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    Jesuit Martyrs Of North AmericaThis audio book can be downloaded from Keep the Faith for $1.50 per part (6 parts total)

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    The Jesuit Martyrs of North America "Saints Among Savages" is the true story of love for suffering, love for one’s enemies, and finally love for God.

    The book is based on the letters the Jesuits sent to their superiors in France relating their sufferings and hardships in the New World.

    In these letters the Jesuits document all they suffered for their enemies, the Mohawk and the Iroquois Indians.

    In the end it costs the lives of the Jesuits for Christianity to take firm root in America.

    A Love For Suffering

    The Jesuits possessed the love of suffering. Although Isaac Jogues’ fingers had been chewed off and his thumbs were sawed off, he thanked God for this suffering.

    John de Brebeuf rejoiced when the Indians poured boiling water over his head because he could suffer for Christ. The Jesuits never faltered when it came to suffering but considered it a pleasure because they could suffer for Christ.

    Love For One's Enemy

    The Jesuits manifested a love of one's enemies. The Jesuit Martyrs died because they loved the Indians, they knew that in order to save them from paganism they would have to die for them.

    All died horrible deaths.

    Some like Rene and Jogues were tomahawked. Others like Gabrielle Lalemont were killed by boiling water burning their heads and damaging their brains. While others like Noel Chabanel died all alone on a cold winter night.

    Through their deaths the Indians realized that the Jesuits must have loved them to come all they way from their pleasant France to die the deaths that awaited them there in the New World.

    Love For God

    The Jesuits proved that they loved God. The Jesuits would do anything that was pleasing to God. In fact, as it was then the Jesuit motto was, all for the greater glory of God.

    Saint Isaac Jogues once said that his only consolation was dying for God.

    “But fear no difficulties,” their superior told them, “since it is your only consolation to see yourself crucified with the Son of God.”

    The Jesuits loved God so much that they died telling others about Him.

    Conclusion To The Jesuit Martyrs Of North America Audio-Book Summary

    The Jesuit Martyrs of North America, is the true story of willingness to suffer for love of one’s enemies and for God. The Jesuits proved to possess the love of suffering when Isaac Jogues lost his fingers at the hands of the Indians. The Jesuits knew that in order to save the Indian’s souls they would have to die for them. The Jesuits loved God so much that they died telling others about Him.

    Although this is a very disturbing book about how Christianity came to our nation, reading about how much the martyrs suffered for the sake of their enemies, allows the reader to clearly see how the North American Martyrs loved suffering, their enemies, and above all, how they loved God.

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

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