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Please Join Us On May 2nd At 9:00 a.m. For A Rosary Followed By A FABIOLA Film Presentation

Mary’s Town Productions is a Catholic Production Company whose sole vision is to pray for and work toward the transformation of Hollywood and all media worldwide.

After the Rosary, various Catholic Artists engage audiences for an hour and a half, live via ZOOM. In the past the speakers have included Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman (God's Not Dead and Nefarious), actress Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Men in Black, Forrest Gump), and Anthony D’Ambrosio (Triumph of the Heart). We are so honored to be invited to be a guest speaker on May 2nd!

Big 100 Challenge

We have been challenged to get 100 of our fans on the call. We need you to join us! You don't have to actively participate in any way, you can have your mic muted and your camera off while you listen to us if you would like. But if you do want to ask questions you will be given the opportunity to "raise your hand" after the talk.

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Please Join Us!

Time: May 2, 2024 09:00 AM PT

Meeting ID: 890 5817 6967

Passcode: 433197

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Mary's Town Rosary

Mary Bowen, Creative Director: Mary directed her first film as a teenager in 2017. Seven years and five films later, she is ready to apply all that she's learned to a full budget film: FABIOLA

Faustina Bowen, Production Director: From creating call sheets to responding to emails, Faustina is on it. On set, Faustina oversees the production assistants. Her greatest passion for movie making springs from her love of acting.

Kathleen Bowen, Producer (appearing on behalf of her husband Matt): Together, Kathleen and Matt oversee casting decisions, project budgets and the overall operation of the website and business.

All the other children including Michael and Becket are the Production Assistants which means on varying levels they comprise the art department, lighting department, equipment management, and assist with all the random tasks that are necessary to make shoot days run smoothly (aka: the gophers).

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Current Project Overview:

FABIOLA tells the story of a haughty and prejudiced Roman noblewoman. Although pagan, Fabiola has spent much time culturing her mind. This has brought her to the conclusion that all religion is false and pretentious. Highly educated, she continues to search for more and finds herself studying others.

It doesn't take long before she sees a divide in those around her: high-minded and respectable people with many virtues and base and shallow people who seem to only scratch at the surface of things. Fabiola is eventually won to the Faith by an intellectual conversion through the holy example of her cousin, Saint Agnes.

On the other side of the coin is Fulvius, a desperate fortune-seeking man who is willing to do anything for money. He wants to marry Saint Agnes for her fortune. When she rejects him, he denounces her for being a Christian, thinking that he will receive her wealth as a bounty to pay off his debts. This crime and other crimes weigh heavily on his conscience. Will it lead to his conversion?

The story of FABIOLA is sure to deeply resonate with Catholics around the world. True Christians, including St. Sebastian and St. Agnes, are able to live in the world but not be of it eventually leading some of Rome's highest minds to the true Faith. In what a different world we might suddenly find ourselves if we were able to do likewise!

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Raising Project Awareness:

We are working on creating a pilot or torch that presents our best work in a small scene not only to show to our audience as a promise of the quality that can be expected in the full project, but also to use in order to build a movement around the project wherein we can raise enough money to complete the film. 

Audiences want faith-literate films and who better to lead the way than Catholics. This film will be Catholic from start to finish. It starts with a script adapted from a classic Catholic novel, actors who embrace the Faith of all time, and is staffed by a Catholic family that works as the crew.

The moment of the Pilot introduces a new thought to this Roman noblewoman. She begins to realize that everyone she respects and seeks to imitate is Christian. Agnes, although several years younger, has always been someone Fabiola looks to for guidance and morality.

Now she visits Agnes in her cell after Fulvius’ denunciation of the chaste young girl and hears from Agnes one last time. Agnes appeals to Fabiola’s higher nature and a new world is thus opened to Fabiola. Is she to continue on in her comfortable life as a pagan or will she sacrifice all to follow Our Lord?

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