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Top Kid Friendly Movies That You Are Going To Love Watching With Your Family On PureFlix!

Most parents are always on the lookout for kid friendly movies. This is because movies are a huge part of our time's and country's entertainment industry.

Recently, we subscribed to PureFlix and have really enjoyed the shows and movies we have watched there. Here are some movies that we have recently enjoyed. We promise to give you honest assessments of each movie and let you know about anything questionable presented in the movies. Since it's all PureFlix, there really isn't anything that is assaulting to the senses or, of course, blatantly contrary to morality.

PureFlix does cycle their movies in and out, so these films may not still be on PureFlix right now. 

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1. Finding Forgiveness And Making A New Life In Beyond The Mask

Kid Friendly Movies

"Can a man whose made his life one of lies earn trust again?"

William Reynolds (Andrew Cheney) has spent most of his adult life working as a mercenary under Charles Kemp (Johnathan Rhys-Davies) for the East India Trading Company. But he's done. He is ready to take a good portion and retire far from the danger involved in his present job.

His employer, on the other hand, is not so ready to let him go. He sees Will's "talent" for the work and wants to take advantage of it as long as possible. When he meets with Will's determination to retire, he hires another mercenary to assassinate him. After the assassination is reported to be accomplished, Charles Kemp puts the blame of all the crimes of the East India Trading Company on the name of Will Reynolds.

But William escapes. A clergyman is instead killed and Will takes his place to become parson of a small town church. There he meets an innocent and good young woman and finds himself quickly falling in love with her. He knows his own name is held in abhorrence by all upstanding Englishmen and keeps up a pretense of being the murdered clergyman. Through a twist of fate, Charles Kemp discovers that he is still alive and Will is forced to flee England.

He goes to America, where the promise of a new life and Benjamin Franklin take him in and Will thinks that he can bury his entire past. Once again, he uses another man's name to hide his true identity. Still trouble catches up with him and Charles Kemp is once again on his trail. 

Will knows that the girl he loves is never to be won if he is still the man he was in England. In order to remedy his past life, Will now does all in his power to protect and defend the victims of Charles Kemp's new schemes. To escape identification, he wears a mask as he preforms his daring acts. 

Through his new life, he hopes that he can become a man worthy of the girl he loves. But can he escape the blame of his past life and still have a life worth living with her?

Points to Consider: This is a clean romance so there are a few kisses. They are not prolonged or uncomfortably passionate however. Will is in the role of a "clergyman" and is having a romance with the girl in the story. A brief discussion on the differences between Catholic clerical celibacy and Protestant understandings of clergymen's roles will help children understand why this is allowed.

2. The Bible Story Told As Never Before In Samson

Samson (2017) Movie Cover

"A voice with divine certainty in it said I will witness my brother free our people with the strength of his hands. I know you will save us, Brother, the only question is when?"

A PureFlix Original, Samson tells the famous story from the Book of Judges about the strong man from the Tribe of Dan. From birth, Samson has made three vows to God: never to drink from the vine, never to touch the dead, and never to cut his hair. As long as he keeps these vows, he has a strength far surpassing any man.

Placed at a time when the nations of Israel are under Philistine rule, the Hebrews are forced to bear the weight of servitude to their masters. A prophecy has been made that Samson will save them from slavery, but Samson has other plans with his life.

He doesn't want to feel bond to a certain destiny and does what he can to escape responsibility. What is worse, he mixes with the Philistines, falling in love with one of their women. The twist to the story that one would not usually look for, is a jealousy from the Philistine prince. The prince, Rala, thinks that if he is able to conquer Samson, Samson's God will favor him and bestow the gift of strength to him. His sole purpose in life is to defeat Samson and he even finds a woman who will help him: Delilah.

Points to Consider: There are a few traces in the film that the Israelites are a foreshadowing of the modern idea of liberty, instead of their vulnerability and dependence on God, but really the point is the great forgiveness of God and following the Will of God. This movie is a romance, so there is some kissing.

3. Macky And His Family Must Learn To Live As Christians In A Pagan World And Evangelize Those Around Them In Friends And Heroes

Friends and Heroes Long

"We told the stories of our people's heroes and soon, we became heroes, too."

