Top 13 Fun Family Card Games Make Sure That There Is Never A Day We're Not Idle!

Updated by Mary Bowen on March 18, 2020

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    Fun family card games are always here to keep us busy and never idle!

    Our top 13 favorite fun family card games are:

    1. Cribbage
    2. Rummy
    3. Diminishing Bridge
    4. Spades
    5. Hearts
    6. Rack-o
    7. Uno
    8. Euchre
    9. Pinochle
    10. Dutch blitz
    11. Skip-bo
    12. Spite and Malace
    13. Canasta

    For #1: Cribbage

    Cribbage has always been among the favorite fun family card games in our house! Most of the children older than 10 really enjoy sitting down to a game.

    Then another child walks by and claims as fast as possible, "I'm playing winner!" Or the original players play the best out of three or just play all ten rounds!

    The most attractive thing about cribbage is that it is very competitive.

    By this I mean that, in one turn your twelve or more spaces away, in the next you could be the one five or more spaces ahead!

    It doesn't matter if we either play the winner of one round, play to the best out of three, or play all ten games, we enjoy cribbage!

    Up For #2: Rummy

    Until the past year or so, rummy has always been a game that I said that I had played, but not one that I know how to play.

    But now that we all really know how to play, it's been a game that we always play when a deck of cards is out.

    Rummy is fun because the tension builds as the hands are played. Each player needs to become more aware of what is out and what they are discarding.

    Rummy is a great game for four players, but if there are any more players the deck is sure to run out.

    Rummy is a excellent game for family card game time! If you have more than one deck, then you could even have a few rounds going!

    Whether the reason you play Rummy is because you like the tension or because you enjoy the competition, it is a great, fun family card game.

    Up Next: Diminishing Bridge

    Diminishing Bridge will always be among my favorite card games. I don't think I can ever forget the many fun games I've played with Bee-Jay, Da Mamma, and Mr. B!

    Diminishing bridge is fun because, again, there is plenty of competition.

    When you look at your hand at the beginning of a round, it seems as though you know exactly what to bid. the hand is played, things start to look forbidding sometimes. Sometimes it works out right for you, but sometimes it doesn't.

    This is another game where the tension grows with each passing round.

    As your hand diminishes, the result is that there are less cards and there are less choices as well as more in the deck that remain hidden and unknown.

    This game is a very fun card game and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys games that are more risky, and more suspenseful as to who the winner will be.

    Strategy tips:

    1. Always bid one less than what you think you may get. This way, if someone slips a hand away from under your fingers, you will still be good because you counted one less during the bidding.
    2. One more tip. If you get more than you bid, try taking as many as you can. If you do this, you may get more than even the other players do. 

    Our 4th Fun Family Card Game: Spades

    An exemplary team card game is Spades.  This is another game that is for four players.

    We really like this one because it too is a fun bidding game. It's very much like Diminishing Bridge in this way, but instead of each player being on his own, you can help and be helped by your teammate.

    Another thing that makes this game fun is that you don't really need to be right on the target when you take hands.

    Instead, you can go over a little, but you definitely don't want to go under at all!

    Spades is among our favorite fun family card games because of its pluses as it makes helping your teammate all right, and because the players don't need to bid exactly on what they think they are going to get.

    #5: Hearts

    Hearts is another high ranking four player card game.

    Hearts is fun because there are so many times during one game that the players need to beware.

    During a hand you may be thinking that you are doing great, but then you notice at the end of the same hand that one of your opponents has taken all the hearts and the queen of spades.

    You and the other players are in big trouble! 26 points to all of you! Ouch! it hurts when that happens!

    There are other times when you find yourself in tight pinches. Like when YOU try to go for them all and succeed most of the way but it ends up that another player gets one heart!

    That almost hurts worse than when someone else gets them all, because when this happens, you are the only one with tons of points!

    This is a great card game! Plenty of competition for all!

    And For 6: Rack-o

    Rack-o is one of the very simple fun family card games. What makes it so much fun is its simplicity!

    Rack-o is so effortless that you can actually have a real conversation while you play.

    You know how some complex games are so complicated that you and your friends can't really talk?

    This game is not at all that way! Get this game and learn how to play it and you will always have a simple game on the shelf!

    #7: Uno

    Uno is a great card game because it is appealing for all ages. We all like it! It is easy for little children to play because they can match colors and numbers easily.

    Big children like it because it gets very competitive when there are a lot of people playing.

    Uno is a perfect card games for all ages. It is appealing for little kids because its so easy, yet so much fun and competitive even for older children! Appealing to all ages, Uno is a must have fun family card game!

    Our 8th Fun Card Game: Euchre

    Once again, Euchre is one of the splendid four player, fun family card games. More mature players are a requirement though.

    This is another card game that many card-playing memories are associated with.

    When ever anyone mentions Euchre, the picture which always appears in my mind is a fun game around a table with Mr. B, Da Mamma, and Bee-Jay.

    This is a great card game filled with competition. We always like to play this one when ever there is a Sunday afternoon that seems as though it has lasted a little to long.

    With great memories attached and long afternoons spent playing, Euchre has worked its way to the top 12 of our favorite card games!

    For #9: Pinochle

    Pinochle is a game that I have played, but it was more doing what I was told to more than actually playing.

    Most people who really know how to play Pinochle find it a among the very enjoyable fun family card games.

    I have put a video on how to play below so you can learn how to play this game and hopefully have a great time with it.

    Up Next: Dutch Blitz

    Dutch Blitz among the many games which Bee-Jay and I have played hand after hand, over and over.

    This is a great game with a group as well. For this game we have learned that regular decks work just as well as a special Dutch Blitz deck.

    All you need is to make sure they are all different colors or, if they are the same color, have different patterns on the back.

    Dutch Blitz is a perfect competition card game.

    The swift pace of the game makes it much more so than games that have the some concept, but goes by turns instead, like Skip-bo for example.

    This game is a very lively card game and we all enjoy playing it.

    And For 11: Skip-Bo

    Skip-Bo is almost the same game as Dutch Blitz only that it is much more relaxed and the play is done in turns instead of a free for all.

    It's more fun than Dutch Blitz if you are a beginner. The slow pace makes everything more calm.

    Instead of trying to beat anyone at getting a card out, the real complication is that you cannot refill your hand as you put each card out.

    This is a very fun game because it is slow paced, yet still tons of complications along the way!

    For #12 Spite And Malace

    This is another game which I have played but actually don't really remember to play. I would love to pick it up again!

    Below there is a YouTube video on how to play!

    And Lastly: Canasta

    I really don't know how to play Canasta, but I would really like to learn!

    I've heard this is a very fun card game! Here's a video of how to play!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this page. These are our top 13 favorite fun family card games and hopefully if you try them they will become some of your favorites, too!

    Thanks again for reading this page! I hope you had as fun of a time reading it as I did in writing it!!

    -Teen A

    Faustina Bowen is a founding member of She is the second of ten children. This homeschool graduate likes writing scripts for movies, helping mothers with their babies and learning new instruments. She contributes to society at large by making wholesome movies and writing amazing articles and entertainment reviews.

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