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Find Favorites, Old And New, On This List Of Romantic Christmas Movies!

A favorite Christmas custom is snuggling up on the couch and watching good romantic Christmas movies. Problem is, sometimes these films can be vulgar, repetitive and flat out boring. Here is a list of truly entertaining as well as uplifting romantic Christmas movies that are sure to be a hit with your family this year!

1. Two Of Our Favorite Romantic Christmas Movies Of All Time: Little Women


The heartwarming Christmas scene in the novel by Louisa May Alcott makes Little Women a nostalgic Christmastime favorite. Set during the American Civil War, the March girls through Marmee's lead always make the best of hard times. During Christmas, the greatest gift is their father's surprise homecoming from the warfront.

The best two versions of this movie are the 1994 and 1949 versions. The 1994 one starring Susan Sarandon has a tinge of a feminist agenda but if not pointed out it could go unnoticed. The 1949 version with June Allyson is really good.

2. Anastasia Explores The Possibilities Of A Surviving Romanov After The Bloody Bolshevik Revolution

Anastasia movie poster

This movie, with its Russian wintery scenery and famous soundtrack which includes the song "Once Upon A December" earns its place among these Christmas movies. 

In the post-revolution St. Petersburg, a young con-artist and his assistant hold auditions for any young woman who is willing to pose as the lost Russian Princess Anastasia. But when they run into a young orphan named Anya they try to convince her that she could possibly be the lost princess. 

She is willing to travel to Paris to meet the royal family but is unwilling to play into their con. Dimitri and Vladimir only want the reward which is offered to anyone who finds the princess and Anya only wants to find her family. The trio agree that in the end, they all get what they want. 

But, Dimitri does not bring into account that the saucy, headstrong orphan is actually quite attractive and he feels himself reluctantly falling in love with Anya. When he discovers a clue which lines up Anya's past and Anastasia's history, he must try to convince Anya further that she is the lost princess, while convincing himself that he needs to move on without her.

Anastasia is a fun cartoon that mixes true facts from history with fiction. It relates the true story of the Romanov family's demise and the role of the sinister figure Rasputin. It also is a sweet romance. 

3. Although Not Overly Romantic, Babes In Toyland Is A Fun Christmasy Movie The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Babes in Toyland

The plot circles around Mary Quite Contrary and her fiancé, Tom Piper. Tom's engagement to Mary has sparked the jealousy of the villain of the story, Barnaby, who hires two goofy henchmen to kidnap and kill Tom, forcing Mary to marry Barnaby. 

But when the incompetent henchmen don't pull through and Tom returns, Barnaby must find another way to get rid of him. This film is filled with all the characters that you remember from childhood nursery rhymes including Little Bo-Peep, Jack and Jill, Simple Simon The Pie-Man and Jack Be Nimble. 

Although there is no reference to God in the film, there is a strong theme of good versus evil. Barnaby is displayed as bad by use of color as he wears a Dracula-like black suit and uses his over dramatic evil laugh and nasally voice. 

This movie does not have any Christmas connection in the storyline but the Toyland aspect has sparked a memory which became popular at Christmastime. In a battle where Tom and Barnaby have been shrunk to toy size, the toys in the shop come alive and pick sides with the hero or the villain. Wooden soldiers and other old fashioned toys join the fray in a stop animation battle. 

There is also a theme of Christmas in the unhappy toymaker who, after the children help him clean up the messy toyshop, has a change of heart and feels like making toys for children is not such a bad occupation after all.

The talented singing and dancing is quite memorable as well as the slapstick, innocent humor.

A call out to Uncle Michael: Thank you for supplying this Romantic Christmas Movie Review!

4. A Great Among The Romantic Christmas Movies, Miss Potter Tells The Story Of The Beloved Children's Author

Miss Potter Christmas Movie

Miss Potter follows the beloved children's story author and inventor of Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Christmas movie? You may ask. But let me tell you, this is a Christmas movie as Christmas occurs several times and a key story element takes place during a Christmas scene.

Although decidedly not as much of a Christmas movie as The Man Who Invented Christmas, it does inspire the same imagery of a vintage Christmas in the scenes portrayed.

Miss Potter Is Both Innocent And Sweet Read The Full Review Here...

5. Romantic But Quite Strange, The Nightmare Before Christmas Is Best To Avoid

Animated Christmas Movies

After his success at last Halloween is celebrated, Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King takes a lonely walk far from Halloween Town while lamenting how bored he is with his routine Halloween scare and how much he longs for something more exciting and decidedly different.

During his wandering, he ends up far from home and finds himself in a wood with a circle of trees each with a door on it, representing the different holidays of the year. One door the shape of a tree that is decorated with ornaments catches his eye and he enters, tumbling down into Christmas Town.

Instantly, Jack feels something new and warm. He is so excited that he brings a new idea back to Halloween Town: Christmas is a wonderful holiday and the people of his village should try something new - kidnap Santa and give him a vacation and celebrate Christmas a little differently this year.

The plan seems to go well with Jack even being able to dress up like Santa and he's off to fill the stockings of all the little girls and boys with the help of his friends from Halloween Town who have sacrificed much time to build the toys now in his sack.

But disaster strikes and Jack finds himself frantically looking for Santa to fix the holiday he ruined...but Santa is in trouble of his own after having been turned over to the Boogie Man.

This movie should be avoided first and foremost because the concept is bad. It seems like Christmas is the only holiday that hasn't yet been perverted into something completely opposed to Christianity. Halloween, on the other hand, has been mostly infiltrated to mean something that is grotesque and ugly until it is almost unrecognizable from celebrating All Saint's Day.

Taking everything that is bad about Halloween and injecting it into a Christmas story is wrong. Skeletons, mad scientists, witches, and vampires are portrayed as sympathetic characters.

Showing ugly characters who are supposed to be good is confusing to kids and is never a good idea. We need our good guys to be good and our bad guys to be bad. Otherwise it's really blurring the lines which, in its own turn, destroys our culture.

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