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Good Disney Movies To Watch: 9 Clean Titles That Don’t Violate The Moral Code

Disney movies have just kind of become part of our culture. Sadly, in recent years Disney has really strayed from upholding Christian standards. There are very few good Disney movies to watch, but there are some that are really worth watching. Here is the list of our top 9 favorite Disney movies: the good ones!

Industrious Family Films has a vision of becoming a household name as familiar as Disney, particularly in Christian homes. We want to eventually be able combine Disney quality with Christian morals.

Movies that are not preachy, just entertaining. After all, “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” To see the movies we have to offer, visit this page! Please consider donating if you would like to see us make future Christian movies.

1. Disney's 2019 Aladdin Brings New Splendor To The Old Story And A Few Great Additions Including The Will Smith Genie

Good Disney Movies to Watch

“I have never EVER called a master a friend. I broke the rules for you. And for what? You are breaking my heart, kid. You are breaking my heart.”

We were very pleasantly surprised by the 2019 adaptation of Aladdin. This movie tells the story of a young man who does all in his power to win the heart of the princess. In the end, he discovers that lying to her and concealing his real identity is not how to go about building a good relationship with her. Aladdin learns that telling the truth will lose the princess but he also knows he can’t keep on lying. Which will he choose?

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If you absolutely love this rendition of Aladdin, you are sure to enjoy an Arabian Nights party! Read about how to throw one here...

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2. The Jungle Book Displays Stunning Visual Appeal As Well As Fun Spins On The Old Songs

movies for the family

“This is the law of the Jungle as old and as true as the sky. The wolf that keeps it shall prosper, but the wolf who will break it shall die. For the strength is the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Stunning with its visual appeal, The Jungle Book tells the story of Mowgli, a young “man-cub” who is raised by wolves in the jungle. When his life is threatened by a tiger named Shere Khan, Mowgli's friends Bagheera and Baloo strive to bring him back to the man village. Yet can they make it before Shere Khan finds them?

Read the full Jungle Book review here…

3. Good Disney Movies To Watch: Bolt Is The Comedic Story Of The Ultimate Superhero Dog Who Finds Out That "The Real World Hurts"

good kid movies to watch

"Mittens, if I don't chase bad guys, what does a real dog do?"

A cross-country comedy, Bolt is sure to entertain everyone who watches it. Actor-dog Bolt has never been out of his TV show. In fact, he doesn’t even realize that it is a TV show. When he is accidentally shipped across the United States, Bolt is surprised to find that he is not really the superhero he thinks he is. 

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His prisoner, Mittens the cat, and his wanna-be-sidekick, Rhino the Hampshire, help him get back to California from New York teaching him how to be a real dog all the while. It's a hard lesson for Bolt to learn that he is not a super-dog: no heat vision, no super bark, and no super strength. 

By the time he reaches his owner, the actress Penny, she is in real need for a hero and Bolt finds out that he doesn't need super powers to save the little girl he loves.

Points to Consider: The one thing that is a little weird in this movie is that the little girl actor, Bolt's owner, doesn't have a dad.

Although it's never said where he is, it is something to consider as maybe implying that it is a broken family with the dad no longer in the picture. Or you can just let the kids assume that he is dead. (I always kind of assumed so until it was pointed out to me that it's strange he isn't there.

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4. Good Disney Movies To Watch: Tangled Teaches The True Hideousness Of Vanity

good animated movies

“This is the story of how I died. Don’t worry, it’s a good story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine.”

Tangled is definitely a favorite in our house. Not only is it funny, but it also has a very good moral for kids. The main purpose of this recent Disney cartoon is the ugliness of vanity.

A spin on the timeless fairytale Rapunzel, Tangled is the very cute and funny innocent romance that Rapunzel finds when she escapes from her tower and gets her first taste of the outside world. The movie begins long ago when a tiny drop of sunlight spawns a magic golden flower. A certain old woman finds it and nurtures it in order to use its power to keep her young indefinably. 

Centuries later, the queen of the kingdom is dying during childbirth. The magic flower is found and its powers save the queen. The baby girl that is born has hair that contains all the powers of the flower. Mother Gothel, the old woman who was using the flower to keep her young, steals the baby girl and locks her in a tower, not to let the magic out of her power again. Rapunzel is raised believing that Mother Gothel is her own mother.

The heart broken queen and king set off lanterns in the sky every birthday of their young daughter, hoping that one day their lost princess will return.

Rapunzel sees the lanterns and has a dream to one day go out of her tower and enjoy their beauty from the outside world. It isn't until a young thief happens upon her tower that the occasion arises for her to pursue her dream.

This movie is one of those good Disney movies to watch that is sure to please any girl that enjoys princess stories, and yet still entertain the boys with the adventure and fun brought by the hero of the story. A perfect movie for a movie night with the whole family or a girl’s night in!

Another plus not often found in Disney movies that is found in this movie is that the villain is truly evil, and the good guys are really good.

Points to Consider: This movie does play a little with magic but not in an occult-y way.

The one downside of this film is that the hero is a thief. Although he gives this life up in the end for Rapunzel, he is never punished for his crimes.

The story does, however, portray a conversion in him and his isn't the worst of sins. Definitely worth watching.

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5. Good Disney Movies To Watch: Dreams Are Worth Chasing No Matter The Pain Found In Making Them Realities In Ice Princess

good movies for tweens

“No, Mom, I’m giving up yours (dream), and I’m chasing mine.”

Among our favorite (especially for little girls) good Disney movies to watch is Ice Princess. This movie follows a high school girl, Casey, who is a science geek and her desire to join the ice skating team. Being awkward and having plans for college, this does not seem to fit in her future.

