Winter Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

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    Sledding, building snowmen, celebrating holidays...These winter activities are sure to keep you warm as the weather cools.

    Classic Winter Activities: Card Games And Board Games

    The winter is a good time to get those card games and board games out. A fun one we tried recently is Wits and Wagers. It truly can be enjoyed by people of all ages which makes it appealing in our home.

    Card games that have kept us entertained during these cold, rainy months are Cribbage and Rummy.

    Our other top ten favorite boardgames are:

    1. Risk
    2. Sorry
    3. Parcheesi
    4. Chutes and Ladders
    5. Clue
    6. Monopoly and it's various versions
    7. Cranium
    8. Scategories
    9. Guesstures
    10. Phototrek

    Besides Cribbage and Rummy our top ten include:

    1. Diminishing Bridge
    2. Spades
    3. Hearts
    4. Rack-o
    5. Uno
    6. Euchre
    7. Pinochle
    8. Dutch blitz
    9. Skip-bo
    10. Spite and Malace

    Winter Activities: Reading Aloud

    The winter is a good time to pick up a book and read aloud as a family. Throughout all my children's stages and the years, I remember most fondly, the novels and books we have shared.

    We fell in love with Heidi, were captivated by Dracula, and enraptured by the Scarlet Pimpernel.

    Good Night Moon and Winken Blinken and Nod will always remind me of sleepy, cuddly toddlers.

    I would encourage new moms to start the habit of reading aloud to their children. My highschool daughter still likes to be apart of whatever story we are reading.

    Winter is a long, cold time here in Idaho. Celebrating these holidays with fun-filled winter activities will keep everyone's spirits up. God bless and keep up the family fun!


    Kathleen Bowen is a founding member of She is a busy homeschooling mother of ten children with seven currently in school. She loves throwing parties and having fun. She takes great pride in homemaking, gardening, flowers and creating table arrangements.

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