own business.

One of those good movie 2000s movies the girls won't want to miss!

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Good Movies From The 2000s #3: Covering The Tragic Story Of Princess Diana’s Death And The Royal Family’s Struggle To Cope In The Queen

best movies 2000 to 2010

That's how we do things in this country: quietly and with dignity. That's what the rest of the world has always admired us for.

The Queen follows the lives of Queen Elizabeth (Helen Mirren), Prince Phillip, and Prince Charles the week following the death of Princess Dianna

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The movie portrays the human feelings which any sensible person would feel in each of these character's positions. 

Helen Mirren does a great job portraying Queen Elizabeth's emotions while she struggles to see how she should react to such a catastrophe. Should she bend to the will of the people and host a public funeral, or should she conform to the wishes of Princess Diana's family and let it be done quietly at home?

A very good and feeling movie which compassionates the royal family during such a hard time for all of them. 

Points to Consider: Much like The King's Speech, the subject of living with a person one is not married to is discussed, though never shown and always referred to as a bad thing. 

We were a little concerned when, before watching the movie, we saw that it was rated PG-13 for brief strong language. That being said, f*ing is used in this movie, but in a British way. 

Prince Phillip is a little coarse as well, saying things that shows how little he cares what anybody thinks. During the funeral plans, he announces disdainfully that someone who is going to be in the funeral is a "homosexual". 

However, I do not find this offensive because I feel that those who are committed to such sins against chastity and nature must be spoken of in an unflattering light so as to show the true ugliness of the sin.

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4. Chase Your Dreams And Follow Your Heart Like Casey In Ice Princess

Movies from 2000 to 2010

No, Mom, I’m giving up yours (dream), and I’m chasing mine.

Ice Princess follows the story of Casey, a science geek who has dreams of becoming an ice-skating star.

The odds don't look very bright for her as she is getting in at an older age than most skaters, she needs to keep it secret from her mom, would have to give up a Harvard scholarship, and the skating coach doesn't even like her, but she is willing to do everything she needs to follow her dream.

Perfect on this good movies from the 2000s list for its inspiring story of a girl that goes from boring to a fantastic star.

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Good Movies From The 2000s #5: Anne Hathaway In The Movie That Tells You To Do What You Know Is Right No Matter What The Cost, Ella Enchanted

good romantic movies

You're about to become king. You'll have the power to make a difference in the world, and you don't even care.

Ella (Anne Hathaway) has a problem, a BIG problem. At her birth, her fairy godmother gave her the "gift" of perfect (and blind) obedience. The reason this is a problem is that now Ella must do everything she is told, even if she knows it is wrong.

After her gift lands her into a few serious scrapes, Ella determines to find her fairy godmother and make her take back the gift. Along the way, she finds Slannen the Elf and Prince Charmont, both of whom are trying to escape who they are as well.

A hilarious and entertaining comedy on our list of good movies from the 2000s that the entire family will enjoy.

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6. The Adventure Of A Lifetime In Search For The Treasure Of The Nation With Nicholas Cage In National Treasure

movies from early 2000

I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.

Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) has spent his entire life dreaming of and searching for the buried treasure of the Knights Templar who, according to legend, attempted to hide their treasure on US soil.

The last clue to this treasure was given to one of Ben's ancestors by Charles Carroll before his death.

Ben considers it his life mission to find the treasure to prove that his family is not a bunch of nut jobs who are insistent that there is a vast buried treasure.

The clue Ben is left with is: The secret lies with Charlotte. After unexplained searching, he finds the place where a great ship is buried, The Charlotte. The moment has finally come when he can defend his family's name and find that treasure.

But the treasure is not there, only another clue. 

Ben runs into a big problem when he discovers that the only men who do believe him turn out to be mercenaries not really wanting to help him but rather intent on getting their hands on the treasure.

His disappointment in finding nothing but a clue in The Charlotte leads to a disagreement on how to proceed ending in the mercenaries trying to kill him and his friend, Riley, and taking off, content to continue the search without him.

It is now a race to discover and follow the clues before the mercenary bunch can keep up. Their next clue is hidden behind the Declaration of Independence, and Ben needs to steal it and restore it before his competitors steal it and destroy it.

Standing in his path is a historian stationed where the Declaration is kept on display. Ben starts by asking this woman, Abigail Chase, if she could arrange to let him look at the Declaration of Independence. She refuses to help him, resulting in his breaking in and stealing it.

When she finds out, she chases him and becomes also entangled in the battle between him and the mercenaries, helping him against her will until she believes in his cause and starts helping him for real.

The clues continue to lead from one to another and Ben is left chasing them, but is the treasure real and will he find it before his enemies do?

This movie is fun to watch because of how much it is immersed in American history and our heritage. It is an action and adventure which, although very serious, resorts to many lighthearted moments, making it very entertaining.

Points to Consider: It is an unquestionable truth that our country was founded by Masonic men. That being said, this movie does refer to many Masonic symbols and beliefs. The clues are all very embedded in Masonry.

In the beginning, the last survivor of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence is Charles Carroll and he is the one who passes off the last clue. He is portrayed as being a Mason here. We, of course, know that this cannot be true because he was, in fact, a strong Catholic.

