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Emma And Mr Knightly Coloring Page

Emma And Mr Knightly Coloring Page

"We shall always be friends" Emma and Mr. Knightly coloring page.

After Emma deliberately separates Miss Smith and Mr. Martin, Mr. Knighly is disturbed with Emma's meddling skills. After Mr. Knightly leaves, Emma is upset that she has disappointed him and sorry to have lost her friend's approval. He turns back to tell her that she had made a mistake and will regret it someday. 

"He was very much vexed. He felt the disappointment of the young man (Mr. Martin), and was mortified to have been the means of promoting it, by the sanction he had given; and the part which he was persuaded Emma had taken in the affair, was provoking him exceedingly."

-Emma, Jane Austen, Chapter IIX

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