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Good Movies For Movie Night: Spot-On Titles That Will Warm Your Heart, Give You A Thrill, Or Scare You To Death. Whatever You Want To Watch, It's Here!

There is nothing more fun than having a special movie night with your friends! Whether you are an adult, teenager or looking for something for your kids to watch, this list will provide you with all kinds of good movies for movie night.

Plus, it’s broken into different categories of viewers to make finding the perfect movie a breeze without having to scroll through all the movies your guests are most definitely not going to want to watch (like Winnie the Pooh for a group of teenagers). 

1. Find Good Movies For Movie Night By Browsing Through Industrious Family Film's Selection. These Titles Will Surely Be Loved By All Ages!

good movies for movie night

As Christian movie makers, we strive to produce good movies with the quality improving with each film we produce. These are movies you are not going to find anywhere else.

When you purchase our DVDs you will get good movies for movie night and help us make more films like these in the future, giving you many more wholesome films for years to come!

Or…become a gold member and get a lifetime subscription of all our movies. If you love our movies, please don't fail to leave us a review on their product pages. 

All of our shorts and full-length films are available on the Industrious Family Films App.

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2. Watch The Romances: Good Movies For Movie Night With The Girls

good romantic movies

Although all these romances are boy-friendly too, girls tend to appreciate a good romance better than the guys. Here is a list of favorite romantic movies and a short review of each one, complete with anything that might be questionable for young Christian audiences.

One of our newest favorites that we just discovered is the 1982 version of Ivanhoe with Anthony Andrews. We read the novel in high school and the boys especially enjoyed the battles and jousts in this exciting romance film!

Find the Ivanhoe review and other good romantic movies here…

3. Catholic Movies That You Can Watch With The Whole Family

Catholic movie reviews

As we usually watch all our movies as a family, this list of Catholic movie reviews is a list of movies suitable for all ages. These films are Catholic films, both indie films and Hollywood-scale, that are made for a Catholic audience. Of course, one of our favorites is The War of the Vendée, the film that inspired us to make our own films back in 2012.

Find these movie reviews here…

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4. Get The Lessons Of Life From Good Coming Of Age Movies: Good Movies For Movie Night With The Boys

good coming of age movies

Of course, coming of age movies can be enjoyed by either boys or girls, but for a movie night with the boys, they will probably enjoy these titles better. Each of these movies feature a young man or woman struggling in their teens to early adult years.

They are about the friendships these young men and women form with adults who teach them how to be real men and real women. Perfect for your movie night with any group of teenagers!

Find good coming of age movie titles here…

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5. Watch Our Favorite Disney Movies: Good Movies For Movie Night That Your Kids Are Going To Love!

good Disney movies to watch

I know that your kids will be wanting to have their movie night, too! Here is a list of good Disney movies that children will certainly enjoy when it’s their turn to host a movie night. Disney has done a very good job, especially in more recent years, to make films that are interesting to all age groups. So these titles are actually perfect for a family movie night as well. Here are some of our favorite Disney films to watch (that don’t push a Christophobic agenda, of course.)

Find these good Disney movies to watch here…

6. Good Movies For Movie Night From The Big Companies To Enjoy With The Whole Family

family fun movies

Here are the perfect titles for your movie night for the whole family. These are some of our favorite (okay, a lot of movies can be categorized as our favorites. We really like movies!) good movies for movie night made by the big companies such as 20th Century Fox and Disney. One of our most recent tops is the 2020 The Personal History of David Copperfield.


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7. Find The Perfect Movie For Your Movie Night With The Adults With These Good Movies From The 90s

good movies from the 90s

This list is comprised of the movies we enjoy watching from the 90s. All these titles are perfect for a movie night with your adult friends. Some of our favorites include: Jumanji, Jurassic Park, Pride and Prejudice, and Gettysburg.

Read the good movies from the 90s here...

8. Find The Movies You Most Certainly Do NOT Want To Watch With Movies To Avoid

movies to avoid

Don't suffer the same disappointment we experienced and skip over these titles when you are considering good movies for movie night. Some of the most disappointing for us were the seemingly Catholic titles Becket and Fatima.

Read why we didn't like theses films here...

9. Watch Some Kid Friendly Films On PureFlix!

Beyond The Mask

Enjoy a film with your family without worrying about your children’s innocence with these kid friendly movies with morality at their center! On this page, you will find some of our favorite movies we've enjoyed with our PureFlix subscription.

Find Our Favorite PureFlix Movies Here...

10. Find Films For Your Friends Or For The Teenagers To Enjoy In This List Of Good Movies From The 2000s

The King's Speech Movie Cover

Watch these good movies from the 2000s, some of our favorite films for adults and teenagers. Although not all of these movies are limited to a mature audience, these titles will be most enjoyed by a group of adults or teenagers.

For the most part, these films are great movies to watch but either are boring for small children, frightening for small kids, or contain content that will go way over their heads.

Watch some great movies with your friends or find something the teenagers are sure to enjoy with this list of good movies from the 2000s!

Read the good movies from the 2000s here...

11. Learn More About The Intriguing Era And See These Movies About Roman History

Constantine and the Cross Movie Cover

Most people can't help it, the Roman Era is one of the most interesting times in history. It has much food for thought and imagination.

Here is a list of some of the movies set in Rome that we have recently enjoyed watching. Some are definitely better than others, but this page will provide you with seven titles you are sure to enjoy if this is a period of history that interests you. 

Satisfy your obsession with Rome with these 8 great movies about Roman history.

12. Looking For Some Great Patriotic Family Watches For The Fourth Of July?

Something To Stand For

The Fourth of July is a time not only to remember the heroes that came before us, but also a time to gather together as a family.

This list of good movies for the Fourth of July is a perfect way to do both!

Read this list of titles to find the perfect film to watch as a family this Independence Day!

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Looking For Movies For A Particular Season? Find Them In The Sections Below!

Looking for good movies for movie night in a particular season? Don't worry we got you covered there too! Below you will find our favorites for Easter and Christmas.

13. Find Your Newest Easter Special Favorite By Watching Some Of These Gems

good movie for easter

You probably have plenty of favorites when it comes to Christmas movies, but do you find it difficult to find something to watch inspired by the Christian Easter holiday? We've got you covered! On this page, we have compiled a list of our favorite movies for Easter (and, of course, our favorite TV show, The Chosen).

Read reviews for good movies for Easter here...

14. Find Reviews For Your Newest Favorite Christmas Movies, Titles Old And New

Christmas Movies

Who doesn't love Christmas (besides Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch, of course)? Many people's favorite winter pastime is snuggling up in a blankie and watching their favorite Christmas movies over a cup of something hot.

Here is the list of our favorite Christmas movies. From How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Little Women to our top three favorite Christmas Carols, you are sure to find favorites on this page. Have a Christmas that makes you say, "God bless us, everyone!" with these titles that will warm your heart.

Read our Christmas movie reviews here...

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15. Be Inspired By The Modest Fashion For Women That We Absolutely Love In Our Favorite Movies

Modest Fashion For Women

Whether they know it or not, people are subconsciously inspired by the films they see. Every film you watch leaves an impression on your character.

When women watch films, they usually "Ooh" and "Ahh" over the amazing costume choices a particular character sports.

That being said, why not take advantage of this fact? This page will show you how to implement the best fashion from the films you love.

What are you waiting for? Find your newest favorite outfits inspired by film on the fashion clothes for women page...


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