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    Many Catholics all over America want good family movies. Here you will find films that hold the Hays Code as movie making laws. This is the start of rebuilding the culture of art, drama, film and entertainment for the greater glory of God. 

    Max and Carlota

    "Max was a romantic and an idealist; he liked to write poetry, to tend garden, to carry on discussions long into the night."

    "Somewhere, somehow, in Carlota's inheritance and upbringing and in her own free will, she had received great strengths."

    -Christ and the Americas by Anne Carroll

    Maximilian (Michael Bowen) von Hapsburg's idealistic world sees its dawn when he is asked by France to establish a monarchy in Mexico. His wife, Carlota (Faustina Bowen) encourages him to take the throne and free Mexico from both debt and tyranny. 

    After support from France is withdrawn and the President of Mexico is on the rise, Max and Carlota must fight separate battles to save their adopted country. After pouring out the last of their strengths, the forgotten hero and heroine  fall to their complete destruction only to be brought back to life by Anne Carroll and San Genesio Entertainment.

    Based on the true story about the establishment of the Second Mexican Empire in 1864, it is a tale torn between loyalty and betrayal, brotherly love and hate, Catholic monarchy and Liberal democracy.

    This good family movie premiered June 2020. Premiere video, photos and more here...

    San Genesio Entertainment's First Of Many Good Family Movies:

    Outlaws of Ravenhurst

    George Abell (Becket Bowen) is happily living a farmer boy life in colonial America until his estranged uncle, Sir Roger (Jonah Lawrence), claims him and takes him to Scotland to be the much longed for Protestant Earl of Ravenhurst. Matters get desperate when Sir Roger and his sly comrade, Godfrey (James Phillips), cannot bend the Gordon's will. 

    Based on the beloved novel by Sr. M. Imelda Wallace, Outlaws of Ravenhurst takes place during the dangerous years following the Protestant Revolution when Catholics in Scotland were denied the right to true worship of God. Filled with heroes, cowards, sword fights and secret passages, this story tells of the heroic stand of a ten-year-boy and  his outlawed clan of Ravenhurst who must fight for their Faith.

    This good family movie premiered July 2018. Premiere video, photos and more here...


    New Outlaws Throwback!



    We have a never ending list of good family movies we want to make.

    Keep visiting to see what will come next!

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