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Free Coloring Pages For Catholics

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    Coloring is fun. These free coloring pages for Catholics are printable and will give you something to color as a family or while learning religion. There are many reasons to color and a few are listed below. These coloring pages follow the seasons and holidays of the Church year.

    Saint Coloring Pages

    Catholic Feast Days

    Jane Austen Coloring Pages

    Colored Pencils, 50 Count Long
    Washable Super Tips Markers, 100 Count
    Crayons, 96 Count

    7 Reasons To Color With Your Children

    1. Coloring Encourages Creativity

    Children and adults like to plan and implement a color arrangement on a page. This creative process is especially fun for children. Which brings us to the next reason why you should color as a family.

    2. Coloring Boosts Confidence

    Children love showing their work off. They are very proud of their coloring choices and how their pages turn out. It is easy to accomplish a finished coloring page and putting that page up for display or sending it to a relative is a great way to boost children's confidence. Little ones especially like it when you help them color parts of their page. They just like being with you.

    3. Coloring Is Relaxing.

    Spending undistracted time with your children is another reason to take up coloring. It is relaxing for you as you can focus on one simple activity and put away your cares for a little while. It is good for them to have your attention. Get some nice markers or colored pencils and get serious about your own coloring page. Unwind, de-stress, and spend time with your kids.

    4. Coloring Increases Focus And Attention Spans

    Adults and children alike can increase their ability to focus and develop longer attention spans through coloring. There are so many distractions in life. Sitting down to one project from start to finish is very beneficial especially during the plugged-in age.

    5. Coloring Is An Unplugged Activity

    Coloring is very accessible and requires time away from electronics. It encourages eye-hand coordination and promotes interaction and conversation with other members of the family. A strong family spends most of their freetime engaged in unplugged activities.

    6. Coloring Is Inexpensive And Portable

    You can take coloring with you anywhere. It requires no plugs or chargers. Crayons and pages like these free coloring pages for Catholics are inexpensive to print off the internet. 

    7. Coloring Is For All

    Coloring is for all ages and talent levels. It is a good way to spend time together as a family. 

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