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10 Positive Reasons To Homeschool

Sometimes there is a focus of the negative for reasons to homeschool. These ten reasons to homeschool are a focus on the positive. Homeschooling is hard, but when something is difficult, the results are all the more rewarding. 

The level of difficulty is precisely why homeschooling is so enjoyable for me. It is hard, and it is manly. St. Teresa said, "I want manly nuns." She didn't mean masculine nuns she meant tough nuns, women like the mother in the book of Maccabees. Tough moms succeed in homeschooling their children.

1. Reaching Goals

Setting goals with children and then reaching them is very rewarding. I love looking at weeks and weeks of student plan books that are checked off! It makes me feel like I've accomplished something big.

2. Watching Children Succeed

Listening to struggling students finally read or understand a math concept makes the weeks of frustration seem like a blip on the radar screen compared to the joy I feel when they succeed.

3. Living By A Rule

It gives order to my day causing me to pray more and learn about the Faith

4. Keeping Priorities Straight

I don't feel rushed, and I'm not busy outside the home causing me to be more available to my husband and children.

5. Flexibility

I have the flexibility to teach the skills I want, to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy as opportunity presents itself, and to focus on special interests and problems that arise in the home and outside the home.

6. Friendships

I am around other families who share my values.

7. Being Around Children

Children make me laugh, and children cause me to hope.

8. Family Togetherness

We are creating bonds that will last a lifetime. I appreciate the shared lessons that have become a part of our common family experience. The memories we've created in science, history, literature and religion are only possible through home schooling.

9. Leading By Example

I love watching children pass on what they have received to the younger children.

10. A Rewarding Purpose

We laugh more than we cry. We pray and sing. We make huge messes.

We fight over who gets to go get the mail and who gets to make lunch. There is always a mad rush for the phone. I don't even bother trying to get the mail, make lunch, or answer the phone anymore.

We work together and pray together. Homeschooling has turned my home into a little monastery. What am I going to do with myself when it is over?

I have embraced every stage of my life, and I will embrace that one as well. But I'll look back on these years as the most important years of my life. How could I not?

It is what I am called to do--be a wife and mother. I am bringing them up in the ways of the Lord so that when they are grown they will not depart from it. There is nothing I will ever accomplish that is more important than this. The only way I can do this well is in my homeschool.

I've often thought...what would I be doing if I wasn't homeschooling? I can't think of anything that would be nearly as fulfilling.

And yet, I know this homeschooling journey will come to an end. Are you ready for when the homeschooling journey ends? You have a homeschooling-mom-life now, but another season awaits you. Don’t miss this "aging with grace" expert's article:

Notes from a Retired Homeschool Momby Maureen O'Brien

Joy Is One Of The Biggest Reasons To Homeschool

homeschoolI love to homeschool. Really, I love it! Every day I experience little nuggets of goodness that make me thankful.

Would you believe there were so many reasons to homeschool that I had to eliminate the ones that were less important to me. Such as the fact that I am finally a whiz at multiplication, and that I love the drawings and original works of art that have decorated my home over the years. 

I hope this inspires you to manfully embrace the difficult tasks God presents you. If you need a little homeschool help check out this article...

I also hope you will be supportive of the families that you know who home school. Compliment them, encourage them, and help them when they need it. Homeschooling is an honor and it is honorable.

And if you are a home-schooling mom, write a list of reasons to homeschool. I think you will be surprised how much you love homeschooling too!


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