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Another Annual Film Festival In The Books! Looking Forward To The 2025 Industrious Family Film Festival

Faith Based Film Festival

With the results in from this year’s festival, organizers look forward to making it bigger and better in 2025. All films will be LIVE streamed on Saturday, April 13th at 10:00 a.m. PT. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, download the app or sign up for our newsletter to be notified.

Industrious Family’s 2024 Film Festival was held last Saturday, April 6th. This festival showcased films, documentaries and trailers from independent filmmakers across the U.S. 

“This festival is important because of the cohesion it brings to the wholesome entertainment movement,” filmmaker and organizer Faustina Bowen commented about the event. “Most of us are very small companies and this event gives us more unity and visibility in the niche.”

Young Adult Time Travel Books

Judges Shared Their Opinions On The Faith-Based Films Submitted In The 2024 Industrious Family Film Festival

Besides offering visibility for the submitted films, the festival also provided the filmmakers a chance to win cash prizes for first, second, and third places. Each film was judged for quality in the areas of cinematography, acting performances, scripting, sets and locations, and editing.

Coming in first place overall, Nefarious—observed by judge Aidan Jones as being “an intense film that deftly avoids ‘Christian movie’ tropes, while still delivering Christian themes”—was submitted by directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman.

“The movie makers surely had some reliable advisers. I personally enjoyed this movie very much, and believe it can help to open the eyes of many to the motives of Satan and his deceits,” added the other judge, Fr. Marcellus Moylan.

Submitted Projects

See This Festival's Printable Film Festival 2024 Program Guide!

Nefarious - 19 points, Overall 1st Place

Nefarious Movie Cover

On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.

Directors: Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman
Screenwriters: Cary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman, Steve Deace
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Bell, Tom Ohmer

Run time: 97 min

Last Guardian - 17 points, Overall 2nd Place

Last Guardian Cover 2024

A Jedi apprentice is sent by his master to destroy the Book of Darkness. All the powers of the Dark Side are contained in this single book. The final destruction of evil eventually will end in sacrifice, as the master offers his own life to ensure the destruction of evil.

Comments from the judges: "Good lighting and technology. I like the fiery background."
“A dramatic short with strong VFX and stunt work. The stunts were incredible. This was a pleasure to watch.” 

Director/Screenwriter: David Szemborski
Cast: Joseph Szemborski, David Szemborski, Dominic Reen

Runtime: 5 min

Merry Christmas 2023 - 17 points, Overall 3rd Place

Christmas 2024 thumbnail

Celebrating everything nostalgic about Christmas time: gifts, Christ’s coming, decorated small towns. Experience Grangeville’s magic at Christmas time.

Comments from the judges: “This featured a lot of well-composed shots! The sets, locations, and costumes were definitely one of the strengths of this film.”
“It captures well the warm family, culture, and spiritual traditions of Christmas.” 

Director: Mary Bowen
Story: Faustina Bowen
Song Artist: Jordan Sax
Producers: Matt & Kathleen Bowen
Cast: Faustina Bowen, Noël Bowen, René Bowen, Agatha Bowen

Runtime: 4 min

Secrets Of The Saints in the End Times - 15 points, 1st Place In Documentaries

Secret of the saints 2024

Explore where we are on the clock of the end times, look at the prophecy and Marian apparition of Our Lady of Revelation and Catholic Church teachings on the Second Coming, the Antichrist, the great apostasy, the persecution, and much more.

Comments from the judges: “All of the Roman sites were very cool and the studio set is well-lit and visually interesting.” 

Director: Joe McClane
Featuring: Joshua Charles, Bishop Joseph Strickland, Michael Matt, John-Henry Westen, Edward Penten

Runtime: 75 min

Elimination - 15 points, 1st Place In Trailers


A young soldier has been broken into the role as a special forces Sniper. His first mission is to recover  classified blueprints from an exploded lab. He is ambushed by enemy forces and must eliminate them all if he wishes to get away with his life.

Comments from the judges: “Music fits the trailer perfectly and had very clear communication of the storyline and conflict.”
"As a trailer I thought it was pretty good, near professional on some levels."

Director/screenwriter: David Szemborski
Story: Thomas Treacy
Cast: John Treacy, Joseph Szemborski, Michael Treacy, Thomas Treacy

Runtime: 2 min

Day Of Glory - 14 points, 2nd Place In Shorts

Day of Glory Cover

The catacombs reveal a secret in 1802... Now you can experience on screen the trials and martyrdom of the saintly princess Philomena, under the rule of Diocletian.

Comments from the judges: "The story is of course a great choice, and I found the film inspiring. The delivery of lines were clear and easy to understand, not too rushed nor too choppy."
“This film was well-written and had some neat locations used as well. The Rome exteriors in particular were very cool!” 

Director: Hannah Petrizzi
Screenwriters: John Sampson, Hannah Petrizzi, Regina Petrizzi
Cast:  Regina Petrizzi, Jude Petrizzi, Simon Petrizzi, Hannah Petrizzi, Colette Petrizzi

Runtime: 30 min

The Martyrdoms Of Sts. Cyprian And Justina - 13 points, 3rd Place In Shorts

Cyprian And Justina Movie

A sorcerer; a pagan nobleman; and the pious woman who converts them both. Experience the story of the martyrdoms of Sts. Cyprian and Justina during the Roman persecution under Emperor Diocletian.

