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A St Therese Coloring Page Just To Celebrate The Gentle Little Saint Of Lisieux

As little Therese is such a well-beloved saint, we had to include a St Therese coloring page in our library of Catholic coloring pages.

St. Therese of Lisieux is well known around the world for her "Little Way". During her life, she was conscious of how little she could physically accomplish to promote the kingdom of God.

The saint she most admired was St. Joan of Arc, whose story is well told in Mark Twain's epic novel, Joan of Arc. Her coloring page can be found here.

Therese really admired how Joan of Arc sacrificed so much to follow God's Will. She longed to do something that was of similar importance. As she could not, she dedicated her life to making small sacrifices everyday and offering them to Jesus. 

If you have a little girl with an October birthday (St. Therese' feast is October 3rd), don't miss the opportunity of celebrating with a Little Flower party!

This is a fun way of commemorating the gentle saint of Lisieux and making a few crafts that celebrate this wonderful saint. 

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Saint Therese And Her Little Way

Although she did not invent sacrifice beads, Saint Therese is usually associated with them because there is a story that one of her older sisters gave her a set when she was very young and, from that day on, she was always on the lookout for little sacrifices she could offer to Jesus.

You can learn to make your own string of sacrifice beads here. 

This simple way of giving even the smallest sacrifices and disappointments up to Our Lord is a great thing to tell children about as they color her picture.

Very like St. Therese, they may not be able to do great things for Christ, but offering up even the smallest sacrifice with love and devotion is a great way of comforting Our Lord for the many ingratitudes and insults He receives everyday.

Another great intention to offer sacrifices for is the release of the Poor Souls in Purgatory. Anyone who, by prayers and sacrifice, assists a Poor Soul on their path to Heaven may rest assured of this saint's prayers for eternity. Nothing like having friends in Heaven!

Sacrifices that even the smallest children can offer include:

  1. Right away obedience (especially when they are really interested in what they are doing at the moment)
  2. Little inconveniences and discomforts
  3. Giving in in an argument 
  4. Faithfully doing one's duties (especially when they feel like being lazy)
  5. Not complaining 
  6. Not commenting on other's faults (something I really struggle with myself)
  7. Practicing good manners

For more inspiration on leading a good Catholic life, visit our page on imitating the Holy Family.

The Little Flower always kept in mind that Christ was a Child, too, and He was to be her model of obedience and sacrifice as such. This little saint is sometimes also called St. Therese of the Child Jesus. She is often depicted, as she is seen in our St Therese coloring page, surrounded by roses remembering her words, "When I die, I will let fall a shower of roses."

Reading To Accompany Our St Therese Coloring Page

The Sweet Early Life Stories Presented In The Treasure Box Books

Treasure Box Set Books 1 - 20 by Maryknoll Sisters

The Catholic Children's Treasure Box collection is full of sweet little anecdotes about St. Therese taken from her autobiography, The Story of a Soul. I even love reading these books as an adult!

Since St. Therese is the patron saint of missionaries, there is a very good pairing about the missionaries in Africa and their evangelization of the country. I don't think that it is a coincidence that Therese's story is told in the fronts of the books with these stories told in the back.

These cute stories tell about a Guardian Angel named Wupsy who must protect his little African baby from physical as well as spiritual dangers while his family converts to Catholicism. The little boy is special and Wupsy has extra troubles keeping the devils away from his little one's soul. 

Some really great books for children about St. Therese that you will want to add to your children's bookshelf are the Catholic Children's Treasure Box collection and Leading the Little Ones to Mary.

Leading The Little Ones To Mary Tells The Stories Of Many Child Saints Including St. Therese

Catholic books for children

Leading the Little Ones to Mary is a wonderful way to endear the Blessed Mother to small children. 

It includes the stories of many saints, including St. Therese, mainly focusing on their childhoods and how the seeds of sanctity were planted in their souls when they were very young.

This is a great book to read as kindergarten religion or for children to listen to while they are coloring our St Therese coloring page. To read our full review, click here...


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