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Diving Into Roman Women Clothing In The Upcoming Film, FABIOLA. You Can Be A Roman Lady In This Film!

Industrious Family Films is now seeking actresses to fill the roles in the upcoming pilot and mini-series FABIOLA. These characters are also going to be a great exploration of Roman women clothing. Read all about these characters to help you decide if you want to apply below.

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The Lead Roman Women In FABIOLA

Roman women clothing

Fabiola - A pagan woman living in Rome. Fabiola is rather conceited when it comes to the Christians, believing them to be Rome's enemies and ignorant bigots. Fabiola is deeply attached to her father, Fabius, who spoils and dotes on her without reservation.

As time goes on, Fabiola begins to realize that there is a stark divide in the behavior of the people around her. She resolves to associate with those she wishes to be like and is surprised to find that they are all Christians.

Fabiola Character Board

This fact gets her thinking. Is everything she's heard about the Christians true? Or is it a misconception and a lie? 

She is ready to find out in one of the most dangerous times in Church history, the fourth century A.D.

ancient Roman women

Agnes - Fabiola's Christian cousin. Although she never tells Fabiola that she is a Christian, she always implies the truth and tries to help Fabiola see the light in a darkened time.

Fulvius offers her life and the breaking of her vow or virginity, or death. She chooses death and she is arrested and handed over to the tribunal. Continue reading a more in depth character description here...

Agnes Character Board

Syra - Fabiola's Christian slave. Syra also strives to convert Fabiola through constant conversations about philosophy and truth. 

Although Fabiola is at first angry with Syra for contending the greatest ideas of the day, she eventually learns to listen and learn from her slave. 

Bought from Syria, Syra is an ornament of Fabiola's apartment, adorning it with her great skill in embroidery. Although she is a slave, Syra is going to exhibit a very modest form of Roman women clothing.

Fabiola begins by treating her as what she is, a slave, but ends up respecting her as a dear friend and learns many truths of the Holy Faith from her.

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Medium Roles

Caecilia - Syra and Agnes' blind friend. As a Christian, Caecilia accepts and even embraces her blindness as a cross she must lovingly accept. 

Caecilia is happily the catacomb guide. As a guide, although blind, Caecilia is a representation of the virtue of faith - blind, yet leading the way. She is among the first to be martyred in the film. 

Afra - Fabiola's African slave. Afra is an enemy of the Christians and a pagan priestess. She pretends to conspire with Corvinus to help win Fabiola for him, although she is actually just getting money out of him.

Afra's greatest goal in life is to buy her freedom and marry the captain of the archers, Hyphax. The opportunity arises when she has the power to persuade Hyphax to let Sebastian survive his execution in exchange for Afra's freedom.

After a life of wickedness, Afra realizes that her life is not getting more satisfying, only feeling more empty. She begins to study Christianity and is martyred by her husband for embracing it.

Afra Character Board

Small Roles

Lucina - Pancratius' Christian mother. Lucina watches her husband, Quintinus, be martyred in the arena in the beginning of the film and always encourages her son to be everything his father was.

As a pious widow, Lucina dedicates her life to the Church and is in charge of the virgins as well as provides the pope with housing. She again stands in the arena to see her son, Pancratius, be killed the same way his father was, eaten by wild beasts.

Lucina is described as being "A matron not beyond the middle age of life, whose features, noble yet mild, show traces of having passed through sorrow at some earlier period. But a powerful influence has subdued the recollection of it, or blended it with a sweeter thought; and the two always come together, and have long dwelt united in her heart."

St. Agnes

Emerentiana - Agnes' foster sister. Emerentiana is first met when she is a sweet and innocent pagan. Through the influence of Agnes, she soon becomes a Christian.

Emerentiana is later martyred while honoring St. Agnes' grave by some pagan men who are angry that she will not comply with their evil intentions.

Graia - Fabiola's Greek slave, the gossip. Graia is another "good" pagan who later becomes a Christian with Fabiola's entire household.

Graia Character Board


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