Comments from the judges: “A strongly written and entertaining short with memorable characters and clearly-communicated storyline! I was genuinely entertained and enjoyed the humor.”
"It was nice to see the entire Bowen family in a film. Some parts made me laugh. Good choice for a story."

Director: Michael Bowen
Writer: Michael Bowen
Cast: Becket Bowen, Faustina Bowen, Patrick Bowen

Runtime: 15 min

Pop Goes the Toaster - 12 points, 4th Place In Shorts

Pop Goes The Toaster 2024

In a battle of life and death, one man discovers what it takes to find satisfaction in his ritualistic breakfast preparation.

Comments from the judges: “The storyline was clearly communicated…reminiscent of some Pixar shorts. The pacing is very solid overall, especially when it comes to the timing of reaction shots.” 

Director/Screenwriter: Samuel Nicholes
Cast: Beth Nicholes, Samuel Nicholes, Caleb Nicholes, Laura Nicholes, Sarah Nicholes

Runtime: 8 min

Heaven's Match - 11 points, 5th Place In Shorts

Heavens Match 01

After his return to the Promised Land, Jacob has one last trial he must overcome before going to meet his brother Esau.

Comments from the judges: “It was a bold and daring choice to set Jacob’s wrestling match in a modern setting.”
“This concept was hilarious! The composition and lighting of the last few shots were very neat.” 

Director: Mary Bowen
Screenwriters: Mary and Michael Bowen
Producers: Matt & Kathleen Bowen
Cast: Patrick Bowen, Becket Bowen, Michael Bowen

Runtime: 7 min

Film Festival 2024 03
Film Festival 2024 07
Film Festival 2024 06
Film Festival 2024 05
Film Festival 2024 04

Looking Forward To The 2025 Film Festival

The organizers are already getting ready for the 2025 Industrious Family Film Festival.

Next year the festival may include not only the viewing of independent films but also:

  • A day of enjoying some of the beautiful scenery Idaho has to offer
  • Workshop/conference talk from an experienced filmmaker
  • Dinners, to include an opportunity to meet & greet filmmakers
  • An opportunity to be an extra in one of Industrious Family’s films and watch the moviemaking process at Industrious Family

“All of the films were very well done and not preachy at all,” announced Matt Bowen of Industrious Family while discussing the event.

“Getting to show and judge something on the par of Nefarious gives all participants and fans an idea of what we can reasonably aspire to,” Kathleen Bowen of Industrious Family states, “I hope to see more faith-based movies with fantastic storylines and performances submitted in future years. A big thank you to Cary Solomon for submitting his film.”

The 2025 Industrious Family Film Festival is now seeking submissions and gauging interest for next year’s event. Come for an opportunity to see your film on the big screen, associate and converse with the filmmakers, enjoy Idaho’s beautiful mountains and canyons and be an extra in one of Industrious Family’s films!

Film Festival 2024 Winners And Awards

Film Festival 02

Awards were given to the best films based on cinematography, delivery, audio, storyline, editing, sets and costumes, and over-all appeal. Winners  received a physical award, a certificate plus:

$100 for overall first place
$75 for overall second place
$50 for overall third place

Awards included a digital icon for each participant to put on their films and websites!

Here are the 2024 festival winners:

Full Lengths : Nefarious (19 points, 1st)
Shorts : Last Guardian (17 points, 2nd)
Music Videos : Merry Christmas 2023 (17 points, 3rd)
Documentary : Secrets Of The Saints in the End Times (15 points 4th)
Trailers : Elimination (15 points, 5th)

2nd Place Shorts : Day Of Glory (14 points)
3rd Place Shorts: The Martyrdoms Of Sts. Justina And Cyprian (13 points)
4th Place Shorts : Pop Goes The Toaster (12 points)
5th Place Shorts : Heaven's Match (11 points)

Film Festival 2024 Judges:

Father Marcellus MoylanFr. Marcellus Moylan is a traditional Catholic priest who enjoyed making his own homemade films about the lives of the saints when he was growing up with his brothers and sisters. He now serves a small parish in Ohio and supports young Catholic filmmakers who are endeavoring to make authentically Catholic entertainment like he did. We are very excited to have him as one of our judges this year!

Aidan Jones - Aidan Jones is a Catholic filmmaker with credits as a director, writer, and actor. His short film, The EDEN Project was recently nominated for a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Foundation, and his script Eye of the Beholder received an Honorable Mention at the Catholic Arts Institute’s 2024 Letter to Artists Short Film Festival. He has also worked as a freelance videographer for multiple clients in Northern Wisconsin, and received the 2022-23 award for “Rising Star in Theatre and Digital Filmmaking”. In his free time, Jones enjoys reading, spending time with his family and friends, smoking pipes, and swing dancing.

What Others Are Saying About The Festival:

"It was the one and only time my film will be played in a theatre. I wouldn't care if I was the only one in the room, it would be amazing to see it."

-Joe McClane, A Catholic Take


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