Meet Macky and his family as they struggle to live under Roman rule in Alexandria in the first century A.D. These episodes tell their story while they try to help those around them learn more about the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. 

The second and third seasons feature two other amazing places: Jerusalem and Rome. In Jerusalem, Macky helps the Zealots and their stand against the Romans before the destruction of Jerusalem. There he also learns that even the Romans can be Christians and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

After being captured and brought to Rome, Macky has the opportunity to help an underground operation that seeks to help the Christians survive in Rome and preserve the Sacred Scriptures. 

We really enjoyed watching this series and it kept us entertained for months. We were able to sit down to "watch one episode" and easily watch four or five. The episodes are quick paced and keep you at the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. 

Points to Consider: The Roman girl does wear a pretty risqué outfit throughout the entire film. There are several little things that don't quite align with Catholic teaching, but this is the big one. 

4. Birthright Outlaw 4.5 Stars Quality Acting, Quality Cinematography But Where Did They Lose A Half Point?

Birthright Outlaw Movie Poster

I really enjoyed this kid friendly movie on our last family movie night. Coming out of PureFlix Studios, Birthright Outlaw (2023), by Affirm Films and directed by Aaron Burns, was fresh and engaging.

Elements of the story were relatable; especially the family tension; exciting, gunslinging and magical sets; and--dare I say it--romantic, with a touching husband and wife relationship plus an innocent young romance that ends in the ultimate sacrifice.

There were elements of humor, suspense, and fabulous cinematography which earned it a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from 

This Western takes place in the years following the American Civil War. In it towns are struggling to keep law and order and "either the church or the saloon make a town," as Sheriff Beauchamp (Tom Proctor) says.

Martha Rose Jacobs (Sarah Drew) holds strong opinions and is a good wife and mother. There is a hint of her dark past that makes her perhaps a little authoritarian in her daughter's eyes. Although she has forgiven herself and found forgiveness in the Lord she faces the cross of attaining the forgiveness of her husband for keeping the secret of her past from him.

Jeremiah Jacobs (Lucas Black) is a preacher with a pure heart. He took Martha Rose as his wife after finding her abandoned and with an infant whom he raises as his own. There is some mystery as to why the Jacobs' daughter is suddenly kidnapped but Martha knows exactly why. She also knows that she is going to have to tell the truth about her past if she is going to get her daughter back. For fifteen years Jeremiah didn't need the details of Martha's past but when the girl is kidnapped, he is hurt and angry that Martha didn't confide more in him. 

Good prevails in this Western where faith and forgiveness win the day. Unfortunately this is where the movie falls flat. It was overexposed in the beginning with little surprise plot twists for the audience and of course we find forgiveness in our Lord but the forgiveness Martha Rose Jacobs finds in the Lord is a little too subtle for this Catholic viewer.

Catholics believe in sacramental forgiveness and we find peace and grace in that. The forgiveness she is seeking from her husband, Reverend Jeremiah Jacobs is more satisfying and relatable. The cute aspect of this film was Rose and Jeremiah's "second romance" as he learns how to trust her again resulting in him forgiving her and realizing that he still loves her.

Martha's father is the true villain of the story. William "King of Hearts" Bridges (Jeff Fahey) is more of a cult leader than an outlaw gang boss. His obsession of getting the "Queen of Hearts" back is both terrifying and disturbing.

The delusional existence he carved out for himself is another element the story that is never completely resolved. Perhaps he couldn't forgive himself or seek forgiveness in the Lord and this once preacher goes mad and embraces the ugly Calvinistic doctrine of predestination. He believes he is a son of perdition and will make his own heaven on earth while he has the chance. This is not disclosed in the movie but hinted at.

The story line didn't satisfy because it missed the mark. The half point was lost because the ideas about life and the world and my own life experiences didn't inspire anything. Which is okay, but I think they wanted there to be a take-away and there really wasn't.

But overall, the acting was really great! Sarah Drew was so believable and Jeff Fahey made a super creepy bad guy, but then, he does well in any role that he plays.

Points to Consider: Adult themes and violence. The fact that Martha is pregnant outside of wedlock is tastefully portrayed and, as a Western, you have your typical gun shooting scenes.


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