This Heidi Book Summary Shares The Tale Of A Heartwarming Childhood Passed In The Swiss Alps

I am pleased to provide you with this Heidi book summary as it is one of our family's all time favorites. Take a trip into the Swiss Alps and join Heidi in an adventure everyone is sure to love.

In this wonderful novel, Johanna Spyri compares life in the nineteenth century rural Swiss Alps with life in the urban city of Frankfort, Germany, as she shares the experience of a kind child whose name is Heidi.

As a young girl, Heidi lives with her reclusive grandfather in his out-of-the-way mountain home and, while living there, befriends a young goat herder named Peter. 

Later, she is forced to go live in the large city of Frankfort to be a companion of a girl named Clara. Despite many hardships, Heidi treats others with compassion, and during her time in Frankfort, she learns about a loving God and this greatly changes her life.

This book shows that Christian virtues can be evident anywhere and in anyone, as seen in the actions of Heidi, Clara, and in even Grandfather.

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Heidi's Simple Virtues Of Obedience, Charity And Cheerfulness Bring Joy To Everyone She Meets

Heidi practices several Christian virtues. She is obedient when her aunt, Dede, brings little Heidi to her grandfather. Heidi does not know her grandfather and she does not want to live with this man she doesn't know. But she goes with Aunt Dede and over time learns to love her Grandfather.

Heidi’s cheerful ways are helpful when she is in Frankfort. Heidi helps cheer up the cripple girl, Clara. There are multiple times when she makes Clara laugh by just being herself. Heidi truly possesses Christian virtues.

Heidi's Good Character Beings To Rub Off On Clara Who In Turn Fosters Kindness, Trust And Obedience

Clara’s actions show Christians virtues. She is kind to Heidi. She gets some fresh rolls for Heidi to give to Grandmother. When Heidi’s rolls are taken from her, Clara gives her new rolls.

When Heidi and Grandfather try to help Clara walk she both trusts and obeys them. Clara often follows the suggestions of Heidi. She obeys Grandfather when he helps teach her to stand. In the end, her obedience leads her to the joy of being able to walk. In her actions, Clara reveals her Christian virtues.

Reclusive Grandfather Opens His Heart To Heidi And Shows Benevolence, Generosity And Leadership

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Heidi’s grandfather is a kind person in many ways. He shows kindness when he lets Heidi live with him. He had lived alone for a long time and does not want a little girl to live with him. Nonetheless he allows her into his home and eventually into his heart.

His kind generosity is displayed as he rebuilds Grandmother’s little house. At the command of Heidi, he rebuilds all the "shaky" parts of Grandmother’s shabby little house.

He is also kind when he helps teach Clara how to walk. He is very gentle while taking care of her. Because of his kind yet authoritative leadership Clara begins to walk. Heidi’s Grandfather proves to be a good Christian gentleman.

This Heidi Book Summary Proves That There Is No Limitations When The Love Of God Is Shared

The Christian virtues displayed in the lives of Heidi, Clara, and in the end, Grandfather, prove that there are no limitations when the love of God is shared.

When Dede took Heidi up to the mountain, Heidi obediently follows. Clara is kind to others especially to Heidi and Grandmother.

Grandfather shows kindness toward Heidi as he learns to love again, to Clara as he teaches her to trust herself, and to Grandmother when he makes her home a more livable place.

Heidi book summary bottom line: Christian virtues shine through all Johanna Spyri’s characters.

Heidi Taken To The Screen In Film Adaptations Of "The Favorite Classic Children's Tale"

There have been several Heidi film adaptations including a popular performance by Shirly Temple. Our favorite Heidi adaptation is the 1968 version with Maximilian Schell (The Reluctant Saint).

The orphan Heidi is taken to the Alps to live with her reclusive Grandfather. Heidi must learn how to cope with the cold and rough elderly man. But she grows on her grandfather and the two develop a unique bond. Heidi's life is one of frolicking in the sunshine and playing with goats on the mountainside.

But, Heidi's uncle sees a perfect opportunity for Heidi by adopting her, thus opening the door to a better life for Heidi as well as acquiring a companion for his sour, spoiled and handicapped daughter, Clara. Clara's doctors have mentioned that she has the ability to walk but that she is scared to try.

Thinking he is releasing the old man of a burden, Uncle Richard climbs the Alps to take Heidi to Frankfort with him. Though Heidi and Clara do become friends and Heidi's character and personality brighten the invalid's life, Heidi is homesick and begs to return to the Alps.

Back at the Alps, Heidi is convinced that the mountain air would do Clara good and convinces her uncle to let Clara spend two weeks in Switzerland. During her stay, Grandfather explains to Clara that there is a fear in every man to try. He convinces Clara that as soon as she gains the courage to try, a miracle with happen. It is grandfather's strong leadership that leads Clara to have more confidence in herself enough to walk on her own two feet.

The twist in this movie that does not follow the book is that the governess is not the mean lady that she is made out to be in the novel, but rather that she is a kind and good woman who practically becomes Heidi's and Clara's second mother. Clara shares with Heidi that the governess is in love with her widowed father. This, of course, turns the traditional Heidi story into a Sound of Music-ish romance. I personally think it was for the better good of the film.

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