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Our New Line Of #CatholicHero Gifts For Young Women Is Out!

Looking for some Catholic gifts for young women? Then we have just the thing for you.

Our #CatholicHero girl’s line edition is out! Shop now to find your next best finds. 

All of the gifts you will find on this page celebrate feminine virtues as seen through the heroic women in ages past. Some of the key figures in our #CatholicHero line for girls include:

  • The Blessed Virgin
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Queen Isabella of Spain
  • Old Testament heroines

The stories of these historic figures will inspire girls and young women with their virtuous lives and actions. And they are all featured on our gifts that span from beautiful decorations and useful items.

1. Most Recommended On Our Catholic Gifts For Young Women: "For Such A Time As This" Jewelry Box

Such a Time As This Jewelry Box

Pictured on this jewelry box are the Blessed Virgin Mary, pinnacle of all holy women, surrounded by Judith, the woman who delivered her people from the Assyrians by cutting off their general’s head at her left, and on her right Esther, the brave queen who spoke out to her king when it mattered most.

These three strong women should inspire young girls even through their adult years because they are women who always did the right thing no matter the consequence.

Judith faced the dangers of the Assyrian camp in order to get close enough to their general to kill him. Esther was brave enough to face death in order to save her people from an unjust decree and Mary stood at the foot of the cross as her Son gave His life to save all men.

What better among the gifts for young women than this beautiful depiction of three strong women on a jewelry box. As an object often to be viewed, it is a great reminder of the women we are called to be and a remembrance of the women who came before.

Box measures 7.125″ square and can be ordered in black or mahogany. 

See more photos and purchase here!

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2. Remember The Heroic Last Queen Of France With Our Marie Antoinette 15 oz. Coffee Mug

Antoinette mug

Although usually slandered for having said, "Let them eat cake" when her people were starving in the streets, this phrase is actually one coined by Benjamin Franklin to rouse up anger toward the French royalty.

Far from caring so little about her nation and people, this queen was so interested in their welfare that at the young age of 37, her hair became completely white from the grief she bore over her torn nation. 

Remember this tender-hearted queen and know that even the softest personalities still have the strength to face martyrdom even if there is nothing they can do to get out of it. Far from appearing to be a terrified queen clinging to her last few moments on this earth, Marie Antoinette was calm and majestic as she walked to the blood-stained guillotine which had already taken the life of her husband and many of her friends. 

That is why this Marie Antoinette mug has the words "You Have Within You The Stuff of Heroes" as a reminder that we have a history of heroes and you, yes even you, can be one too.

See more photos and purchase here!

3. Perfect For Gifts For Young Women Of All Ages, Grisly Grisell On DVD

Grisly Grisell movie cover

During the War of the Roses, the Red Rose's Copeland family enters a marriage contract between their brash son, Leonard, and the White Rose's Grisell Dacre, beginning a microcosm of the English Civil War.

After a horrific accident in which Grisell is wounded at the hand of Leonard, she is left so disfigured that she is no longer marriageable thereby ending the betrothal.

Teaching us that beauty is indeed more than skin deep, Grisell's virtues shine through and transform her disfigured countenance which in the end wins the heart of the most unexpected hero who undergoes a transformation of his own.

Grisly Grisell is a Catholic movie your entire family will enjoy and be pleased to add to your family DVD library.

Purchase this film on DVD here!

If you follow any of the links on this page, you will be directed to the Industrious Family Film's Peter's Square store. Although you will leave our site, the gifts at our store are all designed by us and we are the ones making the sale and fulfilling the orders. Happy shopping!

4. Remember Three Heroic Women From The Bible With This 11 oz. “Such A Time As This” Coffee Mug

Such a time as this Mug

Another gift featuring the beautiful depiction of Judith, the Blessed Virgin, and Esther - three women who did difficult things for their faith when it mattered most. 

Remind women you love of these women's heroic deeds when they settle down with their favorite hot drink in this "Such A Time As This" 11 oz. mug

The soft pink gives just the feminine feel without being too much. Back features text reading, "You Have Within You the Stuff of Heroes".

See more photos and purchase here!

5. Remember The Catholic Queen Who Sold Her Jewels To Fund Columbus’s Expedition With This Isabella Girl T-Shirt

Isabella Tee Girls

Another one of our great gifts for young women, this t-shirt sports the graceful image of Queen Isabella, the only crowned head in Europe who listened to the pleas of Christopher Columbus when he needed funds to get started on his expedition to find a path to the Indies through a nautical route.

As you know, this expedition ended in the discovery of our nation, so if Christopher Columbus is the father of Christianity in our land, Queen Isabella can be said to be the godmother. 

And little girls love everything princess, so gift them this Catholic Queen Isabella t-shirt to celebrate a queen and encourage their love for all things feminine!

See more photos and purchase here!

6. Keep The Stories Of Three Heroic Women In Mind With This “Such A Time As This” Tote Bag

Such A Time As This Tote Bag

Another beautiful gift featuring the brave Jewish women who can also be considered heroes for Catholics, this “Such A Time As This” tote bag is not only lovely but also serves to remind you of the heroic women that came before.

Back side reads “And who knoweth whether thou art not come, that thou mighteth be ready in such a time as this” taken from the book of Esther.

These bags are perfect for toting makeup for trips, small crochet projects, errands, and anything else that needs a little containing.

See more photos and purchase here!

7. “Who Said Anything About Cake?” Give Marie Antoinette A Better Name With This T-Shirt

Antoinette Tee

This Marie Antoinette t-shirt displays the young queen and the phrase “Who said anything about cake?”

The smear that Marie Antoinette callously said “Let them eat cake,” when her countrymen were starving in the streets is quite simply just that: a smear actually coined by Benjamin Franklin.

Remind yourself and those around you what this Catholic queen actually underwent during those terrible years when even her life was demanded by the countrymen she cared so much about. Keep in mind the grace, elegance and bravery of this young #CatholicHero. 

See more photos and purchase here!

8. Bring These Three Heroic Women From The Bible To Mind With This “Such A Time As This” Small Mirror

Such A Time Mirror

Part of our “Such a Time as This” collection, this small mirror features an image of the Blessed Virgin surrounded by the Old Testament heroines Judith and Esther

“Reflect”on these heroic women from the Bible next time you reach for your mirror. 

See more photos and purchase here!

9. Remind Young Women And Girls Of Three Catholic Heroes With This “Such A Time As This” Light Switch Cover

Such A Time Light Switch Cover

Remember three of the most heroic women from the Bible with this “Such a Time as This” light switch plate

Pictured from left to right are Judith, who slayed the Assyrian general when he held Jerusalem under siege; Mary, whose “Yes” brought forth the Son of God made man; and Esther, who stood up for her people when the evil advisor of King Ahasuerus sought to destroy the entire Jewish nation.

See more photos and purchase here!


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