Although it is not the case, when Ben goes to his dad, tells him he is in trouble, and has a woman with him, the first thing his dad asks is "Is she pregnant?" This is quickly denied, but it is in the film.

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7. The Greatest Movie From The 2000s And All Film History: Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ

great movies of the 2000's


Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is the most feeling and accurate depiction of Christ's passion and death that has ever been made into film. This film follows the events of Christ's Passion from the Agony in the Garden through Resurrection morning.

It tells the misery of Jesus and His Most Sorrowful Mother in her role as co-Redemptrix up Calvary Hill.

Read the full The Passion of the Christ review here...

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Good Movies From The 2000s #8: Secondhand Lions Teaches The Values Of How To Be A Man

popular movies of the 2000's

So, you two disappeared for forty whole years. Where were you?

When Walter's widowed mother decides to go "looking for another job", she leaves him with his two great uncles, bachelors who have just returned after disappearing for forty years.

But leaving him there isn't just a babysitting venture. Walter is supposed to get his uncles to like him and confide to him where their rumored treasure, "millions", is hidden

What his mother doesn't know is that the two old men have more secrets than their money: stories of what they were doing all those years.

These stories let Walter in on the adventures the two found in Africa: danger, war, and love. It is ultimately the tale of a young man finding out what it means to be a man through his two rough uncles.

Continue reading the Secondhand Lions review here...

9. For Anyone Who Likes Pirate Lore, The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Is Sure To Entertain

good Disney movies to watch

You better start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You're in one!

Although it does have some questionable content, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, is a pretty good Disney movie that will entertain audiences, particularly teenage boy audiences. Although it is a little frightening for small children, this movie is really meant to be a comedy.

Read the full Pirates of the Caribbean review here…

10. The Movie That Tells The Story Of The Beginning Of The American Civil War And The True Issues That Caused It: Gods and Generals

best movies from 2000s

There's nothing so much like God on earth as a general on his battlefield.

Gods and Generals is the film that follows the beginning of the American Civil War and its causes.

The film focuses mainly on General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson (Stephen Lang) and his relationship with General Robert E. Lee (Robert Duvall) and the sorrow that the tearing apart of the nation caused these two men. 

An ardent American with the values of the South close to his heart, General Jackson knows that he could never march against the states that seceded from the union.

When Virginia also secedes, he does all in his power to fight for the rights of the Confederacy. To him and General Lee, this fight is a continuation of the American War for Independence, the stating and defense of the rights of their nation.

On the other side of the coin, Lawrence Chamberlain, after teaching as a professor for several years, offers his assistance in serving the Union Army.

He expects a post in giving motivational speeches and is, instead, surprised to receive a serving officer position. Colonel Chamberlain must quickly transfer from his quiet life to one of an officer leading soldiers into battle.

This is the beginning of a three-part series of the American Civil War with the second film in the series being Gettysburg.

Unfortunately, the makers never made the last film in the series, The Last Full Measure. Personally, we like Gettysburg much better than Gods and Generals for its storytelling edge and lack of emotional Protestant prayers.

Being among our good movies from the 2000s, however, it really doesn't bother us that much.

Points to Consider: This movie is really sad. There is a big stress on how this war was truly brother against brother, especially the Irish Brigade scene. If you don't like sad movies, don't watch this one.

On another note, there is a little bit of a romance going with General Jackson and his wife including some scenes when they are touching each other, a scene with them in bed together and kissing. 

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11. Last On Our List Of Good Movies From The 2000s With An Inspiring Patriotic Spirit For Mature Audiences: The Patriot

movies released in 2000

The war will be here, among our homes. Our children will learn of it with their own eyes.

After fighting in the French and Indian War, Ben Martin (Mel Gibson) wants nothing more to do with war. He committed a crime that he is too ashamed to tell anyone even his own children.

So he avoids anything that reminds him of it, especially combat.

When the first rumblings of the American War for Independence are heard, he tries his best to stay away, thinking it his duty as a widower to be with his children instead of fighting. His oldest son Gabriel, on the other hand, is of very different opinion.

Ben has lost his wife, now all he can do is keep as good of a hold as possible on his children. When both his older boys want to fight with the Americans against the British, Ben is completely opposed.

Just as he predicts, the war comes right into his backyard, until he can no longer stay out of it. When Colonel Tavington of the British Army kills one of his boys, Ben snaps and joins the American forces with a vengeance

Ben learns that the tactics that helped win the war against the French are viewed with disgust by some of the other soldiers, especially his son Gabriel, which is why he didn’t want to join the war to begin with. He struggles with his temper and keeping his fighting tactics moral, but gives his all to resist both for the sake of his son.

This film is the touching story of a man who gives all he has for his family and country, an inspiring film for mature audiences.

Points to Consider: This film is definitely made for mature audiences as it is quite violent, including images of somebody being hacked to pieces. Ben has a very hot temper which gets the best of him and he takes it too far. Not a family-friendly film, but definitely worth watching for a group of teenagers or adults.

Much like Gods and Generals, it is quite sad, so not for sensitive audiences.

On another note, it is a romance with kissing. 

From a morality point of view, it is a little something to think about that Ben, being widowed, is in love with his wife's sister, a relationship condemned by the Catholic Church. 

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