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Host A Birthday Coffee Theme Party To Have A Latte Fun With Your Teenage Or Adult Friends!

coffee theme party

Party Budget: $50

Have a coffee fan's birthday coming round the corner? A coffee theme party might be just the answer when looking for a birthday party theme. This party also fits perfectly for all sorts of celebrations. 

Besides birthdays, other times when a coffee theme works well are:

  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Office parties
  • Bridal showers, and
  • Welcome home parties

This article is here to help you with all the party details from foods to serve down to your party decorations.

Plan The Perfect Coffee Theme Party Recipes To Serve

coffee theme party banner


Ice cream coffees
Layered mocha cheesecake

What is a coffee party without the obvious coffee drink? Drip coffee is simple and goes great with all desserts.

Be sure to provide half and half and sugar so that your guests can enjoy their coffee however they like it. 

For something a little more exotic, try a vanilla ice cream latte. Mmm...These are delicious.

Coffee party

To make the perfect ice cream latte: Fill a 12 oz. glass with vanilla ice cream. Pour espresso or strong coffee over the ice cream and stir.

Be sure to let it sit for a little before serving it so that the coffee has a chance to get thoroughly chilled.

Instead of birthday cake, a rich and delectable layered mocha cheesecake is the perfect fit. Its flavor and aroma is a reminder of a nice cup of steaming coffee.

To print the recipe, click here...

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Coffee Party Decorations: Getting The Right Feel For Your Coffee Theme Party


Using browns and creams as your main decorating colors, purchase some: 

Shopping List

Curling ribbon
Baggies for party favors
Something for inside the favor (we used Oreos)
Coffee stickers
Cheesecake ingredients

  • Balloons
  • Tablecloths
  • Streamers
  • Curling ribbon

An interesting and unique addition to the feel is a message written in spilled coffee grounds. Even the gifts can be wrapped with the coffee theme in mind. I'm sure you can find some wrapping paper with coffee beans on it. 

How To Make The Cutest Little Coffee Party Favors You've Ever Seen!

Pastry bags filled with chocolate covered coffee bean or cookies make tasty party favors. Be sure to seal the bags with coffee bean stickers!

These are a joy to send home with each guest as a "thank you for coming" gift.

Making A Coffee Birthday Banner To Add A Special Touch To Your Party


A personalized banner always adds a little something special to the decorations at a party. Easily make your own coffee themed banner with:

  • Coffee stickers
  • Printed letters or ABC stickers
  • Pastry bags
  • Ribbon


  1. Print out the desired words in preferred color and size.
  2. Cut out the letters carefully.
  3. Glue your letters to the pastry bags.
  4. Place the coffee stickers under each letter.
  5. With the stickers, attach the ribbon as shown above. Don't forget to make a space between each word.
  6. After every letter has been attached, hang your banner in a prominent place.

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Game Ideas For Your Coffee Theme Party That Will Keep The Guests Entertained

As this is primarily an adult or teenage party theme, you won't be needing to have game after game planned to keep your guests entertained. You can just skip games altogether if you want a shorter party.

Games that you might consider planning include:

  1. Guess how many chocolate covered coffee beans are in the jar
  2. Coffee trivia game

For the first game, it's really the typical "Guess What's In The Jar" game. Closest guess keeps the jar.

For your coffee trivia, this site has 53 trivia questions asked in multiple choice format. They seem pretty fair for all ages of guessers since a lot of them are pretty predictable but still unique enough to make it a guess.

You can either just read off of this site, copy the questions onto cards, or make sheets to hand out to your guests.

Give each of your guests an index card to keep a tally on how many they guessed right. Person with the best score wins. This adorable keychain is a perfect prize for this game as it is a reminder of the winner's love of coffee as well as his friendship with the host:

Coffee Key Chain

A Variation That Is A Bit More Mild: Take Your Birthday Friend Out For Coffee

Iced Latte

Another coffee theme party that is a little more mild of a party and less demanding for you as the host is the option of taking your friend out and treating him to a cup of coffee to celebrate a special occasion.

For someone who really loves coffee, this is a great way to celebrate. It's a relaxed get together where you can enjoy each other's company without distractions involved in decorating and planning activities. 

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