Without very much spare money to put towards hiring a personal coach or buying new skates and costumes, Casey seems destined to fail. But her head knowledge for physics helps her improve her skating, and she gets extra money by hiring herself to help the other girls on the team. She takes on any job she can to get the extra cash.

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As she knows this decision will upset her mother who can think of nothing better for her daughter than attending college, Casey conceals her decision from her mom. When her grades drop because she is too focused on skating, her mother is really disturbed. Casey finally has to tell her mom when she turns down her application to Harvard University.

On the other side of the coin, Gen Harwood is struggling to keep up with ice skating with her love of food and fun. Tina, her mother and skating coach, wants her daughter to succeed where she has failed and be the skating champion. She is jealous of Casey, who is willing to give up everything to pursue ice skating.

Tina tries to dissuade Casey from chasing her dream through various methods. When Casey keeps coming back, Mrs. Harwood gives in and agrees to coach her. But how will Casey do at the skating finals?

Points to Consider: This movie is kind of a high school romance, so the girls are a little silly about needing boyfriends and finding time to be with them. There is no kissing or implied sinful relationships, however.

There are a few crude lines. No swearing or bad language. Just a few comments on “butts”. Some of the other girls are a little bratty because they are portrayed as being privileged to give contrast to Casey who really has to sacrifice for what she wants.

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6. Good Disney Movies To Watch: The Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl, Is A Truly Entertaining Movie For Everyone Who Enjoys Pirate Lore

good comedy movies to watch

She's safe, just like I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we're all men of our word really... except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman."

The Pirates of the Caribbean is a highly entertaining and funny movie. Anyone who enjoys pirate lore will enjoy the references to common pirate language and lifestyle in this movie. The music in this movie is fantastic, and Johnny Depp is hilarious!

Elizabeth Swan (Kiera Knightley) met Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) when they were both very young.

Around his neck he wore a gold pirate medallion which she takes and hides from him. Years later, Elizabeth takes out the medallion to look at it and remember their first meeting. The gold calls in some pirates and Elizabeth finds herself in a real-life pirate nightmare.

Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and the pirates of The Black Pearl are adamant about breaking the curse bestowed upon them when they squandered the hidden treasure of Cortez. Their only way of breaking the curse is to return every gold coin and pay a blood price from each person who stole the gold. 

When Elizabeth is found to have the medallion and gives her name as Turner, the pirates believe that they have the only child of their companion, Bootstrap Bill Turner, who was bound in the curse with them but left behind long ago.

They bring Elizabeth with them to the hidden cave which "can only be found if you already know where it is". Will Turner goes to "Captain" Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) as the only person who might be able to help him find the pirates and save Elizabeth.

Jack Sparrow has his own reasons for going: a revenge on Barbossa and a reclaiming of his ship, The Black Pearl.

Points to Consider: This movie is not very morally structured. There are some jokes that are rather impure including teasing one of the characters about being a eunuch.

Piracy is not portrayed as being particularly wrong as there are "good pirates" and "bad pirates". In the end the "bad pirates" all die or go to prison and the "good pirates" get away to continue their pirating career.

On another note, this movie is quite scary for younger children. Part of the pirates' curse is that they are truly dead, but unable to die. In the moonlight, they appear as rotting corpses and go about spreading terror and trying to kill everybody. But it's really meant to be a comedy.

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7. Good Disney Movies To Watch: Tall Tale Shows The Honor Of Preserving Our Heritage And Handing Down Our Stories From The Past

good coming of age movies

“Respect the land, defend the defenseless, and don’t never ever spit in front of women and children.”

Enjoy this must on the list of good Disney movies to watch! Tall Tale follows the story of young Daniel Hackett and his struggle to defend the land of his fathers.

Daniel is joined by the heroes from the tall tales told by his father (Stephan Lang). Pecos Bill (Patrick Swayze), John Henry (Roger Aaron Brown) and Paul Bunyan (Oliver Platt) all help “Dan’l” realize that the land is more than just land, it’s his heritage.

Read the full Tall Tale review here…

8. Classic Good Disney Movies To Watch: Robin Hood Tells Sir Walter Scott's Timeless Story With A Cartoon Twist

best movies for kids

“Rob?! That’s a naughty word. We never rob. We just borrow sorta from people who can afford it.”

Robin Hood has always been one of our favorite good Disney movies to watch! This cute animal adaptation is tastefully told using the different personalities of animals to tell the story of the characters: a fox for Robin, a wolf for the Sheriff of Nottingham, a badger for Friar Tuck, a vixen for Maid Marian and, of course, the two lion brothers, a masculine lion with a mane for King Richard and a feminine thumbsucker lion for Prince John.

A dear romance as well as a classic among good Disney movies to watch, Robin Hood tells the timeless tale of the young archer and his stand against the tyranny in Merry Old England under Prince John. King Richard’s ward, Maid Marian met Robin when she was very young and still loves him despite his being an outlaw.

Robin and Maid Marian seem destined to be separated forever due to Prince John’s ever tightening strangle-hold on the country. Will they succeed in holding on until King Richard returns from the Holy Land?

Told with a cute twist and comical through Prince John’s ridiculous attitude, this is a great movie your kids will want to watch again and again!

9. Be Carried To The Highlands Of Scotland With This Good Disney Movies To Watch Rob Roy The Highland Rogue

good fighting movies

“You can’t put out all the heather when it’s on fire.”

Rob Roy follows the story of Rob Roy and his struggle to accept the British Invasion of his homeland: Scotland. Rob Roy resists as much as he can which, of course, means sword fighting which will surely entertain boy audiences.

Read the full Rob Roy review here…

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