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Drawn on May 30, 2018 by Mary Bowen

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France had been fighting England for nearly one hundred years and all seemed lost until our saint entered the scene. She was only a country maid of seventeen, but she declared that she would shake England off.

When Joan was fourteen she had heard voices from heaven and they urged her to lead her country into victory against the English. She said these voices were St. Katherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret of Antioch and St. Michael the Archangel.  Joan left her small village of Domrémy to deal blows that England would never forget.

In only a few months time the seventeen-year-old girl stunned the world by accomplishing something that had taken experts years to accomplish. After she completed the task of raising the siege of Orleans and seeing her king crowned at Reims, she wished to return to her home. But King Charles VII overlooked all that she had done for him and only saw how much she could do for him. He saw her as a valuable general and would not allow her to return home.

Shortly thereafter, Joan was captured by the Burgundians and sold to her English enemies. She was given an unfair trial, unjustly declared a witch and was burnt at the stake. In 1849, Bishop Dupanloup of Orleans led efforts to bring about Joan's beatification. After centuries, she was canonization by Pope Pius X in 1909.

Her feast day is on May 30th. 

Please say a little prayer for our artist, Bee Jay.

Mary Bowen is a founding member of Not only is she our resident artist but she is also a choir director, GAPS dessert guru, Angora lover, and director at San Genesio Entertainment. Always cheerful and optimistic, Mary loves sharing her gifts with others. She has walked the Chartes pilgrimages twice and hopes to go as often as is realistic. Her first movie, Outlaws of Ravenhurst premiered last July.

"Love, Mercy, Charity, Fortitude, War, Peace, Poetry, Music--these may be symbolized as any prefer...but a slender girl in her first young bloom, with the martyr's crown on her head, and in her hand the sword that severed her country's bonds--shall not this and no other, stand for PATRIOTISM through all the ages until the time shall end?"

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