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This St. George coloring page is provided for your personal use. Coloring is fun and finding online printables makes it all the better.

On this page you will see St. George defeating the dragon. St. George lived in the third century when a number of heresies broke out. Many people have heard the yarn of our saint saving a beautiful maiden from a dragon. This tale has slightly disturbed me as there is another story that St. George was a bishop. But worldly people have taken the dragon story to a different place from where is started. The beautiful lady is the Church. The dragon is heresy and the devil which has attacked the maiden. As in all times of heresy the Church has had her hero; St Augustine, St.  John Chrysothosom, St. Nicholas and so on. St. George is the hero here. 

St. George's feast day is April 23rd.

If this picture looks familiar, it was taken from a Seton 6th Grade Art book in which I learned how to draw.

Please say a little prayer for our artist, Bee Jay.

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