After The First Annual Industrious Family Film Festival May 2023, We Are Eagerly Looking Forward To Next Year! Enjoy Our Faith-Based Film Festival With Your Whole Family!

We were so excited to organize the 2023 Industrious Family Film Festival! At this event, attendants were able to enjoy several low-budget wholesome films made by independent filmmakers. Complete with workshops and a gala dinner.

If you missed it, don't worry. This is an event that we are hoping to do every year. So, stay tuned for next year!

If you are interested in submitting a film in next year's film festival (2024), please let us know by filling this form out.

Films must be made within the last two years and can only be submitted once in the Industrious Family Film Festival.

Filling out this form gives us the opportunity to reach out when we have details concerning next year's festival.

Details will regard dates, locations, workshop topics, and more!

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Are You Getting Excited For Industrious Family's Film Festival 2024? So Are We! Details Regarding Dates, Locations, Workshop Topics And More Coming Soon.

Our first faith-based film festival was May 18-19, 2023. We can't wait for next year! We'll let you know here on this page what our plans for 2024 are.

In the meantime, here is the information regarding with last year's details to give you a good idea of what next year is going to be like.

This humble festival includes filmmaking workshops from many members of the Industrious Family Films' crew, plus a viewing of the positive entertainment produced by independent filmmakers from all over the United States.

There are opportunities to meet and greet all in-person participants as well as awards and a gala dinner!

Open The Printable 2023 Film Festival Program Guide

Passes for both days are $30 per person, $35 for a family pass. You will be emailed your passes and receive a wristband at entry.

If you are not able to attend in person, please let us know and we can send you the password to the livestream festival online. Price is the same as in-person attendance.

The days of the festival and the week following, this page will be password protected so get your passes and have access to this page in advance!

 Filmmaking Workshops

Applying Make-up For Screen

Make-up is applied to men and women alike for films. The trick is making it subtle enough not to be noticeable to viewers but bold enough to highlight the actor's features.  Michael will go over the best application and finish with a demonstration.

Speaker: Michael Bowen,
Art Dept. Industrious Family Films


Without a script, you don't have a movie. Needless to say, having a strong script will greatly improve interest and quality of your films. Faustina has been writing scripts for over 6 years and is ready to share her experiences and lessons learned about screenwriting

Speaker: Faustina Bowen
Script Supervisor, Industrious Family Films


Giving the right feel with lighting will boost your cinematographic vibe in film. Becket will take you over the most simple lighting using a key and fill. He will also talk about how to reflect light to make your films even more well-lit.

Speaker: Becket Bowen,
Lighting, Industrious Family Films


The most noticed people behind film (besides actors, of course) are the directors. Mary will be going over what qualities make a good director and how to foster and learn those qualities to boost the effectiveness to your directing

Speaker: Mary Bowen,
Director, Industrious Family Films

Managing Actors And Crew Members

It doesn't matter who they are, somewhere along the line you are going to need to manage actors and crew members. Whether it's simple rules, schedules, or even behavior, Kathleen will tell you how to handle specific situations and people problems as well as just normal line of business management.

Speaker: Kathleen Bowen,
Producer, Industrious Family Films


It's something that may seem simple to viewers, but acting is one of the most difficult jobs on the set. There is not only the difficulty of remembering lines but making it believable is thrown in the mix. Faustina will be going over a few techniques and things to remember when you are on set with the camera on you.

Speaker: Faustina Bowen

Business of Theaters

There's a whole new project waiting  for you after the film is all done and edited: distribution. Chris has been working in the theater business for a number of years and is going to share how theaters are run and what they expect when you are ready to send a film to theaters.

Speaker: Chris Wagner
Owner, Blue Fox Theater

Films Played Time-Line

For more event information and a description of each film, see our Festival Program Guide

View Other Faith-Based Films, See Your Own Films And Attend Workshops On How To Make Movies At The Industrious Family 2024 Film Festival

faith-based film festivalWar of the Vendee Showing At The Blue Fox Theater

This film festival showcases independent films, shorts, full-lengths, documentaries, and music videos. 

These films qualify for awards and the participant can opt-in for a roundtable critique of their film.

This features personalized constructive criticism on how the filmmakers can make their films even better. This kind of criticism is a huge help to filmmakers who want to continually improve the quality of their productions.

Your films will also be put in front of other independent filmmakers and our local and online audiences.

Also included in the festival are workshops covering filmmaking topics ranging from:

  • Applying makeup for screen
  • Lighting
  • Directing
  • Managing actors and crew members
  • Acting
  • What to expect at shoot days
  • Distributing films

Other fun activities that everyone with a pass will be able to look forward to include:

  • Meet & Greet, 
  • Group activity, and
  • Gala dinner

Enjoy The Films Of Your Choice At Two Different Locations In The Beautiful Idaho Bitterroot Mountains

Positive Entertainment Film Festival

The Industrious Family Films Festival will take place at two locations in Grangeville, Idaho.

This makes it so that you can watch just shorts, just full-lengths, or bounce in between. There is an agenda available on purchase of passes to help you decide what you'll be watching.

Regarding the gala dinner, attendants will receive an invite, but will be expected to buy their own meal. Estimated cost will be $10 per plate. 

For lodging, the Super 8 and the Gateway Inn are walking distance from each other. The event will be hosted at the Super 8 which also boasts of an indoor pool and hot tub. You will be responsible for securing and paying for your own lodging.

Industrious Family's Faith-Based Film Festival Is Still In The Planning Stages For Spring 2024. Stay Tuned For Details.

Industrious Family Film Festival 2023

At the moment, our 2024 festival is still in the planning stage. Details will be released on this page once they are decided.

Our entire crew can't wait to meet fellow independent filmmakers and fans at this event! Since this is a faith-based film festival, you can rest assured that you are not going to be unpleasantly surprised by any of the content shown at this festival.

Rebuilding the art of filmmaking is something we are VERY passionate about, and we are sure you are going to love seeing what we are getting ready for you at this festival. See you then!

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