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Teach Your Teenagers The Important Lessons On How To Be An Adult With These Good Coming Of Age Movies

Are you looking for some good coming of age movies to enjoy with your teens? Good coming of age movies can be hard to find, but they are the most important to show young teenagers. 

Here is a list that will both entertain as well as teach good morals to your teens. All perfect fits for a teenage movie night!

1. Industrious Family Films Own Good Coming of Age Movies Outlaws of Ravenhurst (2018) Teaches To Stick To Your Morals Without Fearing Human Respect Or Even Death

"There can be no man who can lead you into sin if you don't follow his footsteps. You'll have to stand on your own two feet to be a man."

George Abell never dreamed of any other life than his, although hard, happy farmer boy life in colonial America. All too soon, however, he learns that he is not an Abell but a Scottish heir to an earldom.

When his foreign uncle, Sir Roger, claims him and takes him to Scotland to be the Earl of Ravenhurst--the much longed for Protestant Earl of Ravenhurst, no one can imagine what will happen next.

Matters get desperate when Sir Roger and his sly comrade, Godfrey, cannot bend the new Gordon's will.

The Gordon was given good principles and a strong faith, but it isn't until he is separated from those who raised him that his true metal is tried. In this top of the good coming of age movies list, the Gordon must prove that he is ready to stand up for his Faith and be a true soldier of Jesus Christ. Watch Now!

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2. Robert Duvall And Michael Caine In Good Coming of Age Movies Secondhand Lions (2003) Teaches That Believing Is More Important Than Never Being Fooled

"Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. People are basically good. Honor, courage and virtue mean everything. Money and power, power and money mean nothing. The good always triumphs over evil. And I want you to remember this: that love--true love never dies."

For Walter, being stuck with his two backward bachelor uncles is the last thing he wants to do for the summer. Walter's mom has been a widow for a while and is having a hard time going steady with one man. Walter himself has had very little masculine influence in his life. 

When his mom goes to "find a new job", Walter is left with his two uncles. Uncle Hub (Robert Duvall) and Uncle Garth (Michael Caine) are just back in Texas for the first time after disappearing for forty years. They are said to have millions stored somewhere on the farm and no one knows where or how they got it.

These two men are the exact opposite of what Walter is used to. Their lives revolve around outdoor activities; their favorite pastime is to shoot their shotguns at traveling salesmen...

...Even worse, they don't have a TV or a telephone. Walter is trying to find the money and begins to gather the story behind it. Only is it merely a story, or is it true history?

He is not the only one after the money, however. Not only are his cousins trying to curry favor with the two bachelors but his mom's new boyfriend is ready to use any means to get his hands on it as well. Walter learns that he has to choose something to believe in and do what is right, even when it gets hard. This is one of our all time favorite good coming of age movies because it is humorous as well as moral and good. 

Points to Consider: In an effort to show how rough the two uncles are compared to Walter, coarse language is frequently resorted to.

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3. Legends Live On In Tall Tale, A Good Coming of Age Movies With Patrick Swayne And Stephen Lang That Teaches America Will Always Be True To Her Heroes

"I'm a ring tailed roarer. I can draw faster, shoot straighter, ride harder and drink longer than any man alive, I'm the rip-snortingest cowboy that ever rode north, south, east or west of the Rio Grande. I'm Pecos Bill!"

Daniel is a young farm boy with ideas bigger than his farmer life. He can't help but be interested in all the progress he sees around him with automobiles and electricity.

His pa (Stephen Lang) sees the world differently. The land and traditional values are everything and deserve protection.

Daniel thinks that his pa is just a little old fashioned and needs to learn to get along with the times. His pa tells the stories of tall tales and seems to believe them, too.

The farm runs into trouble when someone offers to buy the farm and will stop at nothing to get the deed. When Daniel's pa is shot down, Daniel has to decide whether he will choose the easy way out and give in, or hold to his father's standards and defend the land from the greedy land-grabber.

"Dan'l" is joined by the heroes from tall tales that come to life from his father's stories. Pecos Bill (Patrick Swayne), John Henry, and Paul Bunyan all join Dan'l and encourage him to defend the rights of the little man, doing their best to get along with each other in the meantime.

Daniel learns about all the effort that went into making the United States as he is surrounded with the persona of the cowboy spirit in Pecos Bill, the railman spirit in John Henry, and the great men who cleared miles of forests in Paul Bunyan.

These three men are full of themselves and think that their work for our nation is the most important. It takes some time and many arguments for them to agree that each gave what he had to America and that each are as important as the others.

They even come to understand that their work is done and they can rest content knowing that they will always be remembered as long as there is a United States to tell their "tall tales". This movie had to be on our good coming of age movies list.

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4. A Lesson Against Prejudice, Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped (1995), A Good Coming of Age Movies That Demonstrates The Risks Of Judging People As A Group

"That's not fair, you have more weapons than me!"
"Brains, Davy, brains."

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, Kidnapped, this is our favorite film adaption of this wonderfully exciting story. The film is not only entertaining as it is filled with sword fights and daring escapes, but also teaches viewers to never judge a book by its cover which is why it is such a good coming of age movie.

After the death of both his parents, David Balfour, an upstanding young man in the Scottish lowlands, learns that he has an uncle with a large estate not far away. With a sealed letter from his father, he goes to find his uncle and see what he can do for him. Far from any friendly welcome, David's uncle, Ebenezer, is jealous of him and fears that the younger man has come to claim his estate.

In order to assure that David will never usurp his position, Uncle Ebenezer has David kidnapped by a rough group of merchants and taken to be sold as a slave in the tabbaco farms in "the Carolinas". 

While on the ship that is carrying him away from all he knew, she runs up on a wild Highland rogue and the crew takes him on board. Alan Breck Stuart is conveying civilly illegal taxes to "Bonnie Prince Charlie" in France. The ruffians aboard the ship can think of nothing better than having their hands in that purse.

These men employ David to get to the weapons, but he sides with the Highlander, having no wish to be brought to the Carolinas. After he and Alan escape through a ship wreck, they are both on the run having been accused of a murder. David learns how unjust the British and the Lowlanders are to the Highland people of Scotland. He goes from a "Betwixt-and-between" to a Highland sympathizer, even finding love in the wild highlands.

Points to Consider: In the beginning of the movie, Alan tries to test the loyalty of one of his clansmen by hiding behind him and asking where Alan Breck Stuart is. His friend responds by swearing to God that he doesn't know who he is. Alan does reprove him, however.

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5. Accidents Don't Happen In Anne Of Green Gables, A Good Coming Of Age Movies With Megan Follows That Will Endear This Beloved Novel Even More In Viewers' Hearts

"It was no accident. It was Providence. He knew we needed her."

Anne of Green Gables follows little homely and dreamy orphan Anne Shirley (Megan Follows) and her adventures after she is adopted by a bachelor brother and his spinster sister. Matthew Cuthbert is getting older and he and his sister Marilla decide to adopt a boy to help with the chores. But there is a mistake, instead of a boy of about ten, Matthew only finds a red-headed girl waiting at the station for him.

After a life of no one ever really wanting her, Anne Shirley is thrilled to be sent to Prince Edward Island to live in a small village with a family all of her own. Imagine her disappointment when she gets there and discovers that Marilla and Matthew were expecting a boy and even consider sending her back to the orphanage.

But shy Matthew's heart is touched at the sight of this little lonely girl and he prevails over Marilla that maybe it would be better for her to have a companion with her housework, and he will get on for a little longer with the neighbor boy for help.

Anne proves herself to be a rather difficult child, however, with a temper to match her hair and an uncommon knack for getting into scrapes, but the Cuthberts are good people who do their best to steer her right.

Anne ends up being just what they needed, giving them as much joy in their old age as they bring her by saving her from the orphanage. One of those sweet and good coming of age movies that will endear the story ever more to L. M. Montgomery fans.

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