Watch Snippets From The Life Of A Saint Come To Life Through These Short Films

Telling stories highlighting the life of a saint is something that Catholics have always done. It is a skill that they learned from their Jewish ancestors. The success stories of Christ's closest friends inspire the Catholic people generation after generation. 

the life of a saint

At first these stories were handed down by word of mouth and Sacred Scripture. As the printing press became popular in the Middle Ages, Christians began writing down the stories of our Catholic heroes. This has helped largely in preserving the stories of the saints for our children.

These true stories excite the imagination of authors even today, but a new way of storytelling has also made itself felt in the last century. At the present, we are living in a new era of digital storytelling: I mean the age of film. 

Industrious Family Films has made several short films of our own celebrating the life of a saint. Please enjoy them below! Please comment and let us know how you liked the videos and consider paying-it-forward as little as $3 so that we can continue making such films.

Find The Movie You Want To Watch About The Life Of A Saint From The Industrious Family Films Library

what are martyrs

The Martyrdom of Sts. Justina And Cyprian: The Roman Martyrs Who Suffered Together After Cyprian Was Converted Through Justina's Example And Virtues

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St. Theresa Of Avila Movie

St. Teresa of Avila: The Little Girl Who Longed To Go To Africa To Be Martyred

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St Catherine Laboure Movie

St. Catherine Laboure: The Nun Who Saw Her Own Angel And Received The Miraculous Medal From The Very Hands Of God's Mother

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St. Issac Jogues Movie

Blackrobe Bravery: Greater Love Hath No Man Than He Lay Down His Life For The Indians

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Short Videos Capture Moments In The Life Of A Saint So That Children Can Easily Remember Them

As you know, being a Catholic does not mean simply attending Mass every Sunday. It is a way of life that emanates and touches every aspect of our lives. Entertainment has become a very far-reaching industry, making its way into every home.

Patrick and Camera

Unfortunately, we know that many entertainment types can be tainted with the world or, worse yet, be an all-out assault on Catholic principles. We know how important good entertainment is to you. 

Catholic authors have already stepped up to the plate and started flooding the presses with their wonderful works. The film entertainment area, however, still has only few really Catholic movies. Industrious Family Films wants to start remedying that problem.

Although right now you will not find very many films about the life of a saint here on this page, we hope the ones you did find will make you feel as though you can let your kids watch them, knowing that their Faith and precious little minds are in no danger of being polluted.

One more plus to Industrious Family Films entertainment: children love watching other children act and they won't stop talking about how cool it was to see little kids just like themselves in the movies!

Did You Enjoy These Short Films? Did You Find Them Helpful Or Interesting?

These films are free to watch but are not free to make. We ask our viewers to help us make films like these by donating as little as $3. If everyone who reads this page this month was to donate just $3, we would make $300 on this page alone. If these short films entertained you and your family, or if you just found them interesting and would like to see more like them, please take one minute to show your appreciation. Thank you and God reward you! 

Telling the stories of Catholic saints is just as important now as it was when Christians were empowering each other with the word of mouth stories of the Apostles. This has been recognized by many Catholic filmmakers and I would encourage you to watch some of these Catholic films.

Catholic moviemaking, especially movies that highlight the life of a saint, is a great way to retell the lives of the saints to our children. Videos really keep little children engaged and, in the era of corrupt films, it is important to us to provide wholesome entertainment to these small minds. Since films engage many of the senses, they have a powerful impact on the people who view them, especially young people. We want this to be a positive impact, and we are sure these short films will make one. 

Most of the stories we tell in these short films are derived from the Leading the Little Ones to Mary book. These short stories are perfect for retelling in film!

Children making movie

Children recall information from films very readily, so I hope these films can be an aid to you, as a Catholic parent, to teach your children about the Faith and the commandoes of Christ the King who have come before us. 

If you have enjoyed watching these short films, please consider donating just $3 towards the cause of Catholic moviemaking. We are completely crowd-funded and always in production of a new film so every little bit helps. God bless you!

Check back at this page anytime you want to watch another short film about the life of a saint as we will be uploading videos regularly. 

If these short saint films interest you and your children, you may also want to check out our full length films here... Although not particularly focused on the life of a saint, all of these films amplify Catholic values and tell the tales of courageous Catholic heroes from the